WONDER #741: What Is Compost?

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What was the main idea of this Wonder?

  1. Composting is a process that turns organic materials into compost soil that can be used in gardens.
  2. People should compost everything instead of throwing things away.
  3. Meat and dairy should not be put in compost piles.
  4. Composting is a natural process.

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To start a compost pile, you need a mixture of _____________________.

  1. oxygen
  2. hydrogen
  3. nitrogen
  4. Both a and c

Question 3 of 3

Which statement is the BEST evidence that composting could help reduce waste in the United States?

  1. "You can think of composting as an example of the natural life cycle of organic things."
  2. "About 30% of all garbage in the United States is food and yard waste."
  3. "Healthy compost contains about one-quarter nitrogen and three-quarters carbon."
  4. "Some types of trash can be turned into something your garden will love."

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