WONDER #2580: What is a Fisher Cat?

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This Wonder was mostly about...

  1. the fisher cat, which is a type of weasel that lives in the forests of North America.
  2. why the fisher cat is a threat to humans and pets everywhere.
  3. the fisher cat, which is the largest type of cat that lives in South America.
  4. how the fishers were reintroduced to the western United States.

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Which of the following statements about fishers is NOT true?

  1. Fishers are one of the few animals that eat porcupines.
  2. Fishers have short legs that keep them close to the ground.
  3. Most fishers have white or light grey fur.
  4. Fishers have to watch out for bobcats, coyotes, and cougars.

Question 3 of 3

The fisher population of Washington state was once wiped out due to what?

  1. Trapping
  2. Habitat Loss
  3. Flooding
  4. Both a and b

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