WONDER #2905: When Do You Use a Thesaurus?

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What is this Wonder mostly about?

  1. Apps to help with writing
  2. Use of a thesaurus
  3. The history of reference books
  4. The difference between synonyms and antonyms

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How is a thesaurus different from a dictionary?

  1. A thesaurus is a book, and a dictionary is an app.
  2. A dictionary is in ABC order, and a thesaurus is not.
  3. A dictionary lists word meanings while a thesaurus lists synonyms
  4. A dictionary and thesaurus are not different.

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According to the article, which of these is a reason that writers and speakers use synonyms when they communicate?

  1. To sound smarter
  2. To create transitions
  3. To get better grades
  4. To choose a more precise word

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