WONDER #2491: Why is the Pink Dolphin Pink?

Question 1 of 3

Amazon river dolphins are also called ____________.

  1. botos
  2. bottlenose dolphins
  3. orcas
  4. ground sharks

Question 2 of 3

Amazon river dolphins can turn at ______________ angles to steer around trees in the flooded rainforest.

  1. 45-degree
  2. 180-degree
  3. 90-degree
  4. 360-degree

Question 3 of 3

Which of the following would BEST support an argument for new fishing laws to protect Amazon river dolphins?

  1. “Experts still disagree over what causes botos to turn pink.”
  2. “Some fishermen use boto as bait for fish. Others kill them because they see botos as competition for fish.”
  3. “When botos do show an interest in humans, though, they’re very friendly.”
  4. “They’re also a bit smaller than the well-known bottlenose dolphin, at around eight feet and 450 pounds.”

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