WONDER #784: Where is the World's Largest Pile of Trash?

Question 1 of 3

Which of these items take hundreds of years to decompose?

  1. Plastic
  2. Styrofoam
  3. Food
  4. Both a and b

Question 2 of 3

This Wonder is mostly about...

  1. how to recycle.
  2. the Pacific Trash Vortex.
  3. how sea creatures are affected by pollution.
  4. how helpful garbage trucks are.

Question 3 of 3

Why isn't the Pacific Trash Vortex easily seen from planes or satellites?

  1. The trash is degraded quickly by the ocean water.
  2. Clouds stop us from being able to see it from the sky.
  3. Much of the litter consists of tiny pieces of plastic that float at or just below the surface.
  4. All the trash is the same color as the water.

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