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Picture it: you’re in the eye of a giant storm. Your surroundings look familiar. It’s much like present-day Earth, but most of the people are gone. Instead, it’s just you and 99 others. You gather supplies, fighting with others over the most valuable items. In about half an hour, only one of you will still be standing. You know that survivor will be you.

If this scenario sounds familiar, you’re probably one of the 125 million people playing Fortnite: Battle Royale. The other two versions of the Fortnite line, Fortnite: Save the World and Fortnite Creative, are a bit different from Battle Royale.

Save the World allows four players at a time. In this version, players work together to find supplies and fight off zombie-like creatures. Fortnite Creative gives each player their own island. Gamers can build on the island and invite other players to join them.

After its launch in 2017, Fortnite took the gaming community by storm. Part of the draw is that it’s played by real people from across the globe. It could drop you onto the map with the person sitting right next to you or someone across the country. Even better, Fortnite is free to download! Sure, there are in-game purchases and extra packs you can buy. However, players are able to play without these additions at no cost at all.

Are you new to Fortnite? If so, there are a few things you should know before getting started. First, while some people might be lucky, most aren’t likely to win their first round in Battle Royale. However, you can stay in the game after you’ve been defeated. Doing so will help you learn from other players and last longer in your next game.

Second, remember you can collect materials (mats) and build things that can help you. There are plenty of places for you to find mats like wood, bricks, and metal. You might chop down a tree and use the wood to build steps to a new place in the game. Even more useful, you can use your mats to build a shelter to protect yourself from another player.

It’s also important to always keep an eye on the storm. You need to stay in the storm’s eye, and that space shrinks throughout the game. If you’re caught behind the wall, you’ll take damage. Even worse, it’s difficult to get back into the game.

Finally, find a team! Fortnite is much more fun with friends. You can bring friends with you to play in the duo or squad modes. You can also play in 50 vs. 50 mode to be put on a team. The more people you have working together, the further you’re likely to get in the game.

This social aspect of Fortnite is part of what makes it so popular. Any video game that’s fun to play alone is even more enjoyable with a group. Fortnite’s multiplayer nature makes it more social than most other games. Its popularity is unlikely to slow down anytime soon.

The game is so much fun, in fact, that it’s sometimes hard to stop playing! After all, who wants to tear themselves away from a fun game with their friends to do chores, homework, or go to sleep? However, it’s important to step away sometimes. Face-to-face time with your friends and family members is important for building healthy relationships. Additionally, you need time to stay caught up in school and maintain a healthy sleep schedule.

As with any online games, remember that real-world rules still apply in Fortnite. You should never put down or threaten another player. Some gamers have used Fortnite to bully others and seen real-world consequences. They’ve lost friends, been punished by parents, and even been suspended from school. Don’t be the one to ruin the fun for everyone!

When played in a healthy manner, Fortnite can be a lot of fun. As with any online activity, make sure you have permission from a family member. Then, meet your friends and get started collecting mats, sharing heals, and watching each others’ backs! Do you have any tips for new Fortnite players? Leave a comment below.

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