“Hey! Is anybody listening?”

Have you ever said or thought that? From time to time, all of us may feel like our thoughts or concerns are being ignored.

With so much going on around you, it can sometimes seem like an impossible task to make your voice heard above all the “noise” in the world.

Would it surprise you to learn that it may be easier to learn about and have a voice in today’s world than it was just a decade or so ago? In the past, you probably would have needed to make a telephone call or write a letter to your local representative or a newspaper to express an opinion about something important to you.

Today, though, there are many ways you can make your voice heard on a wide variety of topics. Developing technologies, such as the Internet and social media websites, have made widespread communication not only possible but also incredibly easy.

For example, to contact your local representative in Congress, you no longer have to make a phone call or write a letter. Instead, you can send a quick email. Many representatives can also be contacted through social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Check out the Student Aid Alliance’s directory of Congressional social media contacts. Click your state and find out how many different ways you might be able to contact your local representative.

Beyond email and social media websites, though, the Internet offers a powerful platform to make your voice heard. In the past several years, blogs have become a powerful tool for all sorts of people — even kids! — to share their thoughts on whatever subjects are important to them.

To see an example of a blog, check out the official The White House Blog. The term “blog” is a shortened, blended version of the term “web log.”

Blogs got their start as a form of an online diary, where people would share their thoughts and opinions on the world around them. Instead of diarists or journalers, these people are now called “bloggers.”

Blogs are popular because they are easy to use and they allow others to post comments and give feedback on what is posted. This back-and-forth online dialog creates an interactive conversation that can be shared with people around the world with the click of a mouse.

And unlike trading letters back and forth years ago, modern communication is instantaneous, allowing a much faster exchange of ideas than ever before.

In the last 10 years, blogs have grown into a powerful force that helps to shape what’s considered news. Blogs also help people share their opinions with the world. As of February 2011, there were an estimated 156 million public blogs in existence.

If you’re wondering whether kids can use blogs, the answer is “Yes!” Many teachers have started to use blogs as a way of helping their students begin to communicate using modern technology.

Check out these cool classroom blogs:

We bet we know what your favorite blog is, though! It’s Wonderopolis!

Yes, it’s true. Wonderopolis is basically a blog. Each new Wonder of the Day is a blog post. It’s our way of sharing what we’re WONDERing about with you!


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  1. It’s nice to know that we can make our voice heard about things we care about. We did not know that the President has a whole group of people who sort through his mail and that he reads 10 of them everyday. We wondered who President Obama was refering to when he said he read the 10 letters to the “residents”…. Was it just his family or other people too?

    Thanks for another fun wonder!

    • We really enjoy reading your comments, Kerrick Elementary School! We appreciate you taking the time to explore each Wonder together and share what you’ve learned with us! Keep WONDERING! :-)

    • Hello, Lollipop! Yes, we appreciate your comments very much! Thank you for letting us know how much you liked this Wonder of the Day®! :-)

  2. Thank you Wonderopolis for sharing the classroom blogs with me. My English tutor and I visited Superkiddos blog, I enjoyed the pictures and the questions posted on the blog. From the pictures, I admired their classroom because they had many posters and pictures on the wall and they even had a kitchen in their classroom.

    Wisdom from Taiwan

    • Thank you for hanging out in Wonderopolis and for leaving us your AWESOME comment, Tina! We think it is so neat that we have a new Wonder Friend who lives in Taiwan! We’re also glad you enjoyed visiting the classroom blogs we linked to in this Wonder of the Day®! :-)

  3. I realize that you often use the same pictures for all your feedbacks. Will you ever change your feedback pictures? Is that your symbol?

    Wisdom from Taiwan

    • Hi, again, Tina! That’s a GREAT question! We use the same picture so that our Wonder Friends can easily recognize a comment that comes from someone in Wonderopolis! Our “W” is very special to us. It’s a quick, visual way for us to say “Wonderopolis” when we use it! :-)

  4. Wonderopolis, I love all of your wonders and all of them make me think and wonder about them. All of them are so exciting and cool. And I have a question. Does Wonderopolis make these wonderful wonders or do other people help? Thanks for your time!:)

    • Thanks for this awesome comment! Lots of people from Wonderopolis help to make our Wonders GREAT! Did you know that we get ideas for future Wonders of the Day from Wonder Friends just like YOU? You can tell us what you wonder about whenever you want to! Just click on the “nominate” link at the top of every page in Wonderopolis. It’s really easy and fun! :-)

  5. I think it’s funny that one student thought that laser eyes would shoot you if you unwrap a mummy! I think it would just fall apart and it would be gross.

    • Hi, Kylie! We love the WONDERful imaginations of our Wonder Friends! Thank you for visiting this Wonder and for sharing what you thought would happen if you unwrap a mummy! :-)

  6. This wonder was great! This is funny, for school we had to write a letter to the Editor, and we had to tell a problem, and a solution.

    • WOW, that sounds like a great project for school, mookiethecat! We’re very proud of you for working so hard to send your letter! What a great connection to this Wonder! :)

    • We’re so proud of you, Team William! We are sending good thoughts and love to you and William! :)

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