Do you love trees? We do! And you should, too. Trees do all sorts of great things for humans, from taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen to providing shade and places to build fabulous tree houses.

Some of the most important trees in the world live in rainforests. Even though the nearest rainforest may be a long ways away from you, you still benefit from rainforests every day.

Tropical rainforests feature a wide variety of tall trees, diverse populations of plants and animals, warm climates and lots and lots of rain. To be a rainforest, an area must receive at least 80 inches of rain each year. Many rainforests receive an inch or more of rain every single day!

Rainforests are found in the tropical areas north and south of the equator. The largest rainforest in the world is the Amazon rainforest in South America. Rainforests can also be found throughout Africa, Asia, Australia and Central America.

All rainforests have a canopy, which is a layer of branches and leaves formed at the tops of the tall trees that make up the rainforest. The canopy can easily be 100 feet or more above the ground.

In rainforests, most plant and animal life exists in the canopy rather than on the ground. And what a collection of plant and animal life it is! Scientists believe that around half of the plants and animals found on the Earth live in rainforests.

Unfortunately, every year a section of rainforest the size of the state of New Jersey is destroyed. Rainforest destruction occurs for many reasons, from cutting down trees for wood to making room for farms or roads. Many groups oppose rainforest destruction because of the important role rainforests play in our world.

Scientists sometimes call rainforests the “lungs” of Earth. The millions and millions of trees in Earth’s rainforests absorb tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce much of the oxygen humans and animals depend upon for survival.

Rainforests also help to stabilize Earth’s climate. Scientists believe carbon dioxide is a major contributor to climate change. By absorbing carbon dioxide, rainforests help to reduce the effects of worldwide climate change.

In addition to the important role rainforests play in Earth’s climate, they also are an important home to about half of the species of plants and wildlife on the planet. Many of the species found in rainforests are endangered and can only survive in rainforests.

Finally, rainforests help maintain the water cycle by producing large amounts of rainfall every year. Water produced in rainforests makes its way all over the world. As rainforests decrease in size, Earth’s water cycle is affected, leading to droughts in different areas around the world.

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  1. I was partially right. It did have the water cycle in it…
    I wish I had this stuff earlier because I did research on the tropical rain forest in 7th grade!
    I think tomorrow’s WONDER is going to be about birthdays!!

    • Great guessing, Emily! How WONDERful that you’ve already studied the tropical rainforest as a 7th grader– there is SO much to learn! We WONDER if you are researching any other exciting topics? We LOVE your comments and STELLAR guesses about tomorrow’s Wonder of the Day®! :)

  2. This rainforest idea reminds me that my baby brother, Esteban, went on a field trip to Rainforest Cafe. He ate a hamburger, pizza, french fries, and chicken nuggets at that place. :-)

    • Thanks for sharing that story with us, Carlos! The rainforest is a magical place and important as a part of our world. We are glad you enjoyed WONDERing with us! :)

  3. Wow! I didn’t know that the rainforest plays such an important role! I think tomorrow’s WONDER is gonna be about competitions & winning……
    By the way, today’s WONDER rocks!

    • We are THRILLED to hear you enjoyed the Wonder about the rainforest. It’s GREAT to learn about such an important part of our world! Such WONDERful guesses you have, Sophie and Me! Thanks for joining us on our WONDER adventures- we are SO happy you’re here! :)

    • We love your AWESOME guesses for tomorrow’s Wonder of the Day®, Wonder Friend! We are always SUPER excited to wait for tomorrow’s latest and greatest Wonder! Thank you for joining our fun! :)

    • Hey there, Raymond! Thanks for sharing your comment– we LOVE rainforests! They’re lots of fun to Wonder about… so much to learn! Thanks for stopping by, we hope to see you soon! :)

  4. Dear Wonderopolis,
    We were so excited to read this wonder. We are very curious to know how to stop the destruction of the rainforests. Do you know how we can find more information?

    Mrs. Kahler’s Class

  5. We are still wondering if any turtles live in the rainforest. We also wanted to know if there are any other rainforests besides the Amazon Rainforest?

    • Hi Mrs. Rist’s 2nd Grade Class! Rainforests only cover about 6% of the earth but are very important to ecosystems! There are rains forests in Central America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and even Australia! Thanks for WONDERing with us! :)

    • Hi Mason! There actually are tortoises that live in rainforests! The rainforest holds lots of WONDERful creatures in its ecosystem! Thanks for WONDERing with us! :)

  6. Our class guessed that rainforests were important because they are homes for animals. One of the students guessed “Because they give us air to breathe”. We were correct! After watching the video we are wondering “What is an oil spill?”

    • Hello, Wonder Friends in Mrs. Gilpin’s FDK Class. We are proud of you for making a correct prediction. We’re WONDERing if you had some background knowledge to help you with your prediction.

      If you are WONDERing about oil spill we suggest you check out the book Oil Spill! by Melvin Berger

      We hope you had a WONDERful Wednesday! :)

  7. My teacher is thinking about getting our class this website is their anway you can make an article about singing? I LOVE SINGING AND THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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