WONDER #2735: Who was Duke Elington?

Question 1 of 3

Duke Ellington helped usher in the ___________ era of jazz music.

  1. recorded
  2. trumpet
  3. Blues
  4. Big Band

Question 2 of 3

Where was Duke Ellington born?

  1. New Orleans, Louisiana
  2. Washington, DC
  3. Chicago, Illinois
  4. Sacramento, California

Question 3 of 3

What was the main idea of this Wonder?

  1. Duke Ellington was a musician and composer of the Harlem Renaissance who’s still remembered as a great jazz musician today.
  2. Many instruments are involved in jazz music, including the trumpet, trombone, saxophone, and piano.
  3. Duke Ellington started a band called the Washingtonians in New York City during the Harlem Renaissance.
  4. Duke Ellington is just one of many famous jazz musicians.

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