WONDER# 2469: What are the Marfa Lights?

Question 1 of 3

What was the main idea of this Wonder?

  1. The Marfa Lights are mysterious balls of light outside of Marfa, Texas, that people are still trying to explain.
  2. Many strange things happen in the desert that cannot be explained.
  3. The Marfa Lights are aliens trying to communicate with people.
  4. The best mysteries have no explanation.

Question 2 of 3

People who live in Marfa call themselves _________________.

  1. Martians
  2. Light Seers
  3. Marfans
  4. Conspiracy Theorists

Question 3 of 3

A team of scientists that studied the Marfa Lights believed they were what?

  1. UFO lights
  2. Headlights from automobiles
  3. Mirages from far away
  4. Bubbles of gas

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