Did you know that trumpets have been around for thousands of years? One of the oldest musical instruments, trumpets date back to at least 1500 B.C. Archaeologists even found bronze and silver trumpets in the Egyptian tomb of Tutankhamen, better known as King Tut.

Although we think of modern trumpets as musical instruments, military leaders used early trumpets as signaling tools. Without the trumpet, messages may not have reached other sections of a large army. Leaders gave special protection to trumpet players due to their critical role.

Basically just a curved, hollow metal tube, a trumpet begins with a mouthpiece at the narrow end and ends with a flared bell at the opposite end. The bell of the trumpet projects sound.

trumpet players press or release three valves to play different notes. As a player blows into the trumpet, the valves direct the air through small pieces of extra tubing to produce different notes.

Though it may sound easy, playing a trumpet can be a challenge because you must learn how to properly blow into it. To play a trumpet, you must Wonderopolis

  • Why do people keep pets?
  • What is the most popular pet?
  • Why were animals first domesticated?
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If there are 50 million children in the U.S., about how many pets are there?

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  • How do Arctic animals survive in the cold?
  • What kinds of animals live in the Arctic?
  • What special features have Arctic animals developed to survive the cold temperatures?
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Which Arctic animal often hangs out in groups for warmth and protection?

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  • What was the first movie ever made?
  • Was the first movie ever made created for entertainment purposes?
  • When did movies with sound begin?
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What was the first full-length feature film to feature dialog synchronized with the picture?

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  • Where does wind come from?
  • Air is made up of what kind of molecules?
  • What is air pressure?
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Air over which of the following would tend to warm faster?

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  • Why are there uppercase and lowercase letters?
  • Did uppercase or lowercase letters come first?
  • Do all languages have both uppercase and lowercase letters?
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Majuscule describes which type of letters?

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    Though it may sound somewhat unpleasant, caring properly for a trumpet requires the player to occasionally empty the water that builds up inside. As you play a trumpet, moisture from your breath condenses inside the instrument.

    As this happens, it may begin to sound like it's gurgling. Pressing the “water key” allows the moisture to drip out. Some people refer to this as the “spit valve.”


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