Wonder #2853: How Do We Learn?

Question 1 of 3

According to this Wonder, why is it better to spread out your studying over several days rather than cramming the night before?

  1. the brain needs rest to function properly
  2. new information cannot be immediately absorbed
  3. the brain requires time to connect the new information to old information
  4. the brain requires time to purge old information to make way for new information

Question 2 of 3

Why is practicing a new skill important?

  1. it strengthens short-term memory
  2. it has the same effect as cramming
  3. the act of repetition teaches your brain that the skill or information is important and worth retaining
  4. it has no effect on long-term memory

Question 3 of 3

When your brain sees a connection between a new idea and a concept you’ve already learned, it . . .

  1. will become confused with the older concept
  2. is more likely to store it in short-term memory
  3. will forget the older concept to make space for the new information
  4. is more likely to store it in long-term memory

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