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When you’re a kid, you can’t wait to grow up. As soon as you’re tall enough, you can ride the bigger rides at amusement parks. When you weigh enough, you can stop riding in a car seat. Many childhood milestones are marked by reaching certain points of growth.

How do you measure growth? Do you draw a line on the door frame each year to measure your height? Do you get shoes in a new size as your feet grow? One way many people measure growth is with the Body Mass Index (BMI).

BMI is a measure of body fat that’s found using a person’s height and weight. Body fat is important because it protects your body and helps you stay warm. It also helps boost your energy and keep your cells healthy! People with very little body fat often have health issues due to weak immune systems. Measuring BMI helps people make sure they have enough body fat to stay healthy.

However, many doctors believe too much body fat can be unhealthy. Very high BMIs have been linked to diabetes, arthritis, and high cholesterol. BMI measurements help doctors estimate a person’s risk for many health conditions. Doctors can then give advice on the best ways to stay healthy and avoid serious illness.

What’s your favorite food? Many kids love chicken nuggets! Others prefer tacos or pizza. Whatever type of food you like to eat, watching your food intake is one way to stay healthy and have an average BMI. It’s always important to eat healthy portions at mealtimes. Overeating can make your stomach hurt and lead to a high BMI.

Another important part of healthy eating is making sure your diet includes a variety of food groups. Food groups fuel our bodies in different ways. You’ve probably heard that dairy helps us grow strong bones! Vegetables also contain lots of vitamins that help our bodies run smoothly. Fruits give us carbohydrates to keep our energy up. Eating proteins like chicken can help us build muscles. Even eating sweets every once in a while is okay! Just remember to consume sugar in small amounts.

In addition to eating a variety of food, it’s important to exercise to stay healthy. How can kids get exercise? Go for a walk or ride a bike with your friends and family. Do a few jumping jacks when you wake up in the morning. Even playing games like tag or hide-and-go-seek during recess or after school will help you get good exercise!

Is a high or low BMI something to worry about? Not necessarily. Talk to your doctor if you want to know more ways to keep your body healthy.

How do you stay healthy? Do you exercise a few times a week? Eat a variety of foods? Remember that diet and exercise are both important parts of looking after your health!

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