Wonder #2844: How Do People Celebrate Kwanzaa?

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Why did Dr. Maulana Karenga create Kwanzaa?

  1. as a celebration of the final harvest before winter
  2. as a way for Black Americans to celebrate their shared African heritage
  3. as a showcase for African cuisine passed down for generations
  4. as a way to preserve traditional dances created by the African ancestors of Black Americans

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The kinara, a special candle holder, holds which combination of colored candles?

  1. three black, one red, and three green
  2. one green, three black, and three red
  3. three red, three black, and three green
  4. one black, three red, and three green

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How is the tradition of the unity cup observed?

  1. each member of the family takes a drink from the same cup as a way to represent unity and remembrance
  2. poems are recited after the lighting of a candle on the kinara
  3. fruits, vegetables, and nuts are placed on a special mat called the mkeka
  4. family members give each other presents

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