• When were swings invented?
  • Why does moving your legs help you swing more quickly?
  • What types of energy are involved in swinging?
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Swings work by converting potential energy into what type of energy?

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  • How old can you grow?
  • Who is the oldest person who has ever lived?
  • What is life expectancy?
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Today, an American woman can expect to live about how many years?

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  • Can you think outside of the box?
  • Is there more than one type of cardboard?
  • What is corrugated fiberboard?
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A cardboard box was added to the National Toy Hall of Fame in which year?

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  • What is a vernal pool?
  • Where can vernal pools be found?
  • Why are vernal pools important?
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Which of the following is NOT an alternative name for a vernal pool?

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  • How does a wetsuit work?
  • What are wetsuits made of?
  • Are wetsuits meant to keep you dry?
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To stay the warmest in water, your wetsuit should be what?

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  • Will we ever run out of usernames?
  • Why must usernames be unique?
  • What are some common types of usernames?
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If your preferred username is already taken, you could try adding which of the following?

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  • What does a CEO do?
  • What does CEO stand for?
  • What are some of the most important responsibilities of a CEO?
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A primary responsibility of the CEO is to act as the main point of communication between the company’s operations and its what?

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This back to school blog post is for the teachers of my little sister, Charlotte. On August 31st, she will start kindergarten. Since I won't be at the school where Charlotte is going, I thought I would write a list of "Char-isms" for her teachers, in case they need help while I am not there because let's face it, she IS sort of a handful. Hehehehehe!

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Latest from the Wonder Bank

  • Where do babies come from???
    Riya Dutta
  • what is wondering
    Xanderman Hansen
  • how many sea creatures are there?
    angela John foye
  • How does brain get energy
    Bhaskar Kulkarni
  • pit bull what does that mean
    brenna perley
  • Why do people make slime
    Allison Lee
  • why do people make slime
    Nitya madduri
  • How Popular is Minecraft?
    Jovan Kwong
  • Why are there no woman on the dollar bill? >:c
    Kayla Anonymous
  • Does being left handed impact my way of learning?
    Mark Rijns
  • How did the first living thing come to life?
    Andrew Yang
  • How was slime invented
    Sophia Saucedo
  • What is the illuminati
    Andree Sanchez
  • How do people get the hiccups?
    Alex Little
  • How long does it take Wonderapolis to add your question?
    Calleigh Baird
  • what are all the mexican holidays?
    abigail Hinton
  • What are the conditions that form the tornado alley
    Calleigh Baird
  • What is black matter?
    Elaine Chandler
  • whart is a convection current?
    Elaine Chandler
  • Why do dogs bark
    Sophia Saucedo
  • why do we need to have cars
    rykah murry
  • How is minecraft made?
    Secret Secret
  • How do you get sucked inside a book?
    Nikki Lin
  • What will the world be like without friends?
    Nikki Lin
  • Can children change the world's history and make big things happen?
    Nikki Lin
  • Are Mermaids real??‍♀️
    Charlie Caulfield
  • who was first person on earth
    noelle mathis
  • who was first person on earth
    noelle mathis
  • Why does my daughterhave greeneyes when i have brown and her father has blue?
    Deborah Foster
  • why do people have cancer!?
    amna khan
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Top Nominated Wonder Questions:

  • +6732

    how was water created


  • +5445

    Do girls remember their dreams more often than boys and if yes, why?

    Lance Borden

  • +4945

    Can you mix water and air completly?

  • +58

    Why do Olympians bite their medals?

    Sam Hyman

  • +38

    How many animals are on earth?

    helaina quick

  • +35

    Why does a slinky get tangled so easily and is so hard to untangle?

    Terry Duff

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