As soon as October rolls around, you can bet that the Major League Baseball playoffs are in full swing — pun totally intended! Let’s head out to the old ballpark to learn about…ballparks!

Ballparks are the homes of special memories for many people. Whether it’s a sandlot or a local little league ballpark, many children form their first friendships during informal games with their neighborhood pals.

Many small towns around the United States feature minor league ballparks that are home to teams full of up-and-coming players hoping to one day play in the big leagues. These small ballparks hold a special place in their communities, as they bring folks together to socialize and support their local team.

Of course, there’s nothing quite like watching a Major League Baseball game at a big league ballpark. From the crowds and food to the big screens and excitement of the game, there’s just something magical about a day at the ballpark.

By the time the seventh-inning stretch rolls around and you hear the opening notes of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” you jump to your feet and sing along to the lyrics of its famous chorus:

Take me out to the ball game,
Take me out with the crowd;
Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack,
I don’t care if I never get back.
Let me root, root, root for the home team,
If they don’t win, it’s a shame.
For it’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out,
At the old ball game.

Today’s big league ballparks offer much more than just peanuts and Cracker Jack. In addition to hot dogs, popcorn and sodas, many modern ballparks offer all sorts of food choices, including pizza, nachos, sandwiches and even gourmet meals at enclosed restaurants.

As the size of big league ballparks has increased over the years, fans that sit farther away from the playing field can still catch all of the action on big screen televisions located around the ballpark. These televisions show instant replays and display all sorts of interesting statistics throughout the game.

Although ballparks have changed with the times over the years, many people treasure their memories of the old-time ballparks. Designers of modern ballparks have tried hard to make new stadiums look and feel like the ballparks from the old days, while still featuring all of the modern conveniences people enjoy today.

If you get the chance to attend a Major League Baseball game, do it! Here are a few unique ballparks with features you might want to check out:

  • Boston’s Fenway Park (home of the Boston Red Sox) features the 37-foot-tall “Green Monster” — a wall in left field that robs many batters of what would be a home run in many other ballparks.
  • Kauffman Stadium (home of the Kansas City Royals) features a 322-foot fountain and waterfall called the Water Spectacular. It also boasts the largest video board of any big league ballpark.
  • Chase Field (home of the Arizona Diamondbacks) has air conditioning and a pool in the outfield that can be rented by spectators—both of which are popular features in the hot Phoenix climate!

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    • Happy Tuesday, Laserdudle! We bet you’re excited to root on the Tigers this year! We bet watching a game at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan is a great time! Thanks for WONDERing with us– you ROCK! :)

  1. Lots of our friends love baseball. The Lexington Legends field is close to our school.

    We think tomorrow’s wonder will be about something scary, a spider, or a bug crawling on you.

    • Wohoo, we are happy that our Wonder Friends in Ms. Bayko’s class like our baseball Wonder today! We bet it’s fun to go to Legends games! Thanks for sharing your favorite ballpark!

      Also, we think your eery guesses are great… we can’t wait to find out what tomorrow’s chilling Wonder will be! :)

    • WOHOO, we bet you’re over-the-moon with excitement as the Tigers head to the World Series! WOHOO! We are glad you’re WONDERing with us today, Soccerstar! Thanks for sharing your hometown cheer! :)

  2. Dear Wonderopolis,

    We love today’s wonder. We are huge Tiger fans here in 4th grade.

    We think tomorrow’s wonder will be about Halloween.

    Thank you for the wonders,
    Mrs. Tillman’s 4th grade

    • YIPPEE, we bet our Wonder Friends in Mrs. Tillman’s 4th grade class is jumping for joy as the Tigers head to the World Series! We hope you have a fun time cheering on your team!

      Thanks for sharing your guess for tomorrow’s Wonder, too! We always enjoy WONDERing with our great friends in 4th grade! :)

  3. We thought the Arizona Diamondback’s Stadium was cool because of its pool!
    We think tomorrow’s Wonder will be about Halloween, the North Pole, or maybe even Halloween at the North Pole. What does Santa dress up like? :)

    Maybe it’s about Antarctica or Icees…the frozen drink that gives us brain freezes.

    • Wow, we think it would be pretty cool to visit a stadium with a swimming pool! We like your style, Wonder Friends in Mrs. Ski’s AM Class! :)

      We are looking forward to WONDERing with all of you again tomorrow… we really enjoy your guesses, too! We Wonder if Santa dresses up as another famous icon, like a Thanksgiving Day turkey or the Statue of Liberty? We sure would like to know how our friends in the North Pole celebrate Halloween! We hope you have a terrific, brain-freeze-free Tuesday, Wonder Friends! :)

    • Hi there, Hello Oz! We’re sorry that your St. Louis Cardinals didn’t win last night… it was a tough game! We Wonder if you plan to watch the World Series this year? We hope you have a SUPER day, Hello Oz, and thanks for joining us today! :)

  4. Hello Everyone,

    Our favourite ballpark is in Toronto, Ontario Canada where the Toronto Blue Jays play. The stadium is called the Roger’s Center. We think it is great because the roof can shut if it rains or snows and the game can continue.

    Have a great day,
    Ms. Barnett’s class

    • WOW, we learned so much from our Wonder Friends in Ms. Barnett’s 4/5 class today– WOHOO! We think it’s cool that you cheer on the Toronto Blue Jays at Roger’s Center! And, it seems pretty great that you don’t have to worry about the weather– the game can go on thanks to that nifty roof!

      Have a terrific Tuesday, Wonder Friends! :)

    • Yippee, our Wonder Friends the SUPERLARKS are here today! You’ve been doing a great job of WONDERing about the great sport of baseball today! Thanks for sharing YOUR favorite baseball field, where you watch the Minnesota Twins play! We hope you have an out-of-the-park kind of day! :)

  5. We enjoyed learning about the baseball fields. There aren’t any close to us so we haven’t been able to enjoy it in person.

    We think tomorrow’s wonder is about is about a scary movie, or a scary animal and some of us think it might be about something that makes us cold.

    • Hooray for our Wonder Friends in Mrs. Karr’s class! It’s okay that you haven’t been to the ball game– we’re SUPER excited that you are WONDERing with us today! We bet you’ve been to a game that a brother, sister, friend, or even YOU have played in! Baseball fields are great places for rooting for you home team! :)

      Thanks for sharing your SUPER sPoOkY guesses for tomorrow’s Wonder… we can’t wait to find out if the chills are caused from a spook or a cool temperature! :)

    • YAY, we are so happy that you enjoyed our ballpark Wonder, Rylee L! It’s fun to Wonder about cool stadiums and ballparks with great friends like you! We can’t wait to find out what tomorrow’s Wonder will be… thanks for leaving your SUPER sPoOkY guess! :)

  6. Hi there!! I haven’t ever been to a ballpark! I prefer football to baseball. Today’s wonder was pretty cool! Thanks!
    =Bryleigh= :D

    • Hi there, Wonder Friend Bryleigh! We sure are happy that you’re WONDERing with us today! It’s okay if you haven’t visited a baseball park yet, because you can use your imagination right here at Wonderopolis! We bet you’re excited that football season is here, too! Have a SUPER day and thanks for sharing your comment, too! :)

  7. Our favorite ballpark is Comerica Park in Downtown Detroit. It’s the home of our Detroit Tigers.

    Our favorite thing in a ballpark is the food- hotdogs, peanuts, nachos, and drinks.

    We think tomorrow’s Wonder will scare us. Things that scare us are bugs, haunted houses and scary monsters.

    • We bet you’re doing the wave in your classroom, now that the Tigers are ready to compete for the World Series title! We hope you have rooting on those Tigers, Third Grade All Stars! :) Those ballpark snacks sound tasty, too! We think it’s fun to watch a great ballgame, at a great ballpark, with great company!

      Thanks for sharing your guess for tomorrow’s Wonder… we get SpOoKeD by bugs, scary houses and monsters, too! Have a terrific Tuesday, Wonder Friends!

    • We are so glad you’re WONDERing with us today, Molly! Thanks for sharing your comment and using your imagination to join the fun! We Wonder what your favorite sport is?! :)

  8. This Wonder got us talking about our favorite baseball teams. Even though we are from Massachusetts, 33% of students favor the New York Yankees, 33% favor the Boston Red Sox, 16% of students favor the Detroit Tigers, and 16% do not have a favorite baseball team.

    Our favorite things about visiting baseball stadiums are eating peanuts, pizza, nachos, big pretzels, cotton candy, slushies and Fenway Franks (mmm yum!), catching foul balls, and doing the wave.

    We were wondering how much money it costs to build a stadium and how many stadiums are there in the United States? In the World? Also, how many people can fit in a stadium?

    Happy Wondering!

    • We like your polling system for today’s Wonder, Mrs. Kewriga’s 5th grade ELA class! It sounds like the Yankees and Red Sox are tied for first in your classroom, but the Tigers fans will be cheering for their team as they head to the World Series this year! :)

      Your baseball activities sound fun– we’d LOVE to join you in the stands to snack on some of your favorite treats! We’re sending you virtual high fives when the home team scores!

      Thanks for sharing some Wonders of your own… we’re excited to see what you find with some research of your own. We know there are 30 Major League Baseball teams in the United States. We hope you share your findings with us! :)

    • Very cool, Wonder Friend B! We bet you were cheering on the athletes who were playing at AT&T park last night… the San Francisco Giants! :)

  9. Dear Wonderopolis,

    We noticed the video today was a commercial. We love ballparks! Go Tigers!

    We think tomorrow’s wonder will be about ghosts, scary movies, or witches.

    Thank you for the wonders,
    Mrs. Witkowski’s 4th graders

    • Great observation, Wonder Friends in Mrs. Witkowski’s 4th grade class– today’s video was a commercial for the Phillies v. Brewers game! We bet you are jumping for joy as the Detroit Tigers play for the World Series title! :)

      Thanks for sharing your SUPER guesses for tomorrow’s Wonder… we hope you’ll join us tomorrow! We can’t wait to hang out with our Wonder Friends again soon! :)

  10. I have been to Wrigley Field and I loved going there and we sang take me out to the ball game and the cubs also I love wondering with you.

    • Wow, what a COOL experience, Rock Lobster! We bet you enjoyed watching the Chicago Cubs play! Thanks for sharing your comment– we are so happy you’re WONDERing with us today! :)

    • Hi there, Wonder Friend S, we bet you had a great time at the cross-town series! We Wonder if there are any cities that have two professional baseball teams, like the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox? :)

  11. We wish you had included Progressive Field in the pictures, but we understand there really isn’t a special stand out feature for our dear old Cleveland Indians. We still love them!

    We think tomorrow’s wonder will be about ice cream, smoothies, bones, popsicles, snow, or Polar Pops. Except not Polar Pops in New York City since we just read about the new ban on super sized drinks there. :)

    • We think it’s important to cheer for your favorite team– we support you, Wonder Friends and Cleveland Indians fans!! :)

      We think the baseball game treats you mentioned sound DELICIOUS… but we are very proud of you for reading about New York’s ban on certain beverages! We Wonder if you agree or disagree with the ban on large, sugary drinks? :)

  12. My favorite ballpark is Fenway in Boston. I have taken the tour of the park with my summer camp. We even got to sit in the seats on the Green Monster! I also like McCoy stadium in Providence…the Paw Sox play there. They have a really good BBQ lunch.

    • Hi there, Patrick R! Thanks for sharing your SUPER cool tour experience with us– Fenway Park sounds AWESOME! We think it’s cool that you’ve been to a few different parks. Thanks for leaving a comment today, Wonder Friend! :)

    • Thanks for sharing your comment, Dylan P! We appreciate your thoughts and we’re sorry to hear today’s Wonder wasn’t one of your favorites. We hope to see you soon, Wonder Friend! :)

  13. Hey Wonderopolis. I don’t have a favorite ballpark. I don’t like baseball. My mom goes to games sometimes. She usually gets tickets behind the dugout. It’s pretty cool. I was right about what today’s wonder would be about!! Baseball!

    • Hi there, Gina M, thanks for leaving your comment about baseball today! We understand that baseball isn’t your favorite sport, but we sure are glad that you are WONDERing with us today! And, as a bonus, you even guessed correctly! WAY TO GO! Thanks for joining the fun at Wonderopolis today! :)

  14. Well my favorite ball park is U.S. cellular field which is the home of the Chicago White Sox and they are from the Windy City of Chicago and the world series is coming up and I’m really jubilant about it so I’m rooting for the White Sox and the St. Louis Cardnals because a family friend releif pitcher Mark Zipchinsky and my gym teacher from last year and my family is a HUGE White Sox fan and I’m rooting for both teams.

    • WOHOO, we really love your enthusiasm, Wonder Friend R! We Wonder if you know that U.S. Cellular Field used to be called Comiskey Park? :)

      We hope you’re not too disappointed that the White Sox and the Cardinals will not be competing for the World Series title this year, but the White Sox won the series in 2005 and the Cardinals were World Series champions in 2006 and 2011! Phew, that’s a lot of championships! We hope you have fun visiting your favorite ballparks, Wonder Friend! :)

    • We think it’s cool that you like two stadiums that are located in Chicago, Alyssa B! We bet there are great views from both Wrigley and Soldier Fields! Thanks for WONDERing with us today! :)

  15. Thanks for the Wonder about ballparks. WE think tomorrow’s Wonder is about something gross that makes you freak out, or something that might scare you, or maybe even something really cold that you can eat!

    We can’t wait to find out tomorrow!

    • We’re glad our Wonder Friends, Mrs. Thomas’ Tigers, are back with us today! WOHOO! :)

      Tomorrow’s Wonder is still under-wraps but we can’t wait to find out what it will be! We love your guesses… and we are excited to Wonder with you again! Have a terrific Tuesday, Wonder Friends! :)

    • What a great ballpark, Coltan! We bet it’s lots of fun to cheer on the Cincinnati Reds with other Reds fans! Thanks for sharing your comment today, Wonder Friend! :)

    • Well thanks, Gob gymnast! We bet you’re excited to cheer the Tigers on as they compete for the World Series title this year!! Thanks for sharing your comment and sending a shout-out to Mrs. Albani, too! :)

    • Thanks for your kind comment, Gage! We LOVE meeting our Wonder Friends at Wonderopolis– there is so much fun to be had! We sure are glad you’re here! :)

    • Way to go, Ashley, we’re glad today’s Wonder is right up your alley! We Wonder if you have a favorite ballpark or baseball team? We like to root for the hometeam! :)

  16. My favorite ball team is the Royals because I like the color blue and because I like how they play. The Royals are awesome. I love the Royals so much.

    • Great team, Victoria S! We like your enthusiasm for the Kansas City Royals! Thanks for sharing your comment and WONDERing with us today! :)

  17. Dear Wonderopolis,

    I live in Minnesota so I LOVE the Minnesota Twins and I LOVE the Minnesota Vikings!

    Thanks for wondering!
    The Best Gymnast Around :)

    • Hi there, Best Gymnast Around, we think you’ve got great enthusiasm for Minnesota teams! We hope you root for your teams and have a great time doing so! :)

    • We LOVE when Wonder Friends chat about their favorite things, like baseball stadiums! Thanks for WONDERing with us, Diana F! :)

  18. My favorite ballpark would have to be Citizens Bank Ballpark, home of the Philadelphia Phillies!!! I like it because you can get a lot of food there – once I ate 4 hot dogs in a row there! And we were able to watch the game in the Citizens Bank Suite!

    • Hi there, Robert C.! We bet you enjoyed today’s Wonder video– it was all about Phillies! Thanks for sharing your comment– all those treats at the ballpark sound yummy! :)

    • Thanks for visiting Wonderopolis today, Summer T! We hope you have fun watching the World Series games this week– keep up the great WONDERing! :)

    • Hello to all our Wonder Friends in Room 8! We bet you really enjoyed our baseball video yesterday– it featured your hometown team! :)

      Thanks for sharing your comment and your enthusiasm for Citizens Bank Park– we hope you have a SUPER day! :)

  19. I’m a huge tigers fan. I love Comerica park. I hope tigers beat the giants the 108th world series I’m rooting for them.

    I think the next wonder is going to be about a spook or a haunted house.

    • We bet you’re SUPER excited to see the Tigers play in the World Series this year! We think Comerica Park will be full of Tigers fans, standing on their feet, cheering for Detroit!

      Thanks for sharing your guess for the next Wonder, too, Jack M! :)

    • We bet watching the Tigers at Comerica Park is a great way to cheer on your favorite team, Mark! We’re sorry to hear that the Tigers lost against the San Francisco Giants this year! We’re glad you made have been WONDERing with us, Mark! :)

    • Hey there, Fuge Man! We’re not familiar with Minecraft, but we appreciate your comment! We Wonder what your favorite part of our baseball Wonder was?! :)

    • WOW, thanks so much, Wonder Friend Jack! We bet it’s fun to root for the Milwaukee Brewers! We Wonder if you have ever attended or played a baseball game at the Brewers Little League Stadium?! :)

    • We bet watching a game from Camden Yards is a ton of fun, Erik! We think it’s great that you root for the Orioles– we can practically hear you cheering from here! :)

  20. Although they aren’t that good, and I live near San Fransisco, my favorite baseball team is the Boston Red Sox. And the New England Patriots. And the Boston Bruins. And the Boston Celtics. I am a Boston man.

    • We think it’s fun to root for your favorite teams, no matter where you live, Bananapeel81! Thanks for sharing your favorite Boston teams with us! HOORAY! :)

  21. Hi Wonderopolis
    I’m with the pink panthers and my favorite baseball team is the Detroit Tigers. I see your video is about the Phillies. Me and my friends in school (the pink panthers) are going to be excited! The Tigers are starting spring training. Bless you wonderopolis!
    My predictions:
    Cold weather,
    Creepy crawlies,
    Spider vs beetle

    • Hey Miguel, thanks for sharing your awesome comment with us! We are glad you and your awesome friends are Detroit Tigers fans! We are so excited Spring Training has begun– we LOVE baseball season!

      Thanks for sharing your awesome predictions for the next Wonder of the Day®! Hooray for Wonder Friends like you! :)

    • AWESOME, Robert! We bet those stadiums are a great place to watch your New York teams! Thanks for sharing your comment with us– we love hearing from our Wonder Friends! :)

  22. Thank you for sharing this article. I think Yankee Stadium is the best stadium. Does Yankee Stadium have any special features?

    • Thanks for sharing your comment, Wonder Friend Isaac! It sounds like this Wonder was a homerun for you! :) We hope you’ll do some more research about Yankee Stadium and tell us about what you learn! Keep up the great work! :)

  23. My favorite is either Comerica Park where the Detroit Tigers play or Fenway Park where the Boston Red Sox play.

    • WOOT WOOT! What great ballparks, Wonder Friend Minecraft! Who do you root for when the Tigers are playing the Red Sox? Hopefully it’s a great game at either stadium! :)

  24. My favorite ballpark is Comerica Park. I love the Tigers. They are my favorite team. I also like the Lions. Boo Brewers and Packers.

    • WOOHOO, we are so excited you shared your favorite ballpark with us, Davis R! Just in time for the beginning of baseball season, too! It sounds like you’re a big fan of Detroit, Michigan, while some other Wonder Friends (they commented, too) are rooting for Milwaukee, Wisconsin teams! Let the games begin! :)

  25. I am a HUGE fan of Wisconsin sports, so I have to say my favorite ballpark is Miller Park in Milwaukee.

    I know this doesn’t have to do with baseball, but… GO PACKERS!!!

  26. My favorite is Busch Stadium in St. Louis. I love how they placed the St. Louis Arch right behind the stadium. Go Cards!!

    • WOOHOO, go Cards! We’re glad you shared your comment about Busch Stadium, it’s a great place to watch a baseball game! Thanks for visiting us today! :)

  27. Hi Wonderopolis. These I agree are some great ballparks. My favorite is Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati which features two smoke stacks that blow smoke when there’s a strikeout. Go Reds!

    • Hi Coltran, thanks for sharing your comment! Great American Ballpark is a fine place to watch a ball game… it’s not too far from the Cincinnati Bengals’ Stadium, is it?! We are glad you enjoyed our Wonder– happy baseball season! :)

    • Hey there, Gymnast142! Thank you for sharing your comment with us today– we bet it’s lots of fun to root for the Washington Nationals! We are happy that baseball is back, too! :)

    • Hey there, Mikee! Thanks for sharing your comment and telling us about your favorite ballpark! We are glad you WONDERed with us today– happy baseball season! :)

    • Hey there, Austin! We hope you’re having an awesome day! Thanks for telling us all about your favorite place to root for your home team, the Atlanta Braves! WOOHOO for baseball season! :)

    • What a great place to enjoy a baseball game, Eli! Some of our Wonder Friends have been to Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati – we think it’s super cool that from the stands you can see Kentucky! WOOHOO for baseball! Thanks for sharing your comment with us! :)

  28. I love that song. It is really nice “take me out to the ball game”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, I want to give you a hand ’cause you all work really hard. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Great question, Davide! We’re sure most people prefer their hometown ballparks. What about you? Where’s your favorite ballpark? Thanks for WONDERing with us today! :-)

    • We are glad you enjoyed this WONDER, Dylan Mathess! There are many other WONDERS about baseball. Just type “baseball” in the search box at the top. Happy WONDERing! :)

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