WONDER #2350: What Kinds of Technology Do Athletes Wear?

Question 1 of 3

What caused the Olympics to ban a popular swimsuit in 2010?

  1. It was causing injuries to swimmers.
  2. It allowed more oxygen to flow to swimmers’ muscles.
  3. It held swimmers’ bodies in a hydrodynamic position.
  4. Both b and c

Question 2 of 3

Recovery ________________ use infrared energy to help cells grow and make the wearer wake up energized.

  1. blankets
  2. pillows
  3. pajamas
  4. sleep masks

Question 3 of 3

Which is the BEST evidence that sports organizations have started to re-think the role of technology in sports?

  1. “It’s become popular among athletes because of its ability to track workouts and make rest recommendations.”
  2. “The National Basketball Association (NBA) has banned players from wearing the WHOOP during games.”
  3. “Athletes wearing them can watch a map while running so they don’t get lost.”
  4. “They contain sensors that tell you when your yoga pose isn’t quite right.”

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