WONDER #591: What Is a Lenticular Cloud?

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Why do some people confuse lenticular clouds with UFOs?

  1. Lenticular clouds are from outer space.
  2. Lenticular clouds are shaped like a lens or saucer and so look a bit like UFOs.
  3. No one knows.
  4. Lenticular clouds make the same sound reported near UFO sightings.

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Lenticular clouds often form near _______________.

  1. plains
  2. tropical rain forests
  3. beaches
  4. mountain ranges

Question 3 of 3

Why do airplane pilots try to avoid lenticular clouds, according to this Wonder?

  1. They're afraid of encountering a UFO.
  2. Lenticular clouds can cause turbulence.
  3. Lenticular clouds hold more rain than other clouds.
  4. Lenticular clouds interfere with radar.

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