WONDER #2547: Who Was the Pirate Queen?

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This Wonder was mostly about...

  1. which pirate queen was the greatest ruler.
  2. Queen Teuta, Grace O’Malley, and Ching Shih, who have all been called the “pirate queen.”
  3. how Ching Shih managed to hold on to all her riches after retiring from piracy.
  4. what piracy was like during the Golden Age.

Question 2 of 3

Grace O’Malley ruled from two castles on _________________________.

  1. Clare Island and Clew Bay
  2. England and Scotland
  3. the east and west coast of Ireland.
  4. the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea

Question 3 of 3

To help rule so many pirates, Ching Shih developed a...

  1. feudal system
  2. large prison
  3. large prison
  4. code of laws.

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