Does your stomach rumble the second you get home? What do you hunger for? A piece of pizza left over from last night’s dinner? A cookie? Maybe a healthy after-school snack?

Even after a good school lunch, many children get the urge to snack when they arrive home and get started on homework. For many of us, satisfying after-school hunger pains is as simple as opening the refrigerator.

For millions of people around the world, though, things aren’t that easy. Hunger continues to be a problem faced by people everywhere, including people in your own community. What would you do if your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets were empty?

Experts believe that there is enough food in the world today to feed everyone. Yet millions of people go to bed hungry every night because they don’t have the food their bodies need. Not getting enough food to meet your body’s minimum requirements for good health results in undernourishment.

Some people estimate there are as many as 925 million undernourished people around the world. Chronic (ongoing) undernourishment leads to malnutrition. This takes the form of extreme weight loss, stunted growth and frequent infections and diseases.

Hunger has many causes. Natural disasters and other major emergencies can often cause widespread hunger. However, these types of events usually trigger aid from around the world that can make hunger just a short-term problem.

Long-term hunger usually has deeper roots. Poverty, poor farming methods, economic crises, corrupt food distribution networks and even governmental interference are some of the major causes of long-term, ongoing problems with hunger. There may be as many as 1 billion hungry people in the world suffering as a result of these types of issues.

People who live in developing countries, particularly in Asia and Africa, tend to struggle with hunger the most. Children, women and people in rural communities are usually hit the hardest.

Although progress has been made in fighting hunger from time to time, the global economic downturn that began in 2008 has led to a marked increase in hunger worldwide. Today, one out of every seven people in the world does not have enough food to live a healthy life. This makes hunger and malnutrition the greatest risk to health in the world.


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  1. I was very close to guess today’s wonder. :) I loved today’s wonder! :D I think tomorrow’s wonder of the day is about trees.

    Guess what? Me and Aleyah are leaving from Fort Myers, Florida to Dublin, Ohio today at 6:30 PM.

    And 1 question: What is hunger? Please reply.


    • Great job, TJ! We’re so glad you enjoyed today’s Wonder of the Day®. It sounds like YOU have a HUNGER for Wonder!

      As you probably guessed after reading today’s Wonder, hunger is a desire or craving for something. You can have a physical hunger for food (like when your tummy grumbles), or you can have a mental hunger for other things…like WONDER!

      We hope you and Aleyah have a great trip. We’re sure you’ll discover lots of things to Wonder about during your travels! :)

    • That DOES seem like a simple solution, doesn’t it, Popcorn? But, it isn’t always that easy. Lots of places around the world don’t have fresh water or the climate may be too dry to grow food properly. Sometimes it is difficult to actually get the food and water to those who need it because of weather, wars or other issues. Relief organizations work really hard to get food and water to those who need it, but we can always do more to help! :-)

  2. Happy Fantastic Friday!

    We think tomorrow’s Wonder is going to be about the Red Wood Forest in California because there are big trees there. We looked it up and you can drive through the forest. We are singing about the Red Wood Forest in music too.

    Thank you for helping us think more about hunger today!

    • Happy Fantastic Friday, Mrs. Phillips Fantastic Wondering Friends! :)

      You’ll have to wait to find out what tomorrow’s Wonder of the Day® is all about, but we agree, redwoods are WONDERFUL! Did you know that the typical lifespan of a redwood is between 500 and 700 years? Some have even lived to be 2,000 years old!

      Here’s a picture that will give you an idea of just how big these HUGE trees really are!

    • Stefani and KD,

      Great guess! We hope you’ll come back to Wonderopolis tomorrow to find out if you’re right! :)

  3. Hey Wonderopolis, I think that today’s wonder is quite intesting. Can you do a wonder on pandas, please? Me and my friends love them!

    I think tomorrow’s wonder will be about trees and that monkeys live in them! Please do a wonder on monkeys! :) :) And pandas! :)

    • Tessa,

      We’re so glad you’re enjoyed today’s Wonder of the Day®! We think pandas and monkeys are pretty great, too.

      Here is a link you can visit to suggest a future Wonder of the Day: Maybe you will see a Wonder on pandas soon! :)

      Thanks for being a great Wonder Friend, Tessa!

  4. Hi Wonderopolis! I’m not allowed to have after school snacks. :( My mom says I won’t eat my dinner. Anyway, I think tomorrow the Wonder will be about animals. I love animals! When I grow up I want to be a biologist. :)

    • Thanks for your comment, Caelah. It is sad how many people are hungry, but thankfully we can each help do something about it. Wonder #22 “HOW CAN SPARE CHANGE MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE?” might be a great Wonder for you if you want to help those in need.

      We’re glad you came by to read the Wonder of the Day® today and share your thoughts. We wish you a happy weekend! :)

  5. We were on the right track yesterday for today’s Wonder of the Day. We want to help people who are hungry. We can donate food to others who need it.

    We think tomorrow’s Wonder of the Day will be about Redwood Trees.

    • That is very generous of you Miss Kirsten’s Kindergaten GT Class! :) We will all have to check back in to Wonderopolis to see what we will WONDER about tomorrow! :)

  6. Hello!

    I was VERY close to today’s wonder. I loved it!! Thanks soooooo much for teaching me so many things today! Hey, I’ve been wondering… where does snot come from? My teacher is also curious about it.


  7. I never knew how many people went to bed hungry. I think there is ways to help stop hungry. We could donate food to people in need of foodI now at my school you can sign up to get a bag of food on friday so people that do not have a lot of money get have food for over the weekends so they do not starve. I know you said tomorrows about tall leafy giants but I think you should have a wonder about how snot comes from. It has been a question in our reading class.

  8. Dear Wonderopolis,
    I liked todays wonder. I think we should start giving food to the ones who need it. We should help them until they can start to get their own food. I think tomorrow’s wonder will be how snot forms. It is just a wild guess. Also my class wants to know.

  9. Awesome wonder. I love this wonder.
    I agree with Mattthew on this one.
    I think we should give the needy food.
    I’m doing a food drive in my class and I want to raise a lot of food!

    • That’s great, mrs.wilbanks! We are so excited that you are holding a food drive! :) What is your favorite food? :)

  10. Me and Aleyah just got back to Dublin, Ohio from Fort Myers, Florida. It was a bright, beautiful and sunny day in Fort Myers, Florida and a rainy day in Dublin, Ohio. :(

    Just wanted to say that we just got back to Dublin, Ohio from Fort Myers, Florida.


    • Hi, TJ! We’re super glad you had a safe trip! We’re sure the sun will start shining soon in Ohio! We bet the gardens, trees and flowers appreciate the rain, though! :-)

  11. Does this have anything to do with the Hunger Games movie that came out today…or, kind of yesterday…or maybe the day before that?

    • Hi, Kara! We know a lot of people WONDER about hunger and how it affects so many people around the world, so we thought a Wonder of the Day® about it would be interesting! We’re glad you stopped by Wonderopolis today! :-)

  12. my teacher thought the video is awesome. She encouraged us to watch the video because she wondered a lot. So, she told us to watch the video, so I listened and watched it and I had lots of wondering on Friday. I hope you have a wonder on vacation or do you already have one.

  13. Hello,

    I enjoyed today’s wonder. I think that it’s awesome that people help stop hunger. Hunger is a huge problem for people everywhere and I think that kids who have food should try to make a difference.

    Thanks for making me wonder,

    Team Clark 20

    • We’re so happy that you WONDERed about hunger and visited this Wonder of the Day® today, Team Clark 20! We appreciate your concern for others…we think you ROCK! :-)

  14. Our class and I are talking about the hunger games “not a real fan” our teacher said “we should go on to wonderopilis” I think it’s kind of sad that a lot of kids in Africa are poor and hungry. Are kids in Africa as thirsty as they are hungry?

  15. Hello Wonderopolis!
    I think I agree about the conundrum (problem) about hunger. Just feed the children of God! We should go places and do that! Have you ever seen the people in North Korea that are not friends of the king? They are so unhealthy that you can see their bones! We need to help them. We should treat everybody the same! If we think our tummies are rumbling, or our nation needs more help than help other people and they will help back! This is a worldwide crisis and we need to do something!
    What will you do people? Help or sit back as our nation falls apart?

    Here to keep you wondering,
    Team Wilch #4

  16. Hi Wonderopolis,

    I learned that hunger is when you have not eaten and it causes you a conundrum. I also learned that you can get a disease and even die if you have too much hunger, that is called starvation. I wonder how much people have already died from hunger in the world?

  17. Hi!

    I think world hunger is a disaster! I don’t like to see kids or adults that would do anything for food. It is just scary. Solving world hunger is a conundrum. A conundrum is a difficult problem. Help stop world hunger.

    Thanks for reading this.

    Team Wilch 2

  18. Hey wonderopolis

    I learned a lot about hunger today. I learned that a lot of people world wide have a big pandemonium for hunger. People can lose weight
    and get stumped growth. I think everybody shouldn’t be hungry and have all the food they want. How many people daily die from hunger?

    Thank you for reading.

  19. HI wonderopolis!
    I never knew that hunger and malnourishment could effect so many people around the world. It’s really tragic about the downturn in 2008 that hurt even more people. I’m so surprised that hunger and malnourishment is the greatest health risk in the world. How many food drives are supporting Africa? I bet it’s such a conundrum to organize a food drive but it sure pays off! Thanks, Wonderopolis!

  20. Hi Wonderopolis!

    I enjoyed learning about hunger. I learned that there are 1 billion hungry people in the world. I also learned that natural disasters and other major emergencies can often cause widespread hunger. Do you think that there is enough food in the world today to feed everyone? I think there is enough food for everyone. I think it will be conundrum if everyone gets hungry.

    Thanks for making me wonder,
    Team Wilch 15

  21. Hi Wonderopolis,

    I really enjoyed this wonder, but I can’t believe that there are 925 million undernourished people in the world! It’s so sad! I can’t believe how much hunger there is worldwide! But it’s a good thing that some people are helping to stop hunger. I hope that we can bring down the number of 1 billion people that are suffering hunger.
    Hunger is a REALLY big conundrum and I hope we can help it.
    I was just WONDERing but How many people die of hunger daily? Monthly? Yearly?

    Thanks for making me WONDER,
    Team Wilch 18

  22. Hi Wonderopolis!

    Hunger is a really bad thing. I read a book called The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It talks about districts that our very pour and the have to fight in the hunger games if there name is drawn. They select a boy and a girl and the fight in the games and get infections, and fight to the death.
    I learned that hunger is faced everywhere, and Africa and Asia still struggle with hunger the most. I have a conundrum of a question, how many people die each year by hunger?
    Team Wilch18

  23. Hello wonderopolis. This wonder is sad. It’s a real conundrum! Hunger is a real problem though. I think in the U.S. it is a crisis because of our economic problems. I wish that hunger could be helped.

    Team Wilch8

  24. Sounds like hunger is a real conundrum. That is amazing and sad how about 925 million people are suffering from unnourished. This is a big disaster. I have some questions.

    About how many people die from hunger daily?
    About how many people lose there home each month?


  25. Aloha Wonderopolis,
    Once my dad was driving home from work. Then when he came home he said he saw a lady walking and he said she asked if he had any lose money to give her so she could buy food. I think that hunger is a big conundrum for the world . Does anyone there know how many people die of starvation each day, I learned that hunger can be a cause of mental disability. One day i was with my mom and this lady said she needed money to buy food for her kids and her.Then my mom gave her $10 and then right after she went to another person and got $25 then she went in a parking lot and got into a 2011 ford and drove away.

  26. Hi Wonderopolis,

    I enjoyed today’s wonder very much. I think everybody should help the hunger. Whenever i’m hungry, my stomach always rumbles. There is always a pandemonium about the starving people. I can’t believe millions of people go to bed hungry a night. How many people die a day because of starvation.

    Thanks for making me Wonder,

    Team Wilch 13

  27. Dear Wonderopolis,
    I feel really bad that not everyone gets food. Its so pandemonium that 925 million people undernourishment. Its sad that people starve for hunger. Also that people get diseases from not eating, and then end up dying. I didn’t know that people in my community are starving too. Have you ever seen any one homeless, or given anyone money or food?

    Thank you wonderopolis!
    Team Wilch10

  28. Hi Wonderopolis,

    I really wish people didn’t go hungary so much!!! :( Do you guys know how many food pantries there are in the world? I think the commercals on the TV are sad when it show total crisis from all the disasters. I hope soon we can fix this conundrum that affects over 925 million people. I now think that getting snacks is different because some people go to bed with no food.

    Team Wilch 9

  29. Wow!
    That was an interesting passage about hunger.
    I wonder if hunger will come to an end?
    I learned that natural disasters and other major emergencies can often can cause widespread hunger and, that long term hunger usually has deeper roots. I bet this conundrum about hunger is unsolvable.
    I liked that passage, I am having a great time learning about different stuff everyday.
    A lot of people worldwide are hungry right now and I hope someday they will get what they need.

  30. Hi!! I wonder how many people die daily of hungry? It is sad how many people die because of hungry. I like how many communities try to save people who are hungry. Many people worldwide are hungry out there and I hope we can all try to help. I learned many things today, bye.

  31. Hi,Wonderopolis!

    I really enjoyed the article!I learned that some people estimate there areas many as 925 million undernourished people around the world. I also learned that there may be as many as 1 billion hungry people in the world! Do people get diseases from not eating? I think this is a big conundrum. I wish people don’t go hunger anymore!! I wish you enjoyed my blog!

  32. Hi Wonderopolis,
    I would hate to be hungry all the time and have my growth stunted by malnutrition and undernourishment! I learned that one out of every seven people do not have enough food to live a healthy life. I also learned that women, children and people in rural communities are usually hit the hardest with hunger and malnutrition. Can people help those starving people to learn how to garden or make food for themselves so that there won’t be so much hunger? If so, why is there still so much hunger? Hunger sure can be a big conundrum!

    Thanks for helping me wonder,
    Team Wilch 14

  33. Hey Wonderopolis!

    I didn’t know that as many as 925 people went to bed hungry every night, thats a conundrum! I think thats very sad and I will think more about donating to the Food Pantry! I guess anyone could have guessed this but I didn’t know that a lot of hunger came from natural disasters. It must be hard trying to find food every night. When I first started reading this article I thought it would be more about “why do you get hungry?” and, “why does your stomach grumble?” but I did like what it was about anyways. Why can’t everyone share food if theres enough for everyone? I also was surprised to hear that there is enough food in the world for everyone.


  34. HI,

    I really like this wonder of the day.Whenever I hear my stomach rumble I now know more about it. I also didn`t know there were so many causes of hunger.I wonder the percentage of people who have hunger in the world? I also really like the video, that chef is so nice to feed hungry kids pasta. Thanks for making me wonder

    Team Clark 19 :D

  35. Hi. I earned a lot of things for hunger. Some of the things I learned was that there is not enough food for everybody in the world. Lots of communities in Africa and Asia do not have lots of food. That must be a cunundrum. My question is what is the percent of people that are always hungry? Bye

  36. Hi!

    This wonder was interesting. It seems like hunger is a crises that will never end. I never knew that 925 million people are undernourished. I also did not know that 1 out of 7 people don’t have enough food to live a healthy life. I wonder how many people starve to death everyday?

  37. Hello,

    I think that hunger is a wordlwide conundrum. Only some people in a community try to make a difference to stop world hunger for everyone, not just kids.

    I think poverty plays a big role in hunger because if you can’t afford food, then chances are your’re not going to get it unless someone is nice enough to give food to you.

    I found it sad that one in seven people don’t have enough food to live a healthy life. I also found it sad that there may be as many as 1 billion hungry people in the world because of issues going on around them.

    I wonder how many children and adults are hungry in america? I hope that some day wrld hunger would end but that would take effort amd perserverance.

    Thanks For Making Me Wonder,

    Team Clark 20

  38. HOLA!

    Todays wonder was awesome!!
    I can’t believe that millions of people go to bed hungry every night because they don’t have the food their bodies need! I think that it is so sad that there is 925 million undernourished people around the world! The world must be a giant conundrum with people not having food to live!
    I have a quick question for you! Are the most of the 925 million hungry people from the country of Hungary? Well I I once again enjoyed learning about another wonder from Wonderopolis!

    Team Clark #9

  39. We are SUPER proud of you guys for sharing your caring feelings and thoughts about the problem of world hunger, Team Wilch 19, 4, 1 and 2! Thank you all for visiting this Wonder of the Day® with your class! :-)

  40. It’s AWESOME that you and your classmates at Wyandot are concerned about world hunger and are WONDERing about how to help and how many people have already perished from hunger, Team Wilch 7, 12, 15 and 18!

    Many hunger relief organizations believe that there actually is enough food produced to feed everyone in the world.

  41. Hello, Team Wilch 8, 22, 5, 13 and 10! We have really enjoyed reading your comments today! You guys got us WONDERing about how many people pass away from hunger around the world, too!

    We found LOTS of different resources that give different numbers. Some reports claim that 25,000 people each day die from starvation. Other reports say 16,000 children alone pass away each day from starvation. With so many different opinions, it’s hard to say for sure, but we know it’s a lot of people, and that makes us super sad. :-(

  42. WOW, Team Wilch 9, 3, 23, 16 and 14! You guys sure learned a LOT about hunger, malnutrition and starvation by exploring this Wonder of the Day®! We think it is so great that you and your classmates are showing empathy for those in need. It shows that you all have super big hearts! We’re proud to call you guys our Wonder Friends! :-)

  43. Hello, Team Clark 13, 19 and 21! Thanks so much for checking out this Wonder about world hunger and sharing what you guys think about it! We appreciate that you and your classmates are learning about issues that affect the world around you! :-)

    I never knew hunger was such a conundrum of a problem. I can’t believe 925 million people are undernourished!How are every 1 out of seven people not have enough food worldwide? How many people help people in need of food? By the way, I liked the video very much. I thought it was kind of sad.

  45. Hi

    I thought it was amazing how much people are hungry. I can understand places that were hit by natural disasters and poor people in Africa being hungry but I didn’t know how many people in America that are very hungry. I was also reading some of the comments and it is amzing how many children die a day just from hunger. I was also wondering what country has the most hungry people.

  46. We found some more hunger statistics to share with you and your classmates, Team Clark 11, 20, 9, 15 and 5:

    We are super proud of you all for wanting to learn more about the causes of hunger and how many people around the world are affected by it!

  47. Hello,
    It was soooo cool to see the chef that made the hungry kids pasta! I feel so bad that some kids are hungry worldwide. I WONDER what country faces the worst hunger?
    Worldwide hunger seems like a conundrum. I think our cities should do something to feed hungry families in our community.

  48. Hello,
    Hunger is worldwide, and it is a big conundrum.It is very interesting that experts say that there is enough food to feed everyone in the world! I am soooo fascinated that 1 out of 7 people don’t have enough food to live a healthy life!!!! I wonder how many people starve in the U.S.A.?

  49. HI Wonderopolis! How are you today?
    I find it sooo sad that people go hungry all over the world.
    I once saw a homeless person sleeping on a bench and he looked really hungry. Also once I went to a homeless shelter and played with kids there and they were mostly thin bt they were being feed and taken care of.
    What is the percentage of starving/hungry people in the USA? I was also wondering How many different Organizations help to end world hunger? I already know about unicef and a organization my church collects money for.
    It is a HUGE conundrum that here is still world hunger. I wish I could just get food and give every starving person a good healthy meal so they could once sleep full. It is sooo sad to think of all the young families in poverty.

    Thanks for making me wonder, Team Clark #2

    P.S. My great Grandma moved to America from Hungary and I was wondering does every one think that just because you pronounce it one way that the country is always hungry?

  50. HI wonderopolis,
    I don’t know why hunger is pandemonium all over the world. Can’t the community just give a for drive for everyone 3 times a week because there is enough food for everyone.
    I would never have WONDERED that there were 925 million people that are hungry. That is very sad.
    How long can you last without food. How does your stomach tell you It’s hungry.

  51. Heyy Wondereopolis!!
    It is so sad that people all around us maybe in a community that is in poverty and can not afford food. It makes me feel grateful that I am able to open my pantry and have a snack. I wonder if it would ever be a pandemoniom in there house, or would it be quiet?

  52. Hello Wonderopolis,

    I think it is very sad are literally starving to death. Don’t you? I hope I never have to be as hungry as some people do. I also hope that this isn’t a conundrum. I’ve learned that one out of every 7 seven people are really hungry. I knew that you could get sick from not eating, but I didn’t know that you could get a disease from hunger.

    thanks for the wonder,

  53. Hi Wonderopolis,

    I liked this wonder! I also had some questions as I was reading. The questions were:
    1. Did the country Hungary get there name because maybe Hungary had the most people who were hungry and had no food to survive in that area?

    2. What community has the most and least hunger?

    I learned that MILLIONS of people go to bed hungry every night because they don’t have the food their bodies needs. And that experts believe that there is enough food in the world today to feed everyone. But if there is enough food for everyone then why do MILLIONS of people don’t have food to eat everyday?

    I feel that this worldwide conundrum is terrible!

    Thanks for making me wonder,


  54. Hello, Team Clark 22, 7 and 2! Thanks so much for exploring this Wonder about world hunger and sharing your thoughts and questions with us today!

    There are many, many organizations that help hungry people all over the world! Some of them are very well-known, like UNICEF and Feed the Children, but there are also local organizations in communities across the world who also work hard to end world hunger! :-)

  55. WOW, Team Clark 14, 16 and 23 and Team Wilch 6! You guys have really impressed us with the amount of WONDERing you and your classmates have done about world hunger! We’re super proud of you! :-)

    After reading all of your AWESOME comments, we have a lot of WONDERing to do ourselves about hunger…it makes us sad, too, that so many people are affected by hunger and starvation. It gives us hope for the future, though, that so many AMAZING young people like yourselves are concerned about the effects of hunger on people in your own community and around the world, and that you are energetic about trying do something to solve the problem!

  56. Hello Wonderopolis

    I thought this wonder was great. I learned a lot about hunger today. I never knew 925 million people were undernourished and rural areas were hit the hardest. If the whole world was hungry it would be pandemonium. I wonder what the percentage of hungry people in the United States?

    • Thanks so much for exploring this Wonder, Team Clark #18! We’re glad you and your classmates are concerned about world hunger. We also appreciate you guys using vocabulary words like pandemonium and conundrum. We appreciate that you guys like to learn new things! :-)

    • Thanks for visiting Wonderopolis today, “The HUNGER GAMES!!!” We’re glad you stopped by and left us this comment to let us know you were here! :-)

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