WONDER #1014: How Do You Hide an Octopus?

Question 1 of 3

Which aquatic creature with a soft body and eight tentacles often uses mimicry to disguise itself from predators?

  1. octopus
  2. shrimp
  3. shark
  4. sea lion

Question 2 of 3

What was the main idea of this Wonder?

  1. All octopuses are good at hiding, but the mimic octopus is better than most because it imitates others species.
  2. Most people will never be able to find a mimic octopus in the wild.
  3. If you have an octopus, it's best to have a mimic octopus because they're easier to hide from other people.
  4. Mimic octopuses live off the coasts of Indonesia and Malaysia.

Question 3 of 3

Which of the following is a trait an octopus can change about itself to camouflage itself from predators?

  1. shape
  2. color
  3. both (A) and (B)
  4. none of the above

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