• When was pinball invented?
  • Who made the first pinball machine?
  • Are pinball machines still manufactured today?
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How many pinball machine manufacturers are there today?

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  • Can frogs prevent milk from spoiling?
  • What are peptides?
  • Could frogs help scientists develop new drugs in the future?
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Scientists may be able to use frog peptides to create new what?

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  • Are all letters created equal?
  • What are consonants?
  • How many vowels are there?
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How many consonants are there in the English alphabet?

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  • Do you prefer carats or karats?
  • What is the difference between a carat and a karat?
  • What is 24-karat gold?
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Two carats equal how many milligrams?

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  • How do you make slime?
  • Is there more than one way to make slime?
  • What are common slime activators?
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White school glue is an example of a what, which consists of long chains of monomers?

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  • Where in the world is Slovenia?
  • What country was Slovenia formerly a part of?
  • What is the topography of Slovenia like?
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What is the capital of Slovenia?

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  • How big can a tarantula grow?
  • Where do tarantulas live?
  • Are all tarantulas venomous?
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Tarantulas can be found on every continent except for which one?

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This back to school blog post is for the teachers of my little sister, Charlotte. On August 31st, she will start kindergarten. Since I won't be at the school where Charlotte is going, I thought I would write a list of "Char-isms" for her teachers, in case they need help while I am not there because let's face it, she IS sort of a handful. Hehehehehe!

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  • Can we see sunlight?
  • Why Fortnite Is The Highest Grossing Game Ever
  • Who came up with talking?
  • Who really dicovered America
  • What is the hardest estimated trick in soccer
  • What is hell and the devel
  • why haven't cows been domesticated like horses?
  • Are Fairy's Real
  • Why When You Live in a Country You only want to know about it??
  • Is God Real????
  • What do glial cells in the brain look like?
  • Is a thumb a finger?
  • why was money invented ?
  • who invented the Calculator
  • who invented bean bags
  • where is atlantis
  • Why can't dogs speak English?
  • Who is more powerful;king or queen?
  • What is the longest word ever and what does it mean?
  • What was the first language?
  • Why does your belly rumble
  • Why do schools not change much? But the world has and is changing so rapidly?
  • how do t-rex catch their food?
  • How can we live on Mars?
  • Why do pitbulls have musels instead of other dogs
  • How did the earth form?
  • nawhals
  • what is a marine layer
  • Are we going to run out of water soon?
  • why are videogames so addicting?
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    Do girls remember their dreams more often than boys and if yes, why?

    Lance — Louisville, KY

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    how was water created


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    Can you mix water and air completly?


  • +58

    Why do Olympians bite their medals?

    Sam — Glen Allen, VA

  • +46

    How does weeds grow?

    Rafiul — Sydney, AL

  • +38

    How many animals are on earth?

    helaina — clearwater, FL

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Who Invented the Candy Bar?

Do you like to go trick-or-treating at Halloween? Of course! Who doesn't? It's so much fun to dress up as a clown, a superhero, a ghoul, or a tiger and parade around the neighborhood, begging for swee...

Image #12

Who Came Up With Chewing Gum?

If you had a choice between chewing on a wad of tree sap, a mouthful of rubber bands or a stick of gum, which would you choose? If the answer seems obvious, you may be surprised. All three have more i...

Image #43

Where Do Recycled Items Go?

If your city allows you to throw all of your recyclable materials in the same bin, then your city uses a process called “single-stream recycling." Single-stream recycling means there is no need to sep...

Image #63

How Does the Internet Work?

The Internet is made up of computers all over the world. Each of these computers is connected by phone lines or cables…or even wireless connections!

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