• What is nonverbal communication?
  • What are some examples of nonverbal communication?
  • Can silence speak?
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According to experts, nonverbal communication can be what compared to verbal communication?

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  • Who was Langston Hughes?
  • Which cultural movement was Langston Hughes part of?
  • What poets influenced Langston Hughes?
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Which of the following was NOT one of Langston Hughes’ major influences?

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  • Why does Swiss cheese have holes?
  • What are some other names for Swiss cheese?
  • The holes in Swiss cheese are known as what?
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Who first developed the theory that Swiss cheese holes were caused by carbon dioxide bubbles produced by bacteria?

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  • What is fluoride?
  • Why is fluoride often added to local water supplies?
  • Can you get too much fluoride?
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Fluoride has been shown to prevent and even reverse what?

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  • What is tapioca?
  • Where do cassava plants grow?
  • How is tapioca used in cooking?
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Which of the following countries is NOT a major producer of the tapioca plant?

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  • How do flamingos stand on one leg?
  • Why do flamingos stand on one leg?
  • Does standing on one leg strain a flamingo's muscles?
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Which requires more muscle activity for a flamingo: standing on one leg or two legs?

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  • What was the Hindenburg?
  • When did the Hindenburg disaster occur?
  • Why did the Hindenburg explode?
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The Hindenburg was filled with which gas?

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This back to school blog post is for the teachers of my little sister, Charlotte. On August 31st, she will start kindergarten. Since I won't be at the school where Charlotte is going, I thought I would write a list of "Char-isms" for her teachers, in case they need help while I am not there because let's face it, she IS sort of a handful. Hehehehehe!


Lately, lots of teachers have asked me what my plan is for summer reading. I always think this is a funny question because my MAIN plan is to just READ! Even though my summer is super busy with lots of ballet (I am doing summer intensives in Chicago and NYC), I'll still have lots of time to do what my mum calls lingering around books.

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Latest from the Wonder Bank

  • how are babies made
    Mikie Kent
  • How does the brain mindset work?
    Tianna Ward
  • when is newspaper come
    Amazing Grace
  • why do we think
    Amazing Grace
  • why we can not see GOD
    amazing grace
  • Will anything happen to octopuses if they did not have blue blood?
    Jamie Miara
  • Can a buffalo be something other than water?
    Shelby Hann
  • How does technology ruin your eyes
    Katherine yermakovich
  • why does the earth feel and look flat when it is a sphere?
    siddhant singh
  • Why does swiss cheese have holes?
    tiago curre
  • why do we have freckles
    megan Wiegert
  • How are words made, and why are words the way they are?
    Stuti Shroff
  • what are totem poles
    lydia Hott
  • Where do babys come from?
    Sharli Syed
  • why are teenagers so mean
    jenna aisla-walters
  • Why is Geography important?
    carter wilkie
  • Does Practice really make perfect? Can you improve from practicing or is it skill?
    jasmine compt
  • What are totom poles
    Lydia Hott
  • what is the strongest passport
    carter wilkie
  • What is Animation?
    levi maxwell
  • Which is healthier? Baked or fried doughnuts?
    Rik Barnes
  • What is The Big Bang?
    Narlie Welphick
  • why do birds have different calls?
    jennah afifi
  • how is paper made
    Sunshine Rainbow
  • who invented the lightbulb
    lily reeves
  • plants vs zombies heroes what is the best winning stratigie
    Henri Aitchison
  • what is a griffin breed with
    Georgia Roberts
  • What happens after life?
    Georgie Vennell
  • how were emojis made
    Josh Adams
  • why does the earth have animals on it
    Henri Aitchison
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  • +4436

    What will school be like in the future?

    Meghan Pohl

  • +3921

    How do you get into a bad habit?

    Aeden DeGraw

  • +3673

    how was water created


  • +3141

    Why does at low atomic pressure water boils faster?

    pradyumna behera

  • +2963

    Why did dinosaurs become extinct

    Adela Campello

  • +2417

    Can you mix water and air completly?

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How Old Are Fairy Tales?

From Cinderella to The Three Little Pigs, Sleeping Beauty to Rapunzel, fairy tales have been a beloved part of literature throughout history — just ask any kid from 3 to 93. In fact, most of us know t...

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What Bedtime Story Would You Tell?

The earliest forms of storytelling were spoken. Storytellers recited stories from memory. They may also have used hand gestures and facial expressions.

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Who Invented the Alphabet?

No single person or culture invented the alphabet — it has evolved over centuries. In order to understand modern alphabets, we must take a trip back through time.

Image #40

How Can Four Legs Help You Become a Better Reader?

Family pets may not have a lot to say, but they make great listeners. Children are typically less stressed when reading aloud knowing their four-legged audience is patient and nonjudgmental.

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