WONDER #2954 : Who Was the Surfer of the Century?

Question 1 of 3

What is this Wonder mostly about?

  1. The differences between Pacific Island and West Coast surf culture.
  2. Duke Kahanamoku’s impact on surfing.
  3. The first surf exhibition in Australia.
  4. Surfing rituals in indigenous Hawaiian culture.

Question 2 of 3

Infer from the text. What is “He’e Nalu?”

  1. The person who invented surfing rituals
  2. A surfing cheer
  3. A Native Hawaiian word for surfing
  4. A flower native to Hawaii

Question 3 of 3

Why did Duke and his brothers open their own surf club?

  1. There were no surf clubs in Waikiki.
  2. They thought women should be allowed to surf.
  3. They wanted to make money from surfing.
  4. They were not allowed in the Whites-only surf club.

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