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Can you remember the first time you made art? Maybe you used some scrap paper and crayons. Or maybe it was markers, colored pencils, or paint. You probably made a special picture for a friend or family member. Even if you don’t remember it, we bet the recipient sure does!

Your first artwork may never grace the walls of an art gallery. But it may have been proudly displayed on the front of the refrigerator! Art doesn’t have to hang next to the Mona Lisa to have value.

Have you ever thought about how broad the term “art” really is? It’s something that people seem to know when they see it…or hear it…or experience it. Yet, many have probably never given much thought to how to define art.

Some things are easy to identify as art. Paintings, drawings, and sculptures are a few that come to mind. But art also includes many other forms of expression. Art can be music, drama, and writing. It can also include the design of buildings (architecture). Even common objects, from coffee cups to tennis shoes, can be art.

Throughout history, people have defined art in many ways. One modern definition is “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful.” Often, art is defined by its origin in the human mind. 

Imagination plays a key role in making any piece of art. Some people think of art as what happens when your creativity takes solid form. They say imagination becomes art when it can be shared with others.

Art’s definition can be hard to pin down. At its most basic level, art has two things: form and content. Form includes the principles and elements of design and art. It’s also any materials used in art’s creation.

Content is less concrete. It includes the ideas and imagination of the artist. To understand content, you have to know the artist’s intended message. You also need to consider how others react to and interpret the art and its message.

For some people, making art is the reason they get out of bed in the morning. Others may think that art doesn’t matter, but that’s far from true. We doubt you’d want to live in a world without art. From cool-looking sneakers to awesome graphics in video games, art makes life better in ways many don’t think about!

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