Science can be seen everywhere, and it can be a lot of fun. Just take a look at today’s video or another EepyBird Diet Coke® and Mentos® experiment. That’s really cool! And scientific. Today’s Wonder of the Day is also about liquid science, but it won’t create such a big mess!

What happens when it’s hot outside? You just finished your chores for the day. You mowed the lawn, raked leaves, and then picked up branches in the yard for almost two hours. You’re tired…and thirsty! What better way to rest on a hot day than with a tall, cool glass of lemonade on the front porch.

You slowly sip your lemonade and relish its sweet and tangy flavor. The cold liquid cools you from the inside out. You set your glass aside and close your eyes for a few moments.

When you reach for your glass again, you notice that it’s wet on the outside. Tiny drops of moisture have formed on the outside of the glass. They slowly bead and drip down like the sweat on your forehead. You knew it was hot out, but is your glass really sweating?

Not quite! It may look like sweat, but that’s water on the outside of your glass of lemonade. But how did it get there? Did it just magically appear out of thin air?

Actually, it DID come right out of the air, but there’s nothing magical about it. It’s all science! In fact, there’s a scientific name for what happened. It’s called condensation.

Whether you realize it or not, there’s water in the air around you all the time. Instead of liquid water, it’s a gas called water vapor. Warmer air can hold much more water vapor than colder air.

When water vapor in the air comes into contact with something cool, such as the outside of a cold glass of lemonade, its molecules slow down and get closer together. When that happens, the gaseous water vapor turns back into liquid water droplets. That’s condensation!

If you wear glasses, you may have noticed condensation in another form. If you’ve been wearing your glasses inside where it’s cool and suddenly walk outside where it’s warm, you may have noticed your glasses fog up. This is the result of the water vapor in the hot outside air suddenly condensing on your cooler glasses.

Particularly during fall and spring, when temperatures vary more than at other times of the year, you may notice condensation on the walls or windows of your house. You can also see it on the windows of your car. These are all examples of the same scientific process of condensation.

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  1. Thoughts: I didn’t realize when people’s glasses fogged up that was condensation. (Michelle) Where is the video? (Joe)

    Connections: This reminds me of when I ride the bus and the windows fog up because many surfaces fog up due to condensation. (Joaquin) This reminds me of the very first time I got glasses because it was cold outside and I walked into a warm room and my glasses fogged up. (Briahna)

    Predictions: Who cried wolf? (Pedro) Who is Evan (Mrs. Hess’ son)? (Cristian) Who do you call when you have an emergency? (Isaiah) What does S.O.S mean? (Gabrielle)

    • Good morning, Mrs. Hess’ Class! Michelle, thanks for telling us about condensation- it’s pretty cool to learn about the science behind sweat! Joe, we hope you can view the Wonder video soon… we refreshed it and it’s working now! :)

      Joaquin and Briahna, thanks for sharing your connections! When there are lots of people on a bus in cold weather, the windows fog up so much quicker! Just like Briahna mentioned with her glasses, it’s the hot and cold air coming together to form condensation! :)

      Thank you so very much for sharing your awesome Wonder predictions, Pedro, Cristian, Isaiah, and Gabrielle! :)

    • That’s a great guess, Wonder Friend Victoria 402! We are glad you’ve been using context clues to form your prediction for tomorrow’s Wonder! Nice work! :)

    • They there, Wonder Friend F! Thanks for sharing your kind comment today– we hope you’ll stop by tomorrow to find out what’s in store! :)

  2. Comments: – Jayna- “I learned mentos and coke can move a vehicle 221 ft!” Adam – “Maybe instead of electric cars they should make Coca Cola cars.” Ryan- “I learned condensation is formed on glasses.” Jessica – “If you wear glasses in a cool and then go to a warm place your glasses will get all foggy.” Ava- “I liked the joke at the end of the video about needing more mentos.” Steph – “I learned condensation can form on glasses, windows and drinking glasses.”

    Predictions: Getting injured, a baby’s cry, bank robbery, a fire, or a fallen tree.

    • Hey there, Miss Marsico’s Class! We like all your comments from today’s Wonder! Jayna, Adam, Ryan, Jessica, Ava and Steph… we think you’re onto something– soda in cars instead of gas! :)

      Thank you for sharing what you learned today, we are so glad you’re here! We look forward to WONDERing with you again tomorrow! :)

  3. Hi Wonderopolis,

    Some people in our class did not know that mentos could explode with diet soda! We didn’t know that it had that much power to push a bicycle with a person in it.
    We liked the video! That was very funny!

    How can the soda explode with mentos? Do you think it could be made into a rocket? Why does soda explode when you shake it?

    We predict tomorrows wonder will be about fire, a bad guy, a baby screaming, somebody screaming because a team won the superbowl, a bear or lion eating someone, falling off something really steep.

    • Good afternoon, Froggy 1! Isn’t science incredible? We are so glad you enjoyed our Wonder video today, it sounds like you are all shook up over the Wonder! AWESOME! :)

      We are glad you have some Wonder questions of your own– we hope you’ll do some research of your own to find out how Eepy Bird conducted their experiment! :)

      Thanks for sharing your predictions… we think tomorrow’s Wonder will be heard loud and clear! :)

  4. WE thought the video was awesome.

    I have seen the water droplets on our car in the morning. The dew on the grass in the morning is the same process-condensation.

    I wonder how close to the moon they could get?

    • Good afternoon, Wonder Friends in Mrs. Glover’s K-Class! We love your connections to our condensation Wonder– from water on the car to dew on the grass, science is everywhere! How fun! We bet it would take a LOT of soda and Mentos® to get to the moon… we Wonder! :)

  5. Good morning Wonderopolis,

    Thank you for a WONDERful science idea today. The video of the soda rocket car was awesome! We’d love to go for a ride on one.

    Your wonder made us think about lots of different kinds of experiments.

    We started a book about the science experiments we have done or want to do. Some of them are about plants growing, water freezing, breaking boards, ice cream melting, playing soccer in the air, and even how to make our own soda jetpack!

    • Good afternoon, PC 1st Graders! We are so excited that you enjoyed our Wonder today, and you’re making a science experiment book of your very own! We love reading all about it– science takes places everywhere… from plants to the soccer field to the ice cream stand! Keep up the SUPER work, Wonder Friends! :)

  6. I think tomorrow’s wonder is going to be about why we cry and why we grow up so very fast!
    Either one of them please!!!!
    Thanks a lot wonderopolis
    You have helped me alot thanks again!!!!

    • Thanks so much for sharing your comment today, Hannah! We are glad you are going to share this Wonder with your brother, too! :)

    • Hey there, Wonder Friend Jesie! We’re so glad you liked today’s science Wonder– condensation is pretty cool, isn’t it?! :)

  7. Thoughts, Connections, and Questions: Michael- A while ago, I did a coke and mentos challenge with a smaller bottle. Bryan- Why does it have to be so hot outside every day? Erica- At summer camp we did the coke and mentos experiment and it exploded everywhere. Aaliyah- When I go to the pool, my grandma’s water bottle has condensation on it. David- I thought when you put mentos in your drink it comes out like foam.

    Predictions: Michael- How was the Red Cross formed? Destiny- How fast do firefighters get to a fire? Bryan- Who made the Superman movie? Erica- How do you get to safety during an emergency? Stephanie- Why do we cry? Sierra- How do firefighters do their job? David- Why do people follow an ambulance? Josh- What is the cause for kidnapping? Cassie- Where does kidnapping happen most often? Trevon- What forms tears?

    • WOOHOO, we’ve got lots of great thoughts, connections, questions, predictions and Wonder comments from our buddies in Mrs. VanDusen’s Class! Our Wonder Friends ROCK! :)

      Michael and Erica, it sounds like you’re familiar with this experiment- how cool! David, we think you’re right… but with the right amount of mentos and soda, it can explode! Bryan and Aaliyah, it sounds like you’ve got hot weather on your minds! We hope you both stay cool! :)

      Thank you for sharing all your awesome predictions and great Wonder ideas! Way to go, Michael, Destiny, Bryan, Erica, Stephanie, Sierra, David, Josh, Cassie and Trevon! :)

  8. Thought: (Quinten) “I thought it was cool on the video when they made the Diet Cokes and Coke Zero explode.”

    Connection: (Emilee) ” Every morning when I wake up I see condensation on my window. My dof licks it off.”

    Prediction: (Alyssa) Who was the first cop?
    (Shaviyana) ” What is the emergency number?

    • Hey there, Mrs. Coleman’s Class! We sure are glad Quinten, Emilee, Alyssa and Shaviyana have shared their cool connections and thoughts about today’s Wonder! We are realizing that Wonder and science are all around us- how cool! Thank you for sharing your predictions, too! What a great couple of guesses, and we are so happy you have been using context clues! See you tomorrow, Wonder Friends! :)

  9. Wonderopolis that was a funny video.I think that tomorrow’s wonder is about Fire Fighters. If there is going to the moon there going to need more Mento and Coke Cola to get there and they’ll need helmets. I really like the music it was COOL! I hope you do a video with that kind of music again.

    Selea from Ms. H’s class

    • What a super Wonder guess, Selea from Ms. H’s class! We are so glad you’ve been WONDERing all about the moon, condensation, and science experiments! YIPPEE! We are glad you liked the Wonder video (and the music, too) today! :)

  10. Dear Wonderopolis, I liked the video. It was funny and last time I went to my friend and I got some soda and some mint and we put it inside the soda and we shook it and it busted up. I think tomorrow’s wonder will be about fire.

    Ms. H’s student

    • Hey there, Ms. H’s student! Thanks for sharing your comment with us today- we are glad that you’ve tried a similar experiment to our Wonder video today! HOORAY for you! Thanks for telling us what your prediction for tomorrow’s Wonder is, too! :)

    • Thanks for sharing your comments, Unicorn Pie 2000, Shelby and Kayla! We are glad you’ve all been WONDERing with us– it sounds like you’ve all got a sweet tooth, too! :)

    • Hey there, Wonder Friend Hamnah! We’re so sorry that we didn’t respond to your comment earlier! Please forgive us! :)

      Thanks for telling us about your favorite part of this cool science Wonder– we bet it would be lots of fun to ride on a bicycle powered by soda! :)

    Liyah – Why did you choose this topic?
    Joey – I wish there was a better video to match the topic please, because it didn’t seem to match the topic.
    Rachel – Could tomorrow’s topic be “Where do Squirrels Go During Hurricanes?”

    Alan – We have learned about this before a few months ago.
    Devante – I have put Mentos in Coke before and it exploded.
    Kadryn – I like lemonade.

    PREDICTIONS (tomorrow’s wonder)
    Michael – Are superheros real?
    Tommie – Robbers?
    Cooper – A person crying for help and someone helping him.

    • Good morning Mrs. Liles’ Class! Thanks for visiting us today- what a WONDERful Wednesday! :)

      Liyah, Joey, and Rachel: we are glad you shared your comments and questions! Science is everywhere, from refreshing drinks and candy to dew on the morning grass! We are always looking for cool videos to share, especially when science experiments are involved! We as humans sweat, and now we know why our drinks sweat, too: condensation! :)

      Alan, Devante, and Kadryn: We’re glad you’ve already been WONDERing about science– some of you have even tried this experiment before! SWEET! A nice, refreshing glass of lemonade is always a great way to cool off on a hot day! :)

      We are so excited that you shared your awesome predictions, Michael, Tommie and Cooper! Way to use your imaginations and context clues! See you soon! :)

    • YUM, we’re glad to hear it, Wonder Friend Dylan! Thanks for sharing your comment and visiting us today! Have you ever had a lemonade stand? :)

    • Thanks so much, Eduardo, we are happy that you learned all about the science behind condensation! :)

    • Thank you for sharing your kind comment, Brianna! We are so glad to have a Wonder Friend like you! We look forward to seeing you again soon! :)

    • Hey there, Kylie! We’re so glad you enjoyed this Wonder experiment- isn’t it fun?! We bet it took a great deal of trial and error before those scientists got it right! Keep up the great WONDERing! :)

  12. When you put Mentos in a soda bottle, it will have a little explosion. When you put 6 Mentos in the cart and the coke moves the cart, the explosion some people call it when the drinks sweat.

    • Hey there, Olivia! We’re glad you enjoyed the Wonder video that featured an experiment with soda and Mentos candy! We Wonder if you have seen your drink sweat on a hot day? When you have a cold beverage and it mixes with hot air, condensation forms! :)

  13. I learned that Mentos can make Coke fiz up and make a waterfall. I would like to know more about how the Mentos make the Coke fiz. I thought it was interesting that the Mentos is a type of candy, and you can’t just put a Kit-Kat in it. I want to do this at home.

    • Hi Benjamin! We thought that was pretty cool too! It’s actually a chemical reaction between the ingredients in the Coke and the Mentos! Keep WONDERing and maybe your class can do the experiment together! :)

  14. This explanation is the best one we found for our little Science experiment. Thank you, people at Wonderopolis, for such a great source of information!

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