Today’s Wonder of the Day was inspired by Jackson. Jackson Wonders, “Why are there no sports questions?” Thanks for WONDERing with us, Jackson!

What colors do you wear on game day? Do you put on purple and gold for the Lakers? How about green for the Packers? Will we see you in red and white for the Red Sox? Sports fans everywhere wear the same colors as their favorite athletes. We pay a lot of attention to the clothes athletes wear. But many people are surprised to learn how much technology athletes wear!  

Do you know how many steps you took today? You may have seen people with Fitbits or App Watches around their wrists. Many athletes use fitness trackers that give them even more data. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know how much sleep you need to feel completely rested the next day? The WHOOP fitness tracker does just that. It’s become popular among athletes because of its ability to track workouts and make rest recommendations.

Do you wear sunglasses when you’re outside? Many athletes wear smart glasses for outdoor exercise. Smart glasses do much more than block the Sun! They also display information on their lenses. Athletes wearing them can watch a map while running so they don’t get lost. They can also see their heart rate and step count right on the lens. They can even stream music or phone calls!

Can you stand tall like a mountain? Do you know how to do downward facing dog? Smart yoga pants can help with both of these poses! They contain sensors that tell you when your yoga pose isn’t quite right. That’s just one type of athletic clothing that uses technology!  Many athletes wear recovery pajamas that help them sleep better! The pajamas use infrared energy to help cells grow and make the wearer wake up energized. They even help sore muscles heal faster!

Does wearable technology give athletes too much of an advantage? Some people think so. The National Basketball Association (NBA) has banned players from wearing the WHOOP watch during games. The Olympics banned a popular swimsuit in 2010. They said the swimsuit gave athletes too much of an advantage by helping more oxygen flow to their muscles. It also held swimmers’ bodies in a more hydrodynamic position than other suits, making it too easy for some swimmers to outpace others.

What kind of technology do you wear? Do you track your steps with a Fitbit? Do you sleep in infrared pajamas? What about shoes that help you run faster? The next time you watch your favorite athletes, pay closer attention. What kind of technology are they wearing?

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