WONDER #750: What Are Spoonerisms?

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What are spoonerisms?

  1. Accidents caused by misuse of a spoon
  2. Slips of the tongue, when you accidentally switch consonants, vowels, or sounds in words.
  3. Commonly misspelled words
  4. Sayings that have been passed down for many years

Question 2 of 3

Spoonerisms are named after _________________________.

  1. spoons (the utensil)
  2. Reverend William Archibald Spooner
  3. a school in England
  4. no one knows

Question 3 of 3

Why do people sometimes use spoonerisms on purpose?

  1. To impress others
  2. People do not use spoonerisms on purpose
  3. Because of how funny they can be
  4. They often make more sense than the correct phrase

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