Wonder #2901: Does Your Nose Have to Be Straight to Work?

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What does the phrase deviated septum mean?

  1. A crooked part inside the nose.
  2. When one’s face isn’t the same on both sides.
  3. The ability to breathe well through both nostrils.
  4. A doctor who works on breathing problems.

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Based on information from the Wonder, what is septoplasty?

  1. A type of medicine that cures coughs.
  2. Surgery to fix a crooked nose.
  3. A doctor who works on ears, noses, and throats.
  4. The name of the membrane lining inside the nose.

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How can some deviated septa can be avoided?

  1. Some people don’t know they have a deviated septum.
  2. Doctors may need x-rays to see a crooked nose.
  3. Doctors tell people to wear helmets and seat belts.
  4. Not all people with deviated septa have breathing issues.

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