The eyes are an important part of the human body. One of the first things we often notice about other people is their eyes. As we make eye contact with other people, our eyes communicate in ways that our words cannot.

Sometimes our eyes are accentuated by the little hairs that line our eyelids. Yes! We’re talking about eyelashes. Do you have long eyelashes? If you don’t, you might wish you did, as they can make the eyes even more attractive. But why do we even have them?

Many people use makeup and various tools to decorate and lengthen their eyelashes. Long, thick eyelashes can definitely be beautiful. They do serve some useful purposes beyond merely improving your looks, though.

For example, eyelashes help to protect your eyes. There are many particles in the air, like dust and sand, which can get into your eyes and harm them. Eyelashes help to sweep these particles out of the way. The long eyelashes of camels work in similar ways.

Eyelashes also help to keep moisture, like sweat or rain, out of your eyes. Their curved shape and the way they are positioned allow them to direct moisture away from your eyes.

They can also act in a way similar to a cat’s whiskers. If something is too close to your face or eyes, your sensitive eyelashes can sense it and alert you to possible danger. Such dangers might include particles in the air or small insects. Your eyelashes help to tell your eyelids when they need to shut to protect the eyes.

Along with your eyebrows and forehead, your eyelashes also help to shield your eyes from the bright light of the sun. They’re not a substitute for sunglasses, but they do help to filter the sunlight that shines in your eyes.

Eyelashes are hair, so they’ll fall out naturally from time to time. Like the hair on your head, they grow back on their own, too. When an eyelash falls out, it can take a month to six weeks to grow back.

Some people believe eyelashes have special powers to grant wishes. When an eyelash falls out and lands on the cheek, some people will grab it with their fingertips and blow it away after they make a wish. Have you ever wished on an eyelash? Did your wish come true?

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  1. I have heard that eyelashes makes your eyes more beautiful that’s why a lot of models wear them. I never new they helped with the sun and they help close your eyes it’s like they are alive! I never knew some people use them for wishing. I use my birthday, 11/11, and dandelions.

    I think tomorrow’s wonder will be about horses.

    • We’re glad you now know how beneficial eyelashes are, Wondergirl101! We like your style when it comes to wishing, too! Happy belated birthday! :)

  2. We got to look at camels’ eyelashes and learned that they have long eyelashes becuase they have adapted to their environment.
    We used our inference skills to predict tomorrow’s wonder. We know that people say giddy-up to horses but horses don’t live in the ocean. So we think tomorrow’s wonder will be about seahorses.

    • Were the camels’ eyelashes extra long, Wonder Friends? We wonder how much longer they are compared to human lashes?

      How cool that you’re using your SUPER skills to guess what tomorrow’s Wonder will be! Giddy-up! :)

    • HOORAY, we’re excited to check out the WONDERful guesses from our Friends in Mrs. DerVartanian’s Class! We can’t wait to dive right in tomorrow! :)

  3. Dear Wonderopolis,

    We enjoyed learning about the usefulness of eyelashes. We think tomorrow’s wonder will be about seahorses. We think this because the clue says “Giddy Up” and a ride under the waves. We hope we’re close this time.

    Thank you for the wonders,
    Mrs. Tillman’s 4th graders

    • Thanks for WONDERing with us, Mrs. Tillman’s 4th grade class! We learned that eyelashes protect our eyes from dust and other things that might be irritating. We’re so glad we have eyelashes! They’re WONDERful! We’ll see you soon, Wonder Friends! Giddy up for tomorrow! :)

  4. Maybe we squint when we are outside in the sun because it makes our eyelashes cover more of our eyes. They kind of replace sunglasses.
    We also learned that eyelashes are like an alarm and can protect you when things get too close to your eyes.
    We’re wondering what happens when an eyelash gets in your eye — will you go blind? Eyelashes are sooo tiny, why does it hurt so bad when they get in your eye? And why do we rub our eyes when we get something in them — won’t it make it worse?

    • There are so many great points and questions from our Wonder Friends in Ms. H’s 5th grade class! HOORAY! We love that our eyelashes protect us, but we don’t love it when they get stuck in our eyes! Just like our hair grows and falls out once in a while, eyelashes are the same– they fall out once in a while. Our eyes are very sensitive and can be scratched very easily, which is why our eyelashes protect our eyes… and why they become irritated so easily, too! :)

  5. Dear Wonderopolis,

    We think we’ve got it! Tomorrow will surely be about seahorses. Almost all of us think it will be about seahorses. But a few 4th graders believe it will be about dolphins.

    Thank you for the wonders,
    Mrs. Witkowski’s 4th graders

  6. We learned that you can decorate your eyes with mascara and make-up to lengthen your eyelashes to accentuate them. We learned about the important things your eyelashes do for you, like protecting your eyes from sand and particles in the air. The eyelashes also filter the sunlight from our eyes. They also keep sweat and moisture out of your eyes.

    • Nice work, Panthers5! You have done a fabulous job of summarizing all the great facts you learned today! YIPPEE! Thanks for WONDERing with us today! :)

  7. Are eyelashes important to us for any other reasons? Also, do zebras have eyelashes? What about fish?

    Thank you for sharing today’s wonder.

    • We learned about the importance of eyelashes today, Wonder Friends in Mrs. A’s class! We’re so glad you are WONDERing with us! Some animals have eyelashes, including zebras, but fish don’t have any! We think they would need another type of protection from all that water in their eyes, though! :)

    • WOW, we’re impressed by all the great Wonders coming from Mrs. Thomas’s Tigers! You’re doing a great job of using your inference skills! We’ll see you tomorrow, Wonder Friends! :)

  8. Thank you for this wonder. Yaksh in our class told us that eyelashes help keep out dust from our eyes and then we read that it’s true! Thanks for teaching us cool things. From Ms. Lirenman’s Grade One Class, in Surrey, BC, Canada.

    • Hello to our Wonder Friends in Mrs. Lirenman’s grade one class! We’re so glad you’re here today! You’ve learned so much about those small but mighty eyelashes– they protect our eyes and keep our vision clear! Thanks for WONDERing with us– we hope to see you soon! :)

    • Well that’s what we are here for, Wonder Friend L! We’re glad you discovered something new and interesting at Wonderopolis! HOORAY! :)

  9. Why do camels have longer eyelashes than other mammals?

    We also didn’t know that eyelashes protect our eyes from the sun– although they are not substitutes for sunglasses.

    • Hmmm…. great Wonder from our Friends in Mrs. F’s class! We Wonder if the climate that camels live in (dusty, dry and sunny) has anything to do with their long eyelashes? :)

      While we’re glad that eyelashes are a part of us, you’re right– there’s no substitute for a pair of cool shades! :)

  10. We learned that the eyelashes protect your eyes in many ways. They are kind of like hats because they protect your eyes from the sun. The eyelashes can sense when you need to blink your eyes. Your eyelashes can make you more attractive when you use make-up. The eyelashes can protect from the particles in the air, just like camels’ eyelashes. Eyelashes can be long or short. Your eyes help you communicate with people and animals.

    • Check it out, Panthers4 are WONDERing about eyelashes with us– YIPPEE! We are glad that you learned so much from today’s Wonder… we are sending your a virtual wink! :)

  11. Hi, I’m still kinda new here. I thought today’s wonder was amazing! I had no idea that eyelashes are to protect your eyes! I LOVE this site because it always gives me that feeling of thinking about what the next wonder will be! Thanks!

    • We’re glad you joined the fun today, Isaiah H! Learning new things with great friends is… WONDERful! Thank goodness for eyelashes– we sure are glad we’ve got ‘em! :)

    • Hey there, Wonder Friend Suhail! We Wonder if you are referring to the retina, which is located in the back of the eye? We’d love if you shared what you know about the retina! :)

  12. I liked today’s wonder a lot. But I do not think people should put fake eyelashes on dogs, though. :( Thanks anyway for today’s wonder! I learned a lot! :) :)

    • We agree, Berkleigh! We think today’s Wonder was full of SUPER information, but fake eyelashes don’t seem necessary! :)

  13. AWESOME WONDER that was a very cool, interesting, and fun WONDER to end thanks for that cool wonder.

    Your WONDERing Pal :)

  14. One time I wished on an eyelash when I was 2-3 and my wish came true I wished for another brother and it came true. I’m not sure why I remember this thing but hey maybe the next wondor could be about why people remember things from random events.

    • WOW, what a COOL story, Amber! You’re so lucky that you have a little brother to Wonder with! We really appreciate your great idea for a Wonder about memory and events, too! Thanks! :)

  15. I love wonderoplis!
    My science teacher Mrs. Keith (or Patty KEITH)
    WE WATCH IT ALL THE TIME! I love it. See you in a couple days when you come to our class.
    When Mrs. Keith told use you where coming my whole class said a lot of wonders they wanted to tell you.

    From Mackenzie

    • Hey there, Mackenzie! We’re excited that one of our Wonder Friends will be visiting your class soon! How very cool! We are glad that you enjoy WONDERing in Mrs. Keith’s class with your classmates– we’re so lucky to have great Wonder Friends like you! :)

  16. Man eyelashes are like a one thing wonder no wonder why we blink when something gets in our eye. I LOVE WONDEROPOLIS it’s super cool I wonder what tomorrow’s wonder is. I’m SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!EEEEEEKKK!!!!

  17. Hi
    Wonderopolis is an awesome website.
    I love it but I just never post anything but I still love it. I am 8 years old and I have 4 brother and 5 sisters. I have lots of friends but I do not know the anwser to the question like I said “wonderopolis is an awesome website”. I love this website and love subway I don’t really have time to get on sometimes you know everybody likes this website I have to go to bed right now and this is from anjalie sherry.

    • WOW, we are flattered by your terrific comment, Anjalie! Thanks for telling us how much you enjoy Wonderopolis– we’re so lucky to have great Wonder Friends like you! :)

    • Great question, Abby! Eyelashes are thin, long bits of hair that grow near our eyes. Just like we have hair all over our body, they grow and sometimes fall out! :)

    • Welcome to Wonderopolis, Tabby! We’re so excited that you’re here! Every day we Wonder about something new together– we hope you’ll come back to visit us again! :)

  18. We liked the video for todays wonder. We have some questions. Why are humans the only ones with eyelashes? Are there any animals with eyelashes?

    • Great question, Andrea and Natalie! Some animals, including camels, do have eyelashes! We Wonder if you can find out if any other animals have eyelashes too… we’d love to hear about what you learn! :)

  19. I liked the video a lot but I think that it is out of the ordinary for a dog to have eyelashes. What if a eyelash falls off of the dogs eyelash what will the dog do like go outside and make the wind blow it away?

    • Hey there, Haley! We’re glad you’ve been WONDERing about the animals who have eyelashes! We think that the eyelashes of a dog might fall out, just like ours do. From time to time, their lashes might get stuck in their eyes, but we think that with enough blinking, they will stop irritating the dog! They might have a better tolerance for dirt and dust than we do, since dogs have great hearing and sense of smell! :)

  20. That pup must be superific because I definitly know it’s adored by me and has my undivided attention, I can’t keep my eyes off!
    Sincerely Danielle :)

    • No, not bad at all Lexi! But we don’t think it’s necessary all the time– you’re WONDERful just the way you are! :)

  21. I think the wonder tomorrow will be about:

    -why we need to breath
    -why can’t we breath under water or
    -why dogs have 4 legs!!

    Wonderopolis am I right about any of these?

    • You have some excellent guesses, Serena! We’re so glad you’re using your WONDERful imagination to figure out the next Wonder of the Day®! We hope you’ll come back to visit us tomorrow for more WONDERing! :)

  22. Hello Wonderopolis! I never knew that eyelashes were that important. I have long eye lashes so could that help the dust to stay out of my eyes a lot? What could color of eyelashes mean, because I see people with different color of eyelashes? I learned a lot of new facts reading this article! How could they alert you from possible danger? How could your eyelashes help keep the sun out of your eyes if it’s hair how could it block cause it’s thin hair…? I hope you answer my questions! Ava

    • Hi there, Wonder Friend Ava! We’re so happy that you’re WONDERing about eyelashes with us today! Eyelashes are great for keeping our eyes safe, but they don’t work like goggles. From time to time, eyelashes or hair will get into our eyes, but more often than not, eyelashes keep our eyes safe and sound! :)

    • Hi there, Chrissy! Not to worry, mascara is just a type of makeup. Of course, it can sometimes smudge if you rub your eyes, so make sure IF you wear mascara, you keep your hands away from those baby blues (or brown, or green eyes!) :)

  23. Now I know so much about lashes I will share it with my friends thank you so much wonderopolis, the best website to find information.

    • Hey Reesha, we’re so glad you’re going to share what you learned with some of your awesome friends! Thanks for visiting us– we look forward to WONDERing with you soon! :)

    • How cool, Reesha! Thank you for sharing our Wonder with your friend, and her mom, too! We are smiling ear-to-ear! :)

    • Thanks for sharing your super comment, Wonder Friend Livia4045! We are so very glad you learned something new with us, and you had a ton of fun, too! Have a WONDERful day! :)

    • You’re right, Tyler! Great work! Eyelashes are a way to keep your eyes free of debris. Perhaps you’ll find an eyelash of your own today and make a wish on it! :)

    • Hi Jennifer! Grab a mirror and check your lashes out! Have you ever had a lash fall out before? If you have, then that’s about how long they are. Some people have naturally very long eyelashes, but they’re different for everyone! Thanks for WONDERing with us! :)

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