Mmmm! You might recognize tapioca as those squishy “pearls” that give tapioca pudding and bubble tea their unique taste and texture. But what exactly is tapioca anyway?

Tapioca doesn’t grow on trees like fruit or in gardens like a vegetable. Instead, it’s a starch that’s made from the root of a plant whose scientific name is Manihot esculenta.

This plant is native to much of South America and the Caribbean, but it is grown worldwide today. The world’s main producers of the plant are Brazil, Nigeria and Thailand.

It goes by many different names around the world. In the United States, it’s commonly called cassava, yuca or simply the tapioca plant. The word tapioca comes from the South American Tupí word — tipi’óka — for the starch.

After cassava plants are harvested, their roots are treated to remove toxins found in the plant. The starch is then processed into one of several popular forms: powder, flakes, sticks or ball-shaped “pearls.” Tapioca pearls are the most popular form.

Tapioca is almost completely free of both protein and gluten. It’s mostly carbohydrate with low amounts of saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. It’s a staple food in some areas of the world. People on gluten-free diets often enjoy bread made with tapioca flour.

In addition to tapioca pudding and bubble tea, tapioca is often used as a thickening agent when cooking, especially in soups. Because tapioca does not have a strong taste of its own, it can be added to many dishes to thicken them without changing the taste too much.

The roots of the cassava plant have another interesting use. Besides making tapioca, the plant’s roots can be used to make a substitute for plastic bags that are biodegradable.


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  1. Dear Wonderopolis,
    Cool wonder! Tapioca is a kind of pudding that tastes creamy and delicious! I think tomorrow’s wonder is about bugs.
    Paige ;)

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    • Thanks for letting us know that Ruby doesn’t care for tapioca, Jassie! We learned something new from YOU today! Bubble tea is a kind of tea that has large tapioca pieces in the bottom that look like “bubbles.” It’s really fun to drink and super yummy! :-)

    • We’re so glad you think Wonderopolis is amazing, Suz! We think that ROCKS! Some people like bubble tea, and some people don’t. We like that it’s something fun and interesting to drink, so we really like it! It’s fun to WONDER about new things, isn’t it? :-)

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    • Wow, what great news for those with gluten allergies, Wonder Friend! Thank you for sharing this information– we think you’re WONDERful! :)

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