WONDER #1241: Does Temperature Affect the Bounce of a Ball?

Question 1 of 3

<p class=\"FreeForm\">How high a ball will bounce depends upon what?</p>

  1. air pressure inside the ball
  2. amount of gravity
  3. amount of inertia
  4. relative humidity

Question 2 of 3

<p class=\"FreeForm\">In general, as temperature rises, air pressure increases, causing a ball to bounce how?</p>

  1. lower
  2. higher
  3. sideways
  4. upside-down

Question 3 of 3

<p class=\"FreeForm\">In the equation used to calculate pressure (p=rRT), what does “T” represent?</p>

  1. time
  2. times bounced
  3. ten
  4. temperature

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