WONDER #2448: Can Breaking Something Make it More Valuable?

Question 1 of 3

What was the main idea of this Wonder?

  1. Kintsugi has been practiced since the 15th Century.
  2. People should never throw broken things away.
  3. Kintsugi is a Japanese method of mending broken items using gold.
  4. Kintsugi takes a long time.

Question 2 of 3

In Japanese, kintsugi means ____________________.

  1. golden joinery
  2. golden path
  3. glued together
  4. fixed

Question 3 of 3

According to legend, what was the first broken item repaired with kintsugi?

  1. A coffee mug
  2. A glass vase
  3. A ceramic doll
  4. A tea bowl

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