On June 1, 1996, the largest demonstration for children in U.S. history took place in Washington, D.C. More than 300,000 people gathered at the Lincoln Memorial for the first ever Stand for Children Day.

Since that time, many people around the United States recognize June 1 as Stand for Children Day and plan special events to promote children’s issues.

Those who attended the first Stand for Children Day sent a clear message about the importance of improving the lives of American children through better education. Civil rights icon Rosa Parks challenged citizens by saying, “If I can sit down for justice, you can stand up for children.”

Wonder what she meant? In 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a public bus. At that time, racial segregation laws required African-Americans to give up their seats for white passengers.

When she stayed sitting, Rosa actually took a stand against racial segregation. Her action sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott and became an important symbol of the civil rights movement.

But what exactly does it mean to stand for something? Rather than the opposite of sitting, it means to hold firmly to a particular opinion or belief. To stand for something means you give it your wholehearted support.

Certain words have feelings associated with them. Sitting is seen as a passive action. Some consider sitting the opposite of doing something.

Standing, on the other hand, is active. When you stand, you take action. That’s why standing is associated with believing in and supporting a cause.

For example, many fans at a baseball game will sit in their seats to enjoy the game. If someone hits a home run, though, you can be sure that most people will stand and cheer.

Likewise, when musicians give spectacular performances, they are often given a standing ovation. This means the audience stands up while applauding. Thus, rising to your feet symbolizes particular appreciation or support for something.

If you support better public education opportunities for children, then you can stand for children. But there are also thousands of other important causes around the world looking for supporters.

A cause is a charitable movement that seeks to encourage support for a particular issue. The various causes you will come across in your life reflect the many interests of people all over the world.

Support can take many forms. Some people donate their money. Other people volunteer their time and talents to projects to raise awareness of issues that are important to them.

Of course, you can also support a cause with your actions. As the world learned from Rosa Parks, sometimes actions speak louder than words!

Many causes relate to health problems that need cures or additional research. Other causes may be social, such as equal justice for a particular group of people, or environmental, such as recycling to conserve precious natural resources.

Whatever you are passionate about, there’s sure to be a cause that you can support. You never know when your actions to stand for something that’s important to you will make the world a better place!


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  1. That was the best video I have ever seen on wonderopolis. When I watched it I started to get goosebumps because of that little girl with cancer that started a lemonade stand. I never knew that today was Stand for Children Day. I seem to learn so many new dates from wonderopolis, which is very helpful.

    Tomorrow’s wonder has to be about 3D movies or anything else 3D. I think that it will be about 3D because you usually need special glasses, and because it seems to be coming right at you! I don’t know that much about how you get objects to look 3D, so I might learn a thing or two in tomorrow’s wonder. 😀

    • Happy Stand for Children Day, Meredith! Thank you so much for your super nice comment. Alex was really brave and she inspired so many people with her simple idea to raise awareness and funds for cancer research! :-)

  2. Just think about all the lemonade stands that could benefit one of the causes on this WONDER.
    What a WONDERful opportunity for families to come together and give back! I will be interested to see if any BES students might consider this as an opportunity.

  3. We absolutely loved the inspirational video about Alex! Although it was a sad story, her legacy is empowering. We wish we could have seen the video sooner, we would have made our own Lemonade stand and raised money to help also. Thanks for another great video and information! Tomorrow is our last day of school, so we will defiantely miss our daily wonders. Hopefully some of us will still log on from home this summer. :)

    • Good morning, Kerrick Elementary 2nd/EBD classroom! The legacy of giving and caring that Alex left is truly empowering, we agree! She helped so many people with her simple idea of how to doing something for others. What an awesome little girl! :-)

      We hope we hear from lots of Kerrick Elementary students this summer! Please visit Wonderopolis as much as you can and let us know what fun, WONDEROUS things you’re up to! :-)

    • You’ve got that right, Jusin! Thanks for sharing your comment with everyone today! We hope you’ll be visiting Wonderopolis a lot over the summer! :-)

  4. That was a inspiring video we can’t believe that spread around the nation. And we can’t believe they raised 500 dollars at one lemonade stand.

    • We’re so glad you both were inspired by today’s Wonder, Erica and Lily! Sometimes it just takes an idea, passion for a cause, and a great big heart to change the world! Thank you so much for being Wonder Friends! :-)

    • You just made our hearts smile, Skylar! You are so awesome to give of your time and energy to help a worthy cause. We are proud of you! :-)

  5. I can’t believe how brave you are and how courageous you were to help all those kids that had cancer just like you. You are a national hero everywhere.

    • We think Alex was VERY brave and courageous, too, Brooks! She was also VERY inspirational…she inspired other kids to take a stand and help in whatever ways they could! She is most definitely a HERO. Thank you for sharing your feelings about this Wonder of the Day®! :-)

  6. I did the same thing with lemonade for 50 cents. It was helping to save people with cancer. It was called RELAY FOR LIFE.

    • Relay for Life is an AWESOME thing to stand for, Tiana! We are proud of you for helping others! For our Wonder Friends who might not know about Relay for Life, here is a link to their website where you can find out all about this great cause (and maybe even get involved like our Wonder Friend, Tiana!): http://www.relayforlife.org/. :-)

    • We can tell that you have a caring spirit and the determination to make a difference, Terrah! We believe in you! :-)

    • You are SO right, Lauren! We can ALL help others in our own way! Thank you for visiting this Wonder of the Day® and for sharing your comment with everyone! :-)

  7. It is funny how once you are exposed to something, how other things that you encounter in life start to make sense. At a local frozen Italian ice and custard establishment, there is a flavor called Alex’s Lemonade. Until they saw the video and read the article they did not really draw the connection. We think that this article might be the starting point for the students to starting thinking deeply about what they believe in, who they really are, and what they really want to become as people. Do you know how much Alex’s Lemonade has raised to date for cancer research? Thank you!

    • Your comment really made us smile today, The Class from Room 234! We are so happy to hear that the students in your class are beginning to form deeper connections to things they learn about and also that they are utilizing that new information to help mold them into the individual, awesome, WONDERful people they will become in the world!

      Here is a link to the page on the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation website that tells just how much money has been raised for cancer research and some of the amazing things that have been accomplished with those funds: http://www.alexslemonade.org/faq/how-much-money-has-alex%E2%80%99s-lemonade-stand-foundation-raised. :-)

  8. Hi, my name is Jack from Mrs. Caplin’s class. The video has made me think of how lucky I am and that there are kids around the world suffering of life changing sicknesses just like what Alex had which was the symbol of cancer. The video convinced me to start a lemonade stand and give the money to the people who prevent the cause of cancer because that is what Alex did and it made a lot of people happy and inspired and a lot of people applauded her and inspired them to do the same thing as well.

    • We are super proud of you for thinking about this Wonder this way, Jack! We can’t wait to hear about your lemonade stand, so please keep us updated, OK? :-)

  9. This was a great wonder. Before reading this wonder I thought a standing ovation was some kind of award. I think that the civil rights movement link was interesting. One day at school, we read a book about Rosa Parks and for homework we collected facts about her. I could connect with the video because last summer my family and I made a lemonade and cookie stand and gave our profits to Alex’s Lemonade Stand cause. The author of this wonder grabbed my attention because when I read the first four paragraphs about promoting children’s issues, I thought about the letter to the editor we wrote in school. I really enjoyed writing it, so this wonder sounded interesting to me. I think the author of this wonder tried to convince me to stand up for something in paragraph 16,18,19,20,and 22 because the author encouraged me to make a lemonade stand for a cause and also to support something that you are passionate about. I think that endangered animals is a hot issue, because I watched the video for the endangered animals and a while ago in school, we read a Scholastic News about the polar bears and the melting ice cap and it was so devastating to know that if something didn’t happen fast those animals, they will become extinct.

    • WOW, Olivia! What a great comment! We think it’s really awesome that you and your family made a lemonade and cookie stand and donated your profits to the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation! Maybe you can help your classmate, Jack, by sharing what you learned about your experience. He is inspired to start his own lemonade stand, too! :-)

  10. Dear Wonderopolis,
    I was intrigued by this wonder when the wonder grabbed my attention about Alex’s lemonade stand. I have always believed that helping others is very important and that is exactly what Alex did. Instead of helping herself, she helped others (but making good in your own life is also good). It was new information for me. I have heard about the boycott that Rosa Parks helped start, and I agree with her that actions speak louder then words because you always know the action is true, but words aren’t always. It is very brave for people to stand up to things as big as segregation, which is what Rosa Parks stood up for. This wonder has made me think more about what I could do for others. Like making a lemonade stand. My parents are always saying that it is good to be charitable. I think that the causes I would support would be: Cancer research, polar bears, the melting artic, and zoo foundations.
    Thanks for the WONDERful WONDER,

    • We agree that helping others, being charitable and standing up for what’s right are all very important traits to have in life, Sara! We’re proud of you for thinking of ways you can help others! :-)

  11. Dear Wonderopolis,
    I thought that when the writer wrote actions sometimes speak louder than words that really made me interested. The writer convinced me into standing up for something when he wrote that whatever you’re passionate about,there’s sure be a cause you can support. There’s also you never will know when your actions to stand for something important to you will make the world a better place. I will use my movement of whole hearted support to the homeless pets by trying to make a stand of my own this summer!
    By the way, my class read the book Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Alex is one brave and kind hearted girl!

    • Alex was an incredible person, Sarah! She has inspired so many people to look beyond themselves and see what they can do to help other people and, in turn, make the world a better place. We are proud of you for wanting to help homeless animals! You and your “MC” classmates are inspiring US with your caring, thoughtful comments tonight! :-)

  12. Hi this is Mukund from Mrs. Caplin’s class. I learned that when you stand you take action and that’s why standing is associated with believing in and supporting a cause. I think the author of this wonder grabbed our attention because they gave examples of when someone stood up like when Rosa Parks didn’t give up here seat on the bus and when someone hits a home run in baseball people start standing up. The author also gave us numbers or data to give us exact information. The author started the wonder with facts that had numbers or data in them and it probably took a lot of research to get these facts. I also learned that Rosa Parks took a stand against racial segregation. I think the author of the wonder tried to convince us to stand up for something because it told us some people make donations, some people volunteer their time and talents to projects to raise awareness of issues that are important to them. The author also tried to convince me to stand up for something because in the wonder it says that you can also support a cause with your actions. Just like Rosa Parks used to say “Actions speak louder than words.” I learned that on June 1, 1996 the largest demonstration for children in U.S. history took place in the capital of the United States of America, Washington D.C. I also learned that to stand for something means you give your wholehearted support. I think a very hot issue is that Jaguars are endangered. Jaguars are getting endangered these days because humans are hunting the jaguars for their fur and farmers kill the jaguar because it kills the farmers’ cattle. Jaguars are also getting killed because humans are destroying their habitat. More jaguars are getting killed as their demand increases. Together we can stop the jaguar problem. How many other animals are endangered? This was a great wonder and I really liked it.

    • We can certainly tell you are passionate about saving the jaguars, Mukund! Way to go! Thank you for letting us know all the awesome things you learned about taking a stand by visiting this Wonder of the Day®. We think Rosa Parks was super brave by letting her actions speak louder than her words. She was, and continues to be, a great inspiration to others! :-)

  13. Hi this is Eric from Mrs. Caplin’s class. The creator of this wonder grabbed my attention by the video because of how a little girl with cancer can raise so much money. The creator of this wonder convinced me to stand up for something I believed in by making me think that if I wanted something to happen, I would have to stand up like the symbol of the civil rights movement. A hot issue right now I think I can stand up for is endangered pandas because we don’t want pandas to die out because humans are causing their habitats to go down. An extinct species would mean we could never see them again. I also learned that June 1st is recognized as children day. This wonder was phenomenal.

    • Thanks for this amazing comment, Eric! We like how you and your “MC” classmates are letting us know what about this Wonder grabbed your attention, and also what things you are all passionate about and want to stand up for. We think you can learn a lot about persuasive writing by visiting Wonderopolis, don’t you? :-)

  14. Great Wonder! The Article really grabbed my attention on the first sentence when it talked about the largest demonstration that had 3,000 people at the Lincoln memorial. The article really tried to convince me to stand up for something because it was talking about how other people were standing up for things, too. A hot issue that I could probably stand up for is when the city cut down the trees that were part of the path that we use to get to the park. It’s a pretty big issue because we used to have all this privacy and we knew about this shortcut that we always used to go to the park (that no one knew about) taken down. It caused a lot of problems. Another thing I liked about this wonder was the video. It was really exciting that the people applauded for her and gave her a big ovation. Great Wonder!

    • Thank you for sharing your personal connection to this Wonder of the Day®, Colin! We appreciate you letting us know what issue you would stand up for. We’re glad you liked the video, too! :-)

  15. Wow! This wonder is really great. This wonder grabbed my attention right in the beginning during the video. Our class read the book early on, and I think it is incredible how one girl makes a big difference for all the others in the world! This wonder is so convincing because Alex’s lemonade stand is saving lots of children’s lives. I feel like I should do the same to help other kids in need, too. This wonder about standing up for something made me think that a hot issue for me would be the polar ice cap melting and animals losing their habitat. I learned two new words and the meaning. I learned the words racial and ovation. I also didn’t know that the boycotting during segregation was considered as standing up for something. I am now wondering how many people today create lemonade stands for money to help for cancer research instead of for everyday enjoyment?

    • That’s a GREAT question about the lemonade stands, Lynn! We bet if more people knew about Alex and her bravery and kind heart, they would choose the “helping others” kind of lemonade stand instead of the “everyday enjoyment” kind, don’t you? We’re proud of you for wanting to help other children, and for being concerned about the polar ice caps and animals losing their habitats! :-)

  16. Hi this is Alex from Mrs. Caplin’s class. This wonder let me realize how lucky I really am. I liked the video a lot. Mrs. Caplin read my class that book a while ago. I knew I was hooked when you asked “But what exactly does it mean to stand for something?” Just think. If we could have every person in the U.S. to make a donation to cancer research of 1 dollar, cancer research would have more than 300,000,000 dollars right off the bat. Think if everybody donated 2 dollars then we would have 600,000,000 dollars!!!! I think it’s good that we make time to appreciate people who are diagnosed with cancer. I also feel bad for those people’s families. They probably have the worst thoughts in their head, and just can’t stop thinking about it. But the people we should give the most credit to is the brave people like Alex. I REALLY liked this wonder and it makes ME want to make a lemonade stand or something to help cancer. I hope this struck others like it struck me. This wonder also shows to be brave and if you have a goal or dream, stick to it and never give up. Alex didn’t.

    • You’re right, Alex! Alex never gave up, and look at what her dream became! We really enjoyed your comment today and can tell by reading it that you have a super kind heart! That’s an AWESOME idea about asking everyone in the U.S. to give just one dollar or two! That much money could go a LONG way to help a LOT of people! :-)

  17. This was a phenomenal wonder! I thought that the video was very cool that a little girl can help raise money for a very charitable cause. I can’t believe that a lemonade stand can make $500! This wonder really grabbed my attention because it told me that trying to do something to help the world can really make a huge difference. Also, Rosa Parks is a very brave and confident person who we all look up to, and this wonder showed how caring she was about segregation and how she stood up to prevent it. This wonder is really inspiring to many people because by reading this, we learned that you can make a difference by standing up and putting your wholehearted support into a cause. By doing this, you help out the world by trying to stop a big problem. I think that I could stand up for trying to help communities recycle more to help the earth. This would make the environment safer, which could help the earth. This was a fantastic wonder!!

    • By standing up for something you really believe in, you CAN make a difference, Jack! We’re glad you were inspired by learning about Alex and Rosa Parks. They were both super courageous and we’re glad they decided they would each be that “one person” who could be the catalyst for a WHOLE LOT OF CHANGE in the world! :-)

  18. That video I think is definitely one of your best videos that you’ve ever posted. You caught my attention when I saw someone younger than me did something that amazing and incredible. You kept me watching till the very end to see how her future ended up.(Even though I’ve read the book before.)That was just one simple movement that changed a lot of kids’ lives forever~ that a four year old did! When I watched your video and read your wonder, you got me thinking that if a girl who was four could change not just her life but others too, then I wonder what an eleven year old girl could change or help. I don’t believe I could have a lemonade stand and fix such a big cause as Alex’s because the last time I had a lemonade stand I didn’t exactly bring in a crowd, so in the end I ended up drinking all the lemonade and making a profit of $3.64- but hey it’s better than nothing. But I think I could help our enviornment by making it cleaner with simple acts like picking up trash or recycling. I think I could do that because it’s something very simple and easy that anyone, anywhere could help with or do. By the way, when I was reading your wonderful article I figured out that certain words have feelings associated with them. Like sitting is seen as a passive action. I think that’s super neat! I also figured out that there’s a Children’s Day that more than 300,000 people attended. That’s A LOT of people! All standing up for the children. I think it’s important to try to make the world a better place by standing up and doing something about it, like Alex. By the way, do you know when Alex had her first lemonade stand? Just wondering.
    Well anyway thank you for this WONDERFUL WONDER!!!

    • We’re glad you think this Wonder was WONDERful, Leah! We think your comment was, too! Thank you for sharing your personal connection by telling us the story of your lemonade stand. You’re right, a profit of $3.64 IS better than nothing! We’re super proud of you for being inspired to make a difference in the world by picking up trash and recycling. That is AWESOME! :-)

  19. Wow! Great wonder! The author really grabbed my attention with Alex’s lemonade stand! I can’t believe a lemonade stand could cause so much! My teacher read the book to my class! The author did a good job trying to convince me to stand up to something by telling me about two people who stood up to something very wholeheartedly! I want to stand up to stopping government overspending. If that stopped there would be great ovation! Go, Wonderopolis!

    • We’re sure there are a lot of other Wonder Friends out there who believe the same as you do about overspending, Ryan! Politics are something people get very passionate about with regard to their views. Thank you for sharing your comment with us today! :-)

  20. Hi this is Samia from Mrs. Caplin’s class. In this wonder I thought the author did a very good job trying to persuade people to stand up for what they believe in.
    The author really grabbed my attention with the video. They also got my attention just by explaining the boycott Rosa Parks set up because of racial segregation.
    The author did a good job of trying to convince people to stand up for what they believe in by saying in the try it out section If you think there’s not much you can do, you’re wrong. If you feel passionate about a cause, you might be surprised at what you can accomplish.
    A hot issue for me that I would like to change is that men still get payed more then women at work. That’s not fair because women work just as hard as men. That really bothers me because I’m a girl and when I grow up and get a job, I don’t want to be payed less then a man with the same job as me. The video was cool because one day my class read the picture book about Alex’s lemonade story. I was in enrichment when we read the book, but I’m going to read it when I get the chance. I think that is it is so amazing that 1 lemonade stand could lead up to hundreds of people trying to make a difference.

    Anyways thanks for the really good wonder.

    • Thanks for visiting this Wonder, Samia! We really appreciate all the AWESOME, thoughtful comments you and your “MC” classmates have been sending us today! We’re proud of you for wanting to stand up for equal pay for men and women. We like that you are thinking ahead about what the world might be like when you get old enough to find a job, and that you are passionate about doing something now so that men and women will be paid equally for the same work in the present and in the future. :-)

  21. The creator of the Wonder grabbed my attention with the video. It was very moving and amazing how one little girl made such a big difference with only 4 years of life. The creator convinced me to stand up for things I believe in because if a little girl who is sick and try so hard then so can I. I love chinchillas and they are endangered and close to extinction. I am going to think of ways that I may be able to help. Monday is Martin Luther King day. He stood for racial equality. It was a worthy cause and he fought against segregation. I will try my best to help the chinchillas.

    • Hello, Wyatt! We knew that you were passionate about chinchillas because we remembered your comment on the Wonder of the Day® about them back in October of 2011! We think trying to help keep chinchillas from becoming extinct is a great thing to stand up for…we’re proud of you! :-)

  22. WOW! That was a very inspirational wonder! The video was phenomenal and Alex’s cause was very emotional to me. As soon as I started reading your wonder, it hooked me to read on and I knew it was going to be a good one. I really liked how you used segregation as one example of standing up for a cause. This wonder gave me the idea to stand up in my community because if Alex can than I can too. I’ve learned that there are many charitible causes that are able to build into something great and it is not too hard. Alex is one demonstration. One idea I have for my community is more recycling bins. It’s a good idea because it would help reduce litter. Thanks again for this wonderful wonder!

    • Placing more recycling bins in your community is a GREAT idea, Jillian! We can tell from your comment that you were inspired by brave people, like Alex, who have taken a stand for something they believe in. Thanks for letting us know all the super things you learned by exploring this Wonder of the Day®! :-)

  23. Hello, this is McKenna from Mrs. Caplin’s class. This was a very intriguing WONDER because in the video about Alex’s lemonade stand, it showed how even a cancer patient can demonstrate how important it is to be charitable and to always be thinking of others in need even in your own rough situations. Also when I saw the cancer patients faces light up with happiness, made me feel that donating your time and money is not just about what you donated but what those donations did to help someone in need. This WONDER really made me want to take a stand on something I believe in because even if you demonstrate the smallest deed, the time and money you spent on it will make the biggest difference of all and show the kind of wholehearted person you are. Now I think I would like to support cancer research because I know that out there, there are kids my age longing for a cure for their medical disease. Actually, one of my dad’s friends has a daughter who is suffering with a very rare disease without a cure. Now I feel that if I was in her situation I would not be able to live my life out of a wheelchair. I would be missing so many experiences and memories with my friends and family. Anyway, I have learned so many new facts. For example, Alex’s fundraiser spread throughout many states, many causes relate to health issues, and making a stand does not have to be a giant deed. Lastly I have just a few questions. How old is Alex now? What charitable acts has Wonderopolis done? What states took a stand with Alex and her lemonade stand? Thanks for the phenomenal WONDER! I learned a ton!

  24. Hi this is Haley from Mrs. Caplin’s class. This was a phenomenal wonder! I learned that on June 1,1996 the largest demonstration for children in U.S. history took place in Washington, D.C. with more than 300,000 people attending. This wonder really grabbed my attention with the touching video about Alex. The wonder convinced me to stand up for a cause when it said in the text that your actions can make the world a better place. That makes me feel that I can make a difference no matter how young I am. I personally would like to stand up against exotic animals being kept in cages. I believe wholeheartedly that they should be free to live and roam in their natural environment. Taking a stand would be a GREAT demonstration to the younger generation of kids. Thanks for the marvelous wonder!

    • You really CAN make a difference in the world no matter how young you are, Haley! We believe in you and your abilities! Thanks for leaving us this comment and for letting us know how much you liked this Wonder by using words like “phenomenal” and “marvelous” to describe it! :-)

  25. The author got my attention with the video of Alex. My family has stood up for a cause like this for my cousin. He was 10 when he was diagnosed with cancer. He’s now 18 and healthy. Our family believes in many charities because of this. We do the Walk For Wishes and the LLS walk (Leukemia and Lymphoma society) through my dad’s work. I wholeheartedly believe that if someone stands for something they can make a difference.

    • What a GREAT personal connection you shared with us to accompany this Wonder, Matthew! We think it’s AWESOME that your cousin is a healthy, happy 18-year-old now, and that the experience your family faced during his illness has inspired you all to try and make the world a better place for everyone! We applaud you guys for that! :-)

  26. Hi this is Srikar from Mrs. Caplins class. The author really grabbed my attention by explaining the boycott Rosa Parks set up because of racial segregation.The author did a good job of trying to convince people to stand up for what they believe in by saying If you think there’s not much you can do, you’re wrong. If you feel passionate about a cause, you might be surprised at what you can accomplish. I think a hot topic is recycling and that more people should recycle to make this world a better place.

    • Hello, Srikar! We’re super proud of you for wanting to take a stand for recycling. There are a few other “MC” students who feel passionately about recycling, too! Maybe you guys could start a recycling club at school, or get together to find ways to help out in your community! We think you can do anything you put your mind to! :-)

  27. Hi this is Harshitha from Mrs.Caplin’s class. I learned the new vocabulary words boycott, wholehearted, segregation,racial and applauding. I learned many new facts like on June 1, 1996, the largest demonstration for children in U.S. history took place in Washington, D.C. More than 300,000 people gathered at the Lincoln Memorial for the first ever Stand for Children Day, since that time, many people around the United States recognize June 1 as Stand for Children Day and plan special events to promote children’s issues.

    The writer hooked my attention by joining the details about Rosa Parks. It also hooked my attention when she did not give up her seat and was determined too, because she knew that she would go to jail if she did not obey the racial segregation laws for African Americans. I think when she said that she will not give up seat for a white person I thought of Mahathma Gandhi. ( soul of India ). One day I read a book about Rosa Parks and I was impressed with her and because of her there is no worries about bus for African Americans. I also think that Rosa Parks is right because everybody should have freedom. This wonder convinced me because when I hear someone say that “I will not do that” they have a power and determination in their voice and they are bold enough to fight. If I want to choose a topic that will hook the reader, I will choose about polar bears and how much danger they are in and how affected they are by the humans and the global warming. And also I will choose to write a letter to the Prime Minister of India that some parents are sending their children to work in shop instead of school because they do not have enough. The Prime Minister should make a rule that every kid should go to school. At least they should send them to Government school because they will give the kids some food for lunch, and I even know some kids who will not eat their breakfast because they do not have money and they will fall on the ground because of the sun’s heat. Thanks for this great information.

    • This comment was incredible, Harshitha! We really appreciate you sharing your personal connections and hope you will continue to do so as you explore other Wonders this year! We think it’s great for your “MC” classmates and all your other Wonder Friends here in Wonderopolis to hear about what life was like for you in India, and also to hear your views of life in America based on your experiences.

      We also LOVE how you share the new vocabulary words you learn with each new Wonder. We are proud of you for all you are learning and sharing! :-)

  28. It was astonishing to see Alex, a little 4 year old make such a charitable lemonade stand when she was going through cancer herself. That video really got my attention and I was glad you put it in the wonder. Now I want to do something amazing and stand up for a cause. I have always thought that starvation was a problem so I’ll probably start a movement for that. What I think is that everyone, even kids should donate some of their money and time to a cause that they believe in or a charity they like. In school we are learning how to persuade someone or get someone to agree with you and Alex persuaded a lot of people to run an Alex’s lemonade stand in their state. I think that it is so cool how she didn’t have to speak to them but she just had to make an idea and get it going. I was wondering if you knew what is the biggest group of people to stand for something and how many people were in the group. As always, thanks for this influential and fabulous wonder.

  29. Hi, this is Betty from Mrs. Caplin’s Class. From this wonder it made me feel pessimistic because I thought about all those grown-ups and all those kids with the diseases who are dying. That’s when I thought I should make a lemonade stand when it is warmer and give all the money I saved up to the people who are dying. But I wonder where do I put the money I saved because I don’t know any place. The demonstration that was in the wonder about Rosa Parks helped me understand more about standing up. When I was looking through the vocabulary words, I found a word called segregation. I have heard of that word but never knew what it meant. So I looked it up and found out that it meant separation of different kinds of people based on ethnicity or other factors. Thanks to you, I have a new word that I might put in my word study spiral. The creator of the wonder grabbed my attention by the video because I can’t believe a four year old girl with cancer set up a lemonade stand and gave it to people who are dying like her. One hot issue I think is that people should not be texting while driving because lots of car accidents happen because of that. I had fun reading this wonder of the day. I love the word wholehearted it makes me feel good.

    Thanks for the sensational wonder of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • This is a WONDERful comment, Betty! We know LOTS of other Wonder Friends who agree with you that people should not text and drive. Many of them are so passionate about the issue, that they are trying to get laws passed to keep people from doing it!

      We think it’s so super that you want to help others by setting up a lemonade stand once the weather gets warmer. Your parents can help you find a local charity to donate your money to, or you can visit the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation website to learn how to donate to them. Here is a page on their website that tells you how: http://www.alexslemonade.org/contribute. :-)

  30. As we begin our persuasive writing hot topics this week in school, I am so excited that my students have learned about how important it is to “stand up for what you believe in.” Wonderopolis is an amazing site that allows students of all ages to look at mentor text that can truly benefit their own writing in the classroom-THANKS!!

    • We want to THANK YOU, too, Mrs. Caplin! Your “MC” students craft AMAZING comments, and we know they are inspired to do so by having YOU as their teacher! We have enjoyed reading every one of those amazing comments this year! :-)

  31. Hi! My name is People in Mrs. Caplin’s class! I wholeheartedly believe that cell phones should be allowed in schools. Kids can call their parents if there is an emergency. This cause is something I fell strongly about. If the schools say no cell phone, then I will boycott school! The teachers will like this movement if there is ever an emergency at school. If nobody has cell phone, then the teacher has to call every student’s parents. This would take a long time. If cell phones are allowed in school, then emergencies would be handled quickly. Please support me in this cause.

    • Happy Friday, People! We are proud of you for taking a stand for something you believe in so wholeheartedly! We know Mrs. Caplin is SUPER proud of you, too! Thank you for visiting this past Wonder and also for sharing your well-thought-out comment with us. We are glad you are a friend of Wonderopolis! :-)

  32. Hi, this is Maddy from Mrs. Caplin’s class. Whoever created this Wonder grabbed my attention by using a quote from Rosa Parks because it made me stop and reflect about what this quote means. The creator also made me want to stand up for for things I believe in by saying to make the world a better place and I think that would be a great opportunity. I think we should stand for is childhood cancer because many kids like Alex have died from this disease and everyone should be able to live a long happy life. I like this Wonder.

    • Hey there, Maddy, thanks for making a connection to what you learned today! We think it’s awesome that you’ve been inspired by Rosa Parks’ quote, and what you can do to make a difference in the world. We are really proud of you, Maddy! Thanks for being an awesome Wonder Friend! :)

  33. What really grabbed my attention was the video about Alex. It made me think that anyone can change the world. This convinced me because she was only about 6 years old when she passed away and before that happend she made HUGE difference. I think that another thing that kids should try to do to is adopt an animal online like a panda.

    Thanks for the inspiring wonder! :)

    • We’re so proud of you for making these awesome connections to our Wonder, John! We are glad you’ve been thinking about how you can contribute and make a difference in our world. We think your idea about adopting a pet is really cool, too! Thanks for inspiring us! :)

  34. Hello Wonderopolis, I am from Mrs. Caplin’s class. Your wonder caught my attention because of your video. The reason why it caught my attention was because we read a book about Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Wonderopolis tried to convnce me to stand up for something I believe in by using Rosa Parks as an example. Rosa Parks was an important symbol of the Civil Rights Movement. Rosa Parks is now famous. Something that I think I could stand up for is different rules for sports. I think I should stand up for this because before some rules get created it could cause someone to get hurt. Also, to my own opinion, I think that soccer leagues can get rid of a few not important rules.

    • Hey Simba! It’s great to Wonder with you today! It’s so cool that you have been thinking about what you can do to stand up for what you believe in, just like Rosa Parks did. We think it’s great that you’re thinking of safety, too, like the rules included in different sports. Nice work, Simba! You’ve done a super job of WONDERing today! :)

  35. I thought today’s wonder deserves a standing ovation because one of my favorite people in the civil rights moment was Rosa Parks. She stood up to ignorant people when other people would not. She is a true symbol of determination. This wonder really snagged my attention from the video because in class we read a book about Alex and her lemonade stand in the summer. I hope to get the chance to make a lemonade stand representing Alex. In class we have to choose a hot topic for persuasive writing I chose something focused on our school. My topic is having lunch after recess instead of before, because people are always skipping eating to go out to play.

    • What an amazing comment, Colin! We’re really proud of you for sharing your thoughts about Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement. It is also WONDERful that you connected Rosa Parks to Alex, since they are both inspiring people! You have inspired us to think about standing up for what we believe in– thanks for being awesome. We bet your persuasive essay is going to be out-of-this-world SUPER! :)

  36. This wonder grabbed my attention because it used Rosa Parks as an example for standing up for what you believe in. This inspired me to think about standing up for lung cancer research. I think about lung cancer because my uncle died of lung cancer before I was born. I learned that standing up symbolizes appreciation for something. That is why if somebody does a good performance, they get a standing ovation. This is when you stand up as you are applauding for them.

    • Nice work, Christine, we think you did a great job of sharing your thoughts about standing up for what you believe in. It’s cool that you and your classmates are WONDERing about Rosa Parks and the impact she has had on many, many people over the years! We are also very proud of you for honoring your uncle as you learn about lung cancer research. We are giving you a standing ovation! That reminds us of the book, Wonder, which mentions standing ovations! Have you read it? :)

  37. That was sad at first but then it was really happy when all those people wanted to help Alex. People should always help other people.

    • Hey Joaquin, we think you did a SUPER job of WONDERing about making someone’s day! We love your comment, especially when you mention “People should always help other people”. What a great point, Wonder Friend! :)

  38. There were more than 300,000 people gathered around the Lincoln Memorial, because they were celebrating Children’s Day.

  39. I learned that 300,000 people attended Abraham Lincoln’s memorial. Who would throw away unbroken phones, computers, laptops, and game system?

  40. 300,000 people were at the Lincoln memorial celebrating Children’s Day. Rosa made a good choice, but she went to jail. That part made me sad.

    • You certainly learned a lot from this Wonder, Jake! Yes, the fact that she went to jail also made us sad. Keep WONDERing with us, Jake!

    • Hello, Jacob! We are so glad that you learned something new today! We found the article to be very interesting! 😉

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