We were wandering through the Wonderopolis forest the other day when we heard an interesting conversation between a giraffe and a baboon. It went something like this:

Baboon:          Hey Jerry! How’s it going? Want a banana?

Giraffe:            No, thanks, Bruce. I’m not hungry.

Baboon:          Why so glum, pal?

Giraffe:            I guess I just feel too tall and too skinny. I wish I was more like everyone else.

Baboon:          Compared to you, I’m short and fat. Maybe I shouldn’t eat any more bananas.

Giraffe:            No! You look fine. You look just how a baboon is supposed to look.

Baboon:          Really? Well, you look just like a giraffe is supposed to look, too.

Giraffe:            You don’t think I’m too tall or skinny?

Baboon:          Not at all. That’s what makes you a giraffe. So what do you say? Banana?

Giraffe:            Sure, pal. I’ll have one if you have one. Let’s eat!

Have you ever felt like the giraffe or the baboon? Too tall? Too short? Too skinny? Too…something? Of course you have. We all feel that way from time to time.

Whether it’s your height, your weight, your hair color, the size of your feet, or something else entirely, you feel certain ways about the different parts of your body. And your body has many parts. So there are plenty of opinions you can hold!

All these beliefs you hold about your physical appearance make up what’s called your body image. Body image includes not only whether you feel that you’re attractive, but also specific beliefs about particular parts of your body.

For many people, body image is linked closely to self-esteem, which is how you feel about your self-worth. A positive body image and good self-esteem are important to feeling well, both mentally and physically.

Many people have a negative body image and low self-esteem because they’re not perfect. But guess what? No one is perfect! Sure, some people are taller or skinnier than others, but they’re certainly not perfect.

Since it’s impossible to be perfect, we have to learn to live with and embrace the people that we are. It doesn’t mean we can’t make changes and improvements to make ourselves healthier. But we shouldn’t get down on ourselves because of these things.

If a change will make you healthier, by all means pursue it. Don’t change things, though, simply because you think you’ll be more attractive or people will like you more. Learn to accept and celebrate the unique human being that is YOU.

Everyone has things they wish were different about their bodies. But don’t focus on those things. Instead, concentrate on being the best person you can be with the talents you were born with. Find those things that make you WONDERful and celebrate them!

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    • Thanks for sharing your comment, Lilly! We are glad you enjoyed this Wonder video- it’s so important to be kind and respectful to one another. We are all different and unique in our own ways – that’s what makes this world WONDERful! :)

    • Great question, Byancah-LaN’aye! Doctors are very helpful at looking for signs of health or sickness – we bet your doctor has asked you certain questions about how you feel when you go in for a check-up. Blood pressure, weight, balance, and lots of other factors determine if you are healthy. However, you may feel full of energy, sleep well, and have no problem focusing when you are healthy! Those are other signs! Eating well and getting enough sleep (8 hours or more) are great ways to keep our bodies healthy and happy! :)

    • Hi Elijah B! We are glad you shared your comment with us today. Bullying and being mean to others is not right. We need to be kind and respectful of everyone – people come in all shapes and sizes, but that doesn’t mean we should make fun of one another. It’s great to be different and unique – the world is a better place that way! :)

  1. Why do people do that? Is it important to us or to them? Does it mean something to us? Does it make people live longer? Is it our safety?

    • You are so very right, Wonder Friend Sadie! We’re proud of you for sharing your comment with us today! It’s what inside that counts. All of us have imaginations and thoughts that are unique and WONDERful! It’s important to be kind and respectful to one another, that will make the world a WONDERful place! :)

  2. First of all why did they write you that note so you’re fat, what’s the big deal? They’re haters I love you just the way you are!

    • We are glad you shared your comment with us, Angelina! The Wonder video today teaches us an important lesson about being kind to one another. We are glad you are WONDERing with us today – we think you are making a positive difference in the world! :)

    • Hi Jack, you’re right! Bullying is not cool – being kind and respectful is WONDERful and awesome! Sometimes people do things to hurt others’ feelings, but we hope you will help to change that. We hope your kindness and positivity spreads throughout the world! Way to be a great Wonder Friend, Jack! :)

    • Hey Jordan, thanks for sharing your comment today! We are glad you checked out our Wonder video – it features a newscaster whose feelings were hurt by an unkind letter. We must be kind to everyone we meet and we hope you learned something new from our Wonder today, Jordan. Let’s be respectful and make people smile! :)

      • Hi Jayla, thanks for visiting us today and sharing your comment. Today’s Wonder video discusses bullying and self esteem issues. We hope that we won’t have to deal with bullying in the future by treating others with kindness and respect, no matter what size or shape they are. :)

    • Thanks so much, Kate M! We’re happy to know how much you enjoy WONDERing with us! Thanks for visiting and we look forward to seeing you soon! :)

    • Hey there, Kate M! We are sorry to hear that you have experienced hurtful words. Sometimes it helps to talk about how you feel with an adult you trust. We believe in you and we hope you remember that you are WONDERful – no matter what anyone else says or thinks. :)

  3. THOUGHT:The paragraph was good and tells you to love yourself how you are.
    CONNECTION:Sometimes I wish I could be just a little itty bitty bit.
    PREDICTION:I think tomorrow’s wonder will be about the future.
    WWOTD:My opinion is Chromebooks are fun.

    • Hey Tiffany, what a great comment! Thank you for visiting us today. We are glad that you mentioned loving yourself – each and every person is a WONDERful human being with lots to offer! If we were all the same, we sure would be bored! :)

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and prediction for tomorrow’s Wonder! We can’t wait to see what the future holds! :)

  4. I always get made fun of because of the hair on my legs and arms, but that news show got me to thinking that it does not matter. God made me the way I am so make fun of me all you would like. God made me the way I am and I learned that.

    • Hi there, Jordan, we are sorry to hear that you have experienced hurtful words. Everyone is different and no one is perfect! Sometimes it helps to talk to a parent or an adult you trust – that always makes the Wonder Friends here at Wonderopolis feel better. Talking about your feelings is important. We hope you know how very special and WONDERful you are, Jordan! :)

  5. THOUGHT: I think people are perfect for who they are not how they look.

    CONNECTION: I love people who are themselves.

    WWOTD: My opinon is that you should always be yourself.

    PREDICTION: I think tomorrow’s wonder will be about wishing.

    • We like your style, Wonder Friend Destiny! Everyone is unique and special in their very own ways! :)

      We hope you continue to be yourself and use your very own imagination. You are full of special talents of all sorts! Thanks for being a great, kind friend! :)

  6. THOUGHT: I never watch the news a lot because I think it it’s kind of weird because they’ll tell you anything and sometimes it’s a lie.

    CONNECTION: My connection is that the news tells you about information about stuff.

    WWOTD: Opinion is the word of the day personal belief that can’t be proven.

    PREDICTION: My prediction is that it is going to be about science or animals or survival.

  7. thought : Bulling is not cool.
    Why do people bully people?

    The best thing about your body is being healthy, and strong.

    • You’re right, Jacob, bullying is NOT cool at all! Good work, Wonder Friend! We hope you keep WONDERing about how to be kind and respectful to others – that makes the world a WONDERful place! :)

  8. THOUGHT: I thought this video was cool and awesome.

    CONNECTION: I don’t have a connection.

    WWOTD: Opinion

    PREDICTION: I bet tomorrow’s wonder will be about shooting stars.

    • Thanks for your comment today, Alex, we’re glad that you enjoyed the Wonder video. We all learned some very important lessons from it today – it’s important to be kind to everyone! :)

      Thanks for sharing your soaring prediction for the next Wonder, too! WAY TO GO! :)

  9. thought: bullying is not cool

    Prediction: I predict that all the bullies will get karma.

    WWOTD: I have my own opinion

    Connection I have been bullied.

    • Hi Deven, thanks for sharing your SUPER comment today! We are glad that you do not support bullying of any kind – we bet you are spreading smiles instead! Keep up the great work, Wonder Friend! :)

  10. THOUGHT: It’s cool .

    CONNECTION: I’ve been bullied before.

    WWOTD : MY opinion is you should watch USA video.

    • Hi London, we are glad you’re here today. We’re sorry to hear that you have been hurt by the words of others. It is no fun to be bullied; it helps to talk to a parent or adult you trust about your feelings. We know we always like to share how we feel with someone we trust. :)

  11. THOUGHT: I had no idea people like that are brave enough to even say those words.
    CONNECTION: People in my last school call a girl fat face to her face.
    WWOTD: Sometimes peoples’ opinions can hurt somebody.
    PREDICTION: It will probably be about making wishes.

    • What a great description of the woman in today’s Wonder video, Jeremiah: brave! :)

      We hope you continue to spread your kind words to your classmates, family, and friends. We want to share our smiles, not hurtful words! :)

  12. Thought: Why do people kill people?
    Connection: I remember when I was first started school.
    WWOTD: opinion- I think wonder is awesome.
    Prediction:I bet that today will be a great day.

    • Hi Danessa, we are so very glad you’re WONDERing with us today! We hope you spread kindness and respect in the world, it will be a better place because of you! Today is a great day, and we hope you’re having a WONDERful day, too! :)

  13. THOUGHT: That was really rude but it doesn’t matter most people know this saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt plus God is the only one that can judge you.

    CONNECTION: my brother and sisters talk about me all the time but I don’t care.

    PREDICTION: Tomorrow’s wonder is going to be about birthdays.

    WWOTD: Opinion there’s going to be a lot of opinions but you shouldn’t care.

  14. THOUGHT: I think she spoke the truth and I liked it a lot.

    CONNECTION: There was some kids that picked on me because I was short.

    PREDICTION:I predict that tomorrow’s wonder of the day is about a fortune teller or magic or a shooting star.

    EXAMPLE: My opinion of the video was great.


    • We’re so glad you liked today’s Wonder video and text, Keith! We think it’s important to be kind to everyone we meet and we’re glad you agree! :)

      We think you’ve got some SUPER guesses for tomorrow’s Wonder of the Day®! We think you’re going to smile when you visit us tomorrow! :)

  15. THOUGHT: I liked that video a lot, it touched my heart.

    CONNECTION: There some kids at my school that say “you have to dress a certain way to be my friend”.

    PREDICTION: I predict that tomorrow’s wonder will be about magic.

    EXAMPLE: My opinion is that you should always do your personal best!

    WWOTD: Opinion means “personal believe that can be proved”.

    • Hi Jenna, we’re so very glad you’re WONDERing with us today! :)

      We hope you keep sharing your positive attitude and spread your kindness! We love your opinion about doing your very own best. Everyone is different and we must celebrate how unique we are! WOOHOO for WONDERing with you! :)

  16. I thought that you learn about your body or you ask about your body.

    My prediction is you learn about a lot of people’s bodies.

    My connection is that when you what to learn about people’s bodies or NOW!

    • Hi Damyin! We hope you’re doing your best to keep your body healthy and happy. We learned that taking good care of ourselves is important, and it’s important to treat others with kindness and respect! Thanks for sharing your comment and making us smile! :)

  17. I wonder what the next wonder what the next wonder will be? The talking animals were ridiculous.

  18. Why is it a conversation about being fat and skinny from a giraffe and baboon………?????????????

    • Hey there, Aniziah! Today’s Wonder compared a giraffe and a baboon at the beginning- great observation! The shapes of baboons and giraffes are very different, which is also true for people! Some of us are tall, some are thin, some are short, some are bigger. We come in all shapes and sizes but that doesn’t matter. We’re all people! :)

  19. The video was really inspiring to some people because she talked about how to stop bullying and not to listen to other peoples mean words

    • Thanks for sharing your kind comment today, Jessica! We sure are glad you were inspired by our Wonder today! We think it’s great that you ignore the negative things that are said – we think you’re making a difference in this WONDERful world! :)

  20. You should always feel good about yourself no matter what your weight is or how tall you are or even your looks.

    If you want to change your body YOU can but only YOU.

    Everyone has things they wish to change about there bodies but don’t let anyone make you feel sad don’t let any one make you lose your self confidence.

  21. I thought wow, that person said that. He should be ashamed.

    connection: I felt like that when I moved into the third grade I felt too big.

    prediction: I think it’s going to be Chinese.

    • Thanks for WONDERing with us today, Haley! We are so proud of you for sharing your thoughts about this Wonder and video. We think you’re WONDERful and we hope you keep smiling! :)

    • We’re sorry to hear that you’re sad, Wonder Friend Devon. Sometimes people use words that are hurtful, but you can make the world a better place. You know how? You can be kind to others. We believe in you, Wonder Friend! :)

  22. I Liked The Video Today!!! :D

    It’s True That You Should Not Bully People About That Stuff! :/

    The Next Wonder Must Be About Fortune Tellers!!!

    • Hey there, Max! Thanks for WONDERing with us today – we are glad that you’re doing everything you can to be nice to others! Keep up the great work! We think we see a very cool Wonder in your future… :)

    • We’re so sorry to hear that, Emma! We always like to talk about our feelings with a parent or an adult we trust, especially when we’re feeling sad. That makes us feel better! We hope you know how WONDERful you are! :)

  23. Hi I really enjoyed your story , it does not matter what you look on the outside, it matters what you look like on the inside.

    • You’re so right, Reese W! Thanks for sharing your comments and being a WONDERful friend! Keep up the great work! :)

  24. THOUGHT:why is the video the news?
    CONNECTION:it’s like a play.
    WWOTD:my opinion is that you should always do your personal best!

    • Hi there, Chett! This Wonder video features a newscaster who shares how her feelings were hurt. Someone wrote her a letter that hurt her feelings and she wanted to tell everyone how wrong bullying is. We love your comment about doing your personal best, Chett! Great work! :)

  25. I think the best thing about me is my hair. it’s long and thick and it hangs down to my waist and it’s strawberry- blonde.

    • WOW, we’re so proud of you, Berkleigh! Thanks for sharing your favorite feature – we know you’re very talented in lots of things and we’re glad to know what you like best about your body! :)

    • Hi Cambria, great question. Sometimes people can be unkind to one another. While no one is perfect, it’s important that we treat one another with respect and kindness. We hope you are doing your best to be nice to others and we’re so glad to know a Wonder Friend like you! :)

    • Thanks for sharing your comments, Caston and Ladarren! Bullying is not cool or WONDERful, and we’re glad you agree. Being kind and respectful of others is more important than anything. We all want to be treated with kindness, don’t we? If we were all the same, life would be pretty boring. Let’s embrace our differences! :)

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