• What is BASE jumping?
  • Is BASE jumping dangerous?
  • Who invented BASE jumping?
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BASE jumpers have two main obstacles: the proximity of the object they’re jumping from and what else?

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  • Have you ever spilled the beans?
  • What does it means to spill the beans?
  • What is the history of the phrase "spill the beans"?
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The phrase “spill the beans” didn’t begin to appear in the United States until early in which century?

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  • Where is Heaven's Gate?
  • How many steps are in the "Stairway to Heaven"?
  • How was Heaven's Gate formed?
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Heaven’s Gate was created when the back side of Tianmen Cave collapsed, creating an arch in which year?

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  • What is a butte?
  • How are buttes formed?
  • Where are some famous buttes?
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Buttes and mesas are usually found in what type of area?

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  • How do boats float?
  • What is displacement?
  • Can you build a toy boat that will float?
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When an object enters water, the upward force that acts upon it is called what?

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  • Are days on Earth getting longer?
  • What is astrochronology?
  • Is the Moon moving farther away from Earth?
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The Moon is slowly moving away from Earth at a rate of how far each year?

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  • Have you ever eaten oysters?
  • Where do oysters live?
  • Are oysters healthy?
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Oysters are NOT high in which of the following nutrients?

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    Do girls remember their dreams more often than boys and if yes, why?

    Lance — Louisville, KY

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    how was water created


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    Can you mix water and air completly?


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    Why do Olympians bite their medals?

    Sam — Glen Allen, VA

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    What causes blindness?

    Katherine — Owatonna, MN

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    How does weeds grow?

    Rafiul — Sydney, AL

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