WONDER #2301: What is the Fibonacci Sequence?

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How do you find the next number in the Fibonacci Sequence?

  1. Just add five to the previous number
  2. Multiple the two previous numbers
  3. Subtract two from the previous number
  4. Add the two previous numbers

Question 2 of 3

Where did modern mathematicians first learn about the Fibonacci Sequence?

  1. Leonardo Fibonacci’s book, "Liber Abaci"
  2. They noticed the pattern in nature
  3. Ancient Indian mathematicians
  4. The traced it back from the Golden Spiral

Question 3 of 3

Where has the Golden Spiral been observed in nature?

  1. The shape of seashells
  2. The pattern of seeds on a sunflower
  3. The shape of galaxies
  4. All of the above

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