• Do red and yellow make you hungry?
  • What is the ketchup and mustard theory?
  • Why do so many fast food restaurants have red and yellow logos?
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According to some scientific studies, what is communicated to our brains faster than any other mode of communication?

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  • Why is a boxing ring square?
  • Who was the first person to make up rules for boxing?
  • How long has boxing been around?
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The term “ring” is a holdover from when boxing contests were held on the ground inside a roughly-drawn what?

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  • How do our eyes make us see?
  • What are the major parts of the eye?
  • What role does the brain play in sight?
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The electrical impulse that carries image information from the retina to the brain travels along the what?

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  • Why do people use idioms?
  • What is an idiom?
  • Why are idioms sometimes confusing?
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Which of the following does NOT describe idioms?

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  • What is evaporated milk?
  • How are evaporated and sweetened condensed milk different?
  • What types of recipes require evaporated milk?
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Evaporated milk is sometimes called what?

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  • What is fool's gold?
  • Why is gold so valuable?
  • Does pyrite have any uses today?
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Which of the following is NOT a shape that pyrite crystals usually take?

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  • How was the Slinky invented?
  • Who invented the Slinky?
  • Was the Slinky intended to be a toy?
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Soldiers used the Slinky as an antenna during which war?

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This back to school blog post is for the teachers of my little sister, Charlotte. On August 31st, she will start kindergarten. Since I won't be at the school where Charlotte is going, I thought I would write a list of "Char-isms" for her teachers, in case they need help while I am not there because let's face it, she IS sort of a handful. Hehehehehe!

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  • How is the bursting of a balloon connected to thunder
    Aditya Jayadeep
  • how does a heart beat
    Natalia Berumen
  • How Does Your Heart Beat?
    Natalia Berumen
  • Where does ocean water come from and how come we can dig and find water?
    Annalee Ervin
  • Is there really a place called heaven?
    Jay Karani
  • how cars and trucks made
    Daelen Vaught
  • who found the planet Saturn and named it
    Melanie Marin-Lopez
  • why is math inportant
    jessenia bernabe
  • What happens when you die?
    Paige Dolby
  • Why do turtles live in water?
    Zimeng Liu
  • Why are dogs so cute
    Sonia Veve
  • dinosaurs
    carson dsouza
  • Why is Disneyland the happiest place on earth
    Sammy Hudak
  • why are people so heartless
    seemia iqbal
  • how old is George Washington
    Gregory Evans
  • What is gravity
    Jerymiah Blackmon
  • how do the gases stay inside the sun
    bella Smith
  • Will we ever run out of water
    Phoenix Huntsberry
  • How do ouiji boards work?
    Melissa Sundqvist
  • Can you tear a Black Hole?
    Natalie Kirshner
  • How does a computer work
    Madilyn Reiners
  • why was amierica so cruel
    Juliet Axtell
  • Why do dogs chase their tails
    Jazlynn Cruz
  • what anmals live in a moutainis jungle habitat
    Leslie Smith
  • Why do doughnuts have holes in them?
    Caleb Revelle
  • Why doesn't the moon rotate around the world?
    Salah Tahir
  • How does gold endup in lakes and oceans?
    Joel Arul
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Top Nominated Wonder Questions:

  • +5133

    how was water created


  • +3570

    Can you mix water and air completly?

  • +3442

    Do girls remember their dreams more often than boys and if yes, why?

    Lance Borden

  • +38

    How many animals are on earth?

    helaina quick

  • +35

    Why does a slinky get tangled so easily and is so hard to untangle?

    Terry Duff

  • +34

    Why do we procrastinate?


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