Wonder #2846: Where Is Jellyfish Lake?

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This Wonder is mainly about . . .

  1. interesting vacation locations around the world
  2. how to safely swim in a lake with jellyfish
  3. the history of the over 300 islands in the Palau archipelago
  4. a population of unique jellyfish that live in a lake and how they got there

Question 2 of 3

What do the golden jellyfish eat?

  1. algae that lives in their tissues
  2. bacteria that grows on the surface of the water
  3. anemones that live on the edge of the lake
  4. small fish that live deep in the lake

Question 3 of 3

Where do most of the world’s jellyfish live?

  1. the ocean
  2. lakes
  3. ponds
  4. rivers

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