• How much does a Lamborghini cost?
  • Did Lamborghini always make cars?
  • How fast can a Lamborghini go?
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Lamborghini’s first sports car, the 350 GT, was released in which year?

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  • Who was Uncle Wiggly Wings?
  • What was the Berlin Airlift?
  • What other nickname did Gail Halvorsen have?
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Which of the following was NOT one of the types of candy and food dropped by Halvorsen and other pilots during the Berlin Airlift?

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  • Can you ride a seahorse?
  • Are seahorses fish?
  • What makes seahorses so unique?
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Although seahorses are fish, they don’t have what?

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  • Why can't penguins fly?
  • Are penguins good swimmers?
  • What is the largest penguin?
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You would be most likely to see a penguin if you traveled where?

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  • Have you ever tasted mochi?
  • Where is mochi popular?
  • How is mochi made?
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Mochi is a delicacy associated with which country?

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  • How did hand sanitizer get made?
  • How are babies made?
  • Is shampoo different than conditioner?
  • How is magma made?
  • How is magma made?
  • Who made Nintendo?
  • Is Valentines Day about love?
  • Do you want to be a witch?
  • Do you love jet skiing?
  • What is the most populated country?
  • What is the CIA?
  • Isn't fencig so cool?
  • If humans can't see air, can fish see water?
  • If there is such thing as watermelon, can there be firemelon? airmelon??
  • What is Rugby?
  • Why are we so addicted to video games?
  • Are you good at Fortnite?
  • Why is nazi bad?
  • What are imaginary numbers?
  • Why do I have to learn Algebra?
  • How are CPUs made?
  • What is the biggest snake in the world?
  • Why do I get itchy even though I don't have a bug bite and nothing is touching me?
  • Who made instant ramen?
  • Where did megalodons live?
  • What is the easiest way to make money?
  • Are rats good pets?
  • Who invented Converse shoes?
  • How do aqueducts work?
  • Just how fast is Usain Bolt?
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    Do girls remember their dreams more often than boys and if yes, why?

    Lance — Louisville, KY

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    how was water created


  • +9712

    Can you mix water and air completly?


  • +58

    Why do Olympians bite their medals?

    Sam — Glen Allen, VA

  • +50

    What causes blindness?

    Katherine — Owatonna, MN

  • +46

    How does weeds grow?

    Rafiul — Sydney, AL

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