• What can you do with duct tape?
  • How many ducks does it take to make a roll of tape?
  • Why is it called duct tape?
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The two most popular colors of duct tape are probably black and what?

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  • What does a molecular biologist do?
  • Who employs molecular biologists?
  • What type of education do you need to become a molecular biologist?
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Many molecular biologists study how genetic information is encoded in molecules of what?

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  • When was the Vietnam War?
  • With which country was the U.S. allied during the Vietnam War?
  • How many lives were lost during the Vietnam War?
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Approximately how many thousand U.S. soldiers died in the Vietnam War?

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  • Do Hispanic and Latino have the same meaning?
  • How do Hispanic and Latino people refer to themselves?
  • What important contributions have Latinos made to the United States?
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Instead of Spanish, most of the people of Brazil speak which language?

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  • What is Zika?
  • How is Zika transmitted?
  • Where is Zika most prevalent?
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The Zika virus was first identified in 1947 in which African country?

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  • Why do goats faint?
  • Do all goats faint?
  • What are some other nicknames for fainting goats?
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Fainting goats have a congenital condition known as what?

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  • What's the difference between a solar and a lunar eclipse?
  • Which three heavenly bodies do eclipses involve?
  • Which type of eclipse is most common?
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During a lunar eclipse, what heavenly body is between the Sun and the Moon?

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  • Why do living things die?
    Mari Woods
  • How do we think?
    Mari Woods
  • How come dogs get rabies
    Anah'reya Montgomery
    Hannah Kim
  • Why do people have hair
    Ashley Anderson
  • Do blackholes have matter or not?
    Rachel T.
  • How is water created
    braelin ledford
  • how long does it take for your eyelashes to grow back
    nene nixon
  • Why do cats have nine life's
    Addi Byers
  • Why is Russia bigger on a map than it is in reality
    Lucas Hoyt
  • How do siblings sometimes think the same things?
    Laila Prowant
  • Why do we need zip codes
    ally p
  • can the sky fall
    ally pope
  • What makes cockroaches such tough survivors
    athena bennet
    zachary meeks
  • How many snowballs are sold in a year?
    Denise Sherman
  • what is cancer
    Hello andres
  • is there rare bugs?
    david aki
  • is their any other life on other planets
    artin davoudian
  • What came first the chicken or the egg ?
    zachary meeks
  • how long does it take for plastic to decompose?
    Ethan Rincon
  • why are basements scary
    elise downs
  • how is hot dogs made by humens
    evan james
  • who was the first kid
    Darreck a
  • Are ramen noodls bad for you?
    Giovanna cabrera
  • i wonder what would happen if everything dissapeared but earth and anything on it
    Trey Hermans
  • How does a filter work
    Kennedy Hooper
  • is the 2017 eclipse is going to be in texas
    Bere Hernandez
  • where do mangos grow
    whitney randolph
  • how do eclips strarts
    Whitney Randolph
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    What will school be like in the future?

    Meghan Pohl

  • +3083

    What makes the ocean blue when water is clear?

    Ana Brossette

  • +2915

    How do you get into a bad habit?

    Aeden DeGraw

  • +2855

    how was water created


  • +2549

    Who made up gymnastics

    Khiyanna Fields

  • +2360

    Why does at low atomic pressure water boils faster?

    pradyumna behera

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Woodland Litter Critters ABC by Patience Mason

Books friends are the very best friends.Just a week ago, my good book friend introduced me to Patience Mason as Teri knows of my interest in ABC books, particularly when teaching classification as a rhetorical mode (a post for anot

Edwards Family

Is it raining resources?

Since it is raining outside today, I decided to go to one of my favorite resource sites to do a search for “rain” to see what I could find!The resources and ideas just flooded in …A few of them were the ones I expected …But some were so much more …Here are just a few of the many resources found when I searched 

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What did you do today that your students will remember?

While I was attending the NCFL Conference, someone asked me if I knew the Wonder of the Day from Wonderopolis that day ….I had to sadly admit that I did not know …But I quickly found out:While in a 4th grade classroom today, I gave an instruction to students getting


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Who Invented the Candy Bar?

Do you like to go trick-or-treating at Halloween? Of course! Who doesn't? It's so much fun to dress up as a clown, a superhero, a ghoul, or a tiger and parade around the neighborhood, begging for swee...

Image #12

Who Came Up With Chewing Gum?

If you had a choice between chewing on a wad of tree sap, a mouthful of rubber bands or a stick of gum, which would you choose? If the answer seems obvious, you may be surprised. All three have more i...

Image #43

Where Do Recycled Items Go?

If your city allows you to throw all of your recyclable materials in the same bin, then your city uses a process called “single-stream recycling." Single-stream recycling means there is no need to sep...

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How Does the Internet Work?

The Internet is made up of computers all over the world. Each of these computers is connected by phone lines or cables…or even wireless connections!

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