WONDER #2305: What Happened to Robert Johnson at the Crossroads?

Question 1 of 3

What kind of music did Robert Johnson play?

  1. Rock and Roll
  2. Jazz
  3. Blues
  4. Hip Hop

Question 2 of 3

Where did Robert Johnson live?

  1. Nashville, Tennessee
  2. The Mississippi Delta
  3. Atlanta, Georgia
  4. New York City

Question 3 of 3

Which of these details makes the story of Robert Johnson a legend?

  1. Robert Johnson began playing music when he was young, but he wasn’t good at it.
  2. Robert Johnson passed away when he was 27 years old.
  3. Robert Johnson surprised everyone when he suddenly became a very talented musician.
  4. Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil to become a great Blues musician.

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