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When you get home from school, what's the first thing you like to do? Your list might include such popular items as go outside and play or have an after-school snack. If you're like many kids, though, you probably also need to dedicate some time to getting your homework done.

Life just isn't fair, is it? After all, it's not like your parents come home with a bunch of homework to do! They can simply do whatever they want to do in the evenings, right? Well, you might be surprised at how much homework parents have from time to time.

It's not uncommon for parents to have to bring some of their work home with them occasionally. When deadlines are looming, sometimes it's easier to bring some work home rather than stay late at the office.

Even if they're done with all of their "work" work, most parents come home to a house full of other work that needs to be done. For many parents, nightly homework consists of cooking, cleaning, laundry, and a whole host of other work that's simply part of being a parent and owning or renting a home.

In addition to chores, many parents also dedicate some time to overseeing and/or helping with their children's homework. Do you ever ask a parent for help with homework? Many children do. If you don't understand how to do something, it's only natural to ask for help. But exactly how much help should parents give?

Although homework might seem like some teachers' favorite thing in the world, its popularity amongst educators has gone up and down over the years. At times, homework has been seen as a good way to reinforce learning, develop study skills, and teach children that learning can happen anywhere.

At other times, though, homework has been seen as a burden that takes away from valuable leisure time and community activities. Too much homework is also often blamed for kids who feel stressed out all the time by school.

Most teachers find that homework, in moderation, provides valuable benefits. Teachers also like to see parents get involved with their children's education. Homework provides a window that allows parents to get an idea of exactly what is going on in the classroom. Homework also opens up an avenue for parents and children to communicate about what they're learning in class.

So should parents help children with their homework? Absolutely! If a child is struggling to understand something, it's good for a parent to come alongside that child to help him or her understand a difficult concept. What should be avoided, however, is a parent doing the homework for a child.

There are many things parents can do to help their children succeed with homework. They can provide a good study environment, including minimizing distractions and helping a child find the right place and time to do homework. They can encourage their children and help them understand difficult concepts.

Ultimately, though, they need to stop short of actually doing homework for their children. Children need to be challenged, and they need to learn the discipline of completing required assignments on their own. It's alright to ask for help when it's needed, as long as that help doesn't turn into a parent completing the work for the child!

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