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Do you have a favorite food? Like many kids, you might love spaghetti. Or maybe peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are your favorite. We bet french fries and ice cream are also on the list! Of course, some adults in your life might wish you’d name broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts.

Do you think people all around the world have the same favorite foods? Maybe not! When you think of Mexican cuisine, you probably think about things like tacos, pozole, or chilaquiles. Italian favorites might include fettuccine and chicken parmigiano. And what comes to mind if you think about going to a Chinese restaurant? Chow mein, egg rolls, and fried rice might be on the menu.

Do people around the world really eat that differently? The world seems to become more connected every day. As this happens, people share many parts of their culture with each other, including food.

So, what is the most popular food in the world? According to research done in 2020, it’s . . . pizza! Whether it’s piled high with pepperoni, cheese, or other toppings, many people around the world reach for this marinara-covered pie come dinnertime.

Of course, pizza has several delicious competitors. The second most popular food in the world is sushi, and burgers are third. Other top spots went to ramen, tacos, noodles, tofu, and mochi. Do you see any of your favorites on this list?

If there’s one thing most people share in common, it’s that they love to eat. We may all have different tastes, but food is a necessity in every human life. Unfortunately, many people around the world don’t get enough to eat every day. With the population of the world now topping seven billion people, hunger has become an issue that more people are paying attention to.

So what’s the problem? Is there simply not enough food in the world to feed all of Earth’s people? Or is something else to blame?

As it turns out, scarcity is not the problem. Today, the world grows enough food to feed 10 billion people. That’s more than the current population. Yet, over 820 million people go hungry every single day. Why?

Experts believe that poverty and inequality are to blame. Much of the world, especially in developing countries, lives in poverty. Plenty of food is grown around the world. But many people simply cannot afford to buy it. Additionally, a large portion of the crops grown go to feed livestock or make fuel. Many people would like to see the hungry people of the world get a greater share of this food.

Unfortunately, ending world hunger is not an easy task. The issue has drawn more attention in recent decades, but only slow progress has been made. Many people have to agree and work together for a solution to be successful.

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