Astronomers and other scientists constantly research and explore space. One of the most intriguing questions they hope to answer one day is whether life exists on other planets. Despite a lot of research in outer space, scientists have not yet been able to find evidence of life forms on any other planet other than Earth.

Earth is very hospitable, which makes living here easy. Earth has water, which living creatures need to survive.

Earth also has an atmosphere that is neither too hot, nor too cold. Its distance from the sun provides Earth’s inhabitants with the proper amount of warmth, sunlight and energy.

Although there may be other planets that have some of Earth’s hospitable features, so far scientists have not found any with all of the features they believe necessary to sustain life. Earth remains one of a kind!


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    • What a great question, Mark! We are so proud of all the WONDERing you have been doing! While we can’t be certain about life on Mars, we are having a great time exploring and learning about all the evidence that has been found! What do you think? :)

  1. I think there are aliens, but I think they’re going on with their lives and not too worried about us as humans invading them. They are definitely not interested in probing us. Let it go, we may find them some day. Stop worrying about them invading us. THEY’RE NOT GOING TO!

  2. The universe is way too large for us to be the only life form out there. But due to the vast distances and space we will most likely never have any communication with another being.

    • We don’t know if we would want to see them or not, Cardarrell. They could be scary! Thanks for WONDERing with us today! :-)

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