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Today’s revisited Wonder of the Day was inspired by our Wonder Friends: Reese, Emma, Alex, Tori, Steven, Braylin, and Carlee! These fantastic WONDERers have all been WONDERing about animals and color blindness. Keep WONDERing, Wonder Friends!

Have you ever noticed that you don’t see many dogs and cats wearing glasses? Of course, most of them don’t have the types of ears that would make wearing glasses very easy!

Many people believe that dogs and cats are completely color blind and can only see in shades of black and white. In fact, scientists believed this, too, for many years. But how could they know? It’s not like you can give a dog or a cat a vision test and ask them to tell you what colors they see, right?

Scientists actually use sophisticated tests involving food and colored panels to test whether animals can sense different colors. For example, if a dog could tell the difference between colors enough to choose a light-colored panel, it would receive a treat.

These tests showed scientists that dogs and cats can indeed see colors — just not all the same colors that humans can see. Scientists now believe that dogs and cats can see blue and green.

This means that a dog, for example, could tell the difference between blue and yellow but not red and green. So, if you see a dog run a red light, it’s not his fault! He might have thought it was green!

Like dogs and cats, humans can also have color blindness — also called color vision deficiency. This doesn’t necessarily mean that color blind people only see things in black and white. It usually means that they can’t see certain colors and therefore have a hard time telling the difference between those colors.

Being color blind can make it difficult to match your clothes, but it’s rarely a serious problem. Most color blind people can do everything they want to do. Sometimes they just have to come up with special adaptations. For example, people who can’t tell the difference between red and green can still drive, because they know that the red light is usually on the top and the green light is usually on the bottom.

Color blindness is caused by problems with the cones in your eyes. Cones are special cells on your retina that sense color. People with normal color vision have three types of cones: red, blue and green. Cones send information to your brain, which decodes it so you “see” those colors and combinations of them for full-color sight.

When these cones don’t work right, your brain doesn’t get the proper messages from your eyes. The result is that you can’t see certain colors and can’t tell certain colors apart. For example, a blade of green grass might look gray. This is what doctors call color blindness.

Color blindness is nearly always an inherited trait that’s passed down through genes from your parents. Boys tend to be more likely to be color blind than girls. In fact, one in 12 boys is likely to have some form of color blindness. If the cones in the eyes are damaged through physical contact or chemical exposure, color blindness can also occur.

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  1. Dear Wonderopolis,

    I loved today’s wonder! I commented on today’s wonder of the day because I took a trip to Fort Myers, Florida. I am currently there until Friday, March 23rd, 2012.

    I think tomorrow’s wonder of the day is about how to climb a really tall mountain.

    Remember back on wonder of the day #509 – Have you ever lost your marbles? I thought wonder of the day #510 was about love and I was wrong. Wonder of the day #510 was not about love. Wonder of the day #510 was Who invented weekends?


    • It’s OK if your guess about Wonder #510 wasn’t exactly right, TJ! We appreciate that you just had fun guessing! We really appreciate you, and hope you have a GREAT time on spring break in Florida! :-)

    • That’s a SUPER question, Sydney! Right now, we have to go by what scientists have proven about animals being color blind to determine what colors our own pets might see. Scientists do special color tests with dogs and cats to see if they can tell the difference between light colors and dark colors. Through these special tests, scientists have determined that dogs and cats can see blue and green. We think that’s pretty COOL! :-)

    • That’s true because all it was talking about was blindness for people, and not really talking about blindness for animals.

      • Hi, Gen! Be sure to check out the Wonder Article. In it, it talks about experiments with cats and dogs to determine if they are colorblind. Thanks for WONDERing with us today! :-)

  2. Wow, that gave my eyes an illusion. I read all those facts about dogs, and I just learned something today. It was very interesting. I also have 2 cats and sometimes I believe that cats and dogs only see the colors black and white. Thanks for saying that about me in my last comment.

    • Thanks so much for leaving us another awesome comment, Joseph! We really think it’s GREAT that you learned some fun facts about animals and whether they see color or not. YOU ROCK for visiting today’s Wonder! :-)

  3. I did not know dogs and cats can go color blind. I know humans can go color blind. My mom told me that humans can go color blind. She did not tell me that dogs and cats can go color blind. It is really interesting that dogs and cats go color blind.

    • Hi, Zoe! We’re so glad you stopped by Wonderopolis today and left us this AWESOME comment…THANK YOU for letting us know you learned something new! :-)

    • We’re having a WONDERful day, Caelah! Thank you so much for asking! We’re glad you stopped by Wonderopolis today and left us this cool comment. Thanks for sharing that you have two dogs, too! :-)

  4. Hey Wonderopolis! I’m sorry I couldn’t get on at spring break! I had no computer access.
    :( Today’s was VERY interesting! I’ve always wondered about this! ;)

    • Hi, Grace! We’re so happy you left us a comment on today’s Wonder to let us know you thought it was interesting! We hope you had an AWESOME spring break! :-)

  5. I left my house on Sunday, March 18, 2012. And yes, I went to Fort Myers, Florida for spring break.

    My brother Max, always bullies me. Max says “Sorry” repeatedly to me which annoys me very much. Max also says “Yay! You lost!” when I loose on a game. Max will be commenting on today’s wonder after you guys reply back to me.

    Below this text is some faces:
    :) :( ;)

    • Hi, TJ! Thanks for visiting today’s Wonder and for leaving us another AMAZING comment! We’re sorry Max is not always the nicest to you. Sometimes siblings say and do things because they are comfortable being around each other. We bet Max loves you a lot! We hope you are having a SUPER WONDERful time in Florida! :-)

    • Hi, Eric! Thanks for letting us know that! We think it’s awesome that you stopped by Wonderopolis today and left us this GREAT comment! :-)

    • Thanks so much for sharing your personal connection to this Wonder of the Day®, Julia, and THANK YOU for being a GREAT Wonder Friend! :-)

  6. This was a wonderful wonder of the day!! I think that the video was very interesting with all those random dots making a real amazing background with the green dots spelling out “PAGE 5″. Somebody told me that dogs could only see in black and white, but I had never considered cats. I think that it is interesting how scientists conduct the color experiments on cats and dogs. I learned that humans also have color blindness, which is called vision deficiency. I thought that the cones in your eye link was very helpful because it helped me visualize. I also learned that boys are more likely to have color blindness. Do you have any idea why? This was a very informative wonder of the day!

    • It makes us super happy to see that you visited this Wonder and left us a cool comment today, Olivia, because we know you and your “MC” classmates are on spring break! We’re glad you stopped by Wonderopolis to have a little bit of learning FUN on vacation! :-)

    • We think helping a dog who can’t see by being his or her seeing human sounds like a super nice thing to do, Clayton! We like the way your Wonder Brain works! :-)

  7. WOW I love that video. Hey, we have two yellow labs, their names are Chester and Daisy! Now I know that they only see green and blue! :)

    • Thanks for sharing about your dogs, Hannah! We like learning new things about our Wonder Friends! Please give Chester and Daisy some doggie paw “high fives” from Wonderopolis, OK? :-)

    • Hello, Evelyn! Thanks so much for hanging out in Wonderopolis today! Scientists have discovered that dogs can actually see certain colors! We encourage you to re-visit this Wonder of the Day® to learn which colors! :-)

  8. Excited to see a MC comment and connecting wonder to their Spring Break. I agree with Olivia, I learned some new facts also. I never thought about cats either. I wonder if any MC comments will be coming in soon-I will keep checking back.

    • We think it’s AWESOME that Olivia checked out Wonderopolis on her spring break, Mrs. Caplin, and we think it’s SUPER that you did, too! We hope you are having a relaxing week so far! :-)

  9. Thanks Wonderopolis for the video! It’s funny that it mentioned don’t blame your dog for chasing a red light, because my dogs, Chester and Daisy, (my sister mentioned them Hannah Banana) chase red lasers! :)

    • Thanks for sharing your personal connection to this Wonder of the Day®, Madalynn! We think it ROCKS that you AND your sister BOTH like exploring and learning in Wonderopolis! :-)

  10. Dear Wonderopolis,
    I think that this is a great wonder. I thought that cats and dogs could see color.
    How can a dog guide a person if it can not see color?

    • That’s a WONDERful question, Rylie! We think we can help you understand it this way: if you have ever seen a black-and-white show or commercial on television, than you know you can still “see” everything that is there, it just has no color (everything is either black, white, or some shade of gray). We guess it’s kind of the same way for animals and how they see, although scientists have discovered that animals can see some colors, too. Thanks so much for being a GREAT Wonder Friend and leaving us this comment today! :-)

  11. Dear Wonderopolis,
    That was an interesting wonder. I’ve actually been wondering that myself. I have two dogs named Lacie and Tank, and I’ve always asked my Mom can Lacie and Tank see in color? She said “I really don’t know”. So that’s why I’m glad you put that wonder on your website. Also, the girl Rylie that commented on your article is in my class!


    • We think your comment is SUPER, Macie! Thanks for sharing about your dogs, Lacie and Tank! We bet they are GREAT pets! We also think it’s super neat that you and Rylie are in the same class…how AWESOME! :-)

  12. Hi Wonderopolis. This was a fantastic WONDER of the day! this WONDER intrigued me because my dad and my uncle are both color blind,so I had a little bit of background knowledge on human vision deficiency. I learned many interesting facts about color blindness and vision deficiency. Some of the new facts I learned were that cats are also color blind, and also dogs and cats do not only see black and white. They also see color. Before reading this article, I had already known that you get color blindness through your genes. I knew this because my grandmother’s dad had vision deficiency, and he passed it down to my uncle and then to my dad. When my dad has to pack for things like business trips he has to have my mom help him pick out clothes that match. Last but not least, I have a question to ask you guys. Why does vision deficiency occur mostly in men instead of women? Well that’s it so thanks for a phenomenal WONDER of the day!!!

    • McKenna,

      What a great comment! We’re so glad you enjoyed the Wonder of the Day® on colorblindness, and we’re thankful you shared your knowledge, too! We have a friend who is colorblind, and his wife writes the colors of his clothes on the tags so he knows which shirts will match his pants. It’s interesting how people are able to adapt when they have a vision deficiency, isn’t it?

      To answer your question, the reason men have a higher chance of being colorblind than women is a result of genetics. Our parents pass down certain traits to us which “program” things like hair color, eye color, height and yes, even color blindness. These bits of information, or “chromosomes,” are more likely to contain the code for color blindness in men than women. If you Google, you’ll find lots of information on this topic!

      Thanks for your great comment. Have a WONDERFUL day, McKenna! :)

  13. Hey Wonderopolis! It’s Natalie. It was very interesting. But, I loved it! I’ve always wondered if animals are color blind. But you did a great job!


    • What a SUPER, AWESOME, COOL comment you left for us, Natalie! We really appreciate all the nice things you said! We’re glad you thought this Wonder was interesting! :-)

  14. I wonder what it would be like to be color blind since I am not, but one of my teachers’ husband is, so sometimes if she asks what does he think he just says yes not knowing the color.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your personal connection to this Wonder of the Day®, Team Wilch 5! We appreciate your comment! :-)

    • That’s OK, Julia! Sometimes there could be Wonders that you might not understand as well as others. We have over 540 Wonders of the Day to choose from, so there is LOTS more WONDERing to do! :-)

  15. Hello Wonderopolis!
    I have really enjoyed reading and watching the video! I *lOVE* how you say lots of cool facts like, humans can also be colorblind and its called colorvision deficiency. I also *LOVE* how you talked about the cells on your retina. I did not know that the cone cells sense color! I wonder why God makes people colorblind? Thanks for reading this comment, and keep making videos! :)

    • Thanks so much for leaving us this GREAT comment, Team McNeil 16! We really enjoyed learning what causes animals (and humans) to have colorblindness, and we’re glad you did, too! :-)

  16. Hi Wonderopolis!
    I almost thought that I was getting a little color blind myself by watching the video even though it was so cool! After I read the article I learned so much. I learned about how scientists use sophisticated tests involving food and colored panels to test whether animals can sense different colors. I also learned that scientists believe that dogs and cats can see blue and green. One wonder I have is “Are dogs and cats really enemies?”

    • We think that’s a GREAT idea for a future Wonder of the Day®, Team McNeil #21! We bet LOTS of Wonder Friends are WONDERing if dogs and cats are really enemies! Thanks for visiting this Wonder and letting us know some of the cool stuff you learned! :-)

    • Hello, Madison! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about animals being color blind! We encourage you to re-explore this Wonder of the Day® to learn some other really cool things scientists have discovered about color blindness in animals! :-)

  17. Hi:3
    I never knew that dogs are color blind (and cats). So that’s why some dogs run down the roads on red lights! I learned that boys get color blind easier then girls. People can be color blind too! I also learned that dogs and cats can’t tell the difference between green and red! I WONDER: Do other animals have color blindness? How do dogs get color blind? What I Know: Dogs and cats don’t wear glasses (well know). People can be color blind. Animals and people have eyes.

    Thanks For Making us

    • We really like how you explained the things you already knew about color blindness in animals, and also told us about some of the things you learned from exploring this Wonder, Team Unger #2! Way to go! :-)

  18. Hi Wonderopolis. Two new vocabulary words I learned are retina and deficiency. Also I wanted to know if all dogs are color blind? Something I learned is that boys are color blind more than girls. I also want to know if different animals other than just dogs and cats are color blind?
    Thanks for the wonder!
    Team Unger #6

    • Those are all AMAZING questions, Team Unger #6! We’re proud of you for WONDERing even more about color blindness in animals after you explored this Wonder about the subject! :-)

  19. Hi wonderopolis!
    It is hard for me to imagine that my dog thinks my hair is green or blue! That would look cool though! I inherited most of my genes and looks from my dad but my hair and freckles from my mom! My vision is not that great but I am not color blind! I hope that the next wonder will be of the word that means someone can see colors out of music because that sounds really cool and it is something real!! If you had to relinquish one of your senses, what would it be? Mine would be sight because I love all my other senses so much!! That is cool though, that people can tell the difference between red lights and green lights because of where they are!!!
    Thanks for keeping me wondering,
    Team Wilch #4

    • You keep US WONDERing, too, Team Wilch #4! We appreciate all the great comments we get from you and your classmates! Thanks for visiting different Wonders and sharing your thoughts and excitement for all the AWESOME things you learn! :-)

  20. This wonder is awesome. I don’t know what it’s like to have to relinquish my sight. Your vision is so helpful. It allows you see different shades. Is it possible to cure color blindness? I really liked this wonder. :)
    Team Wilch8

    • We’re not really sure if it’s possible to cure color blindness, Team Wilch 8! You have US WONDERing about that now! Thank you for sharing that you thought this Wonder was awesome…we appreciate hearing that! :-)

  21. HI,

    I always wondered about animals being color blind. Are all animals color blind? There is a boy in my school who has a lack in color vision. I never knew cats and dogs could see both green and blue. I really liked the wonder “How do you speak Morse code” now I can speak Morse code :D . I never knew that the cones in your eyes is what causes you to see colors. Do you know who the first person was to have color blindness, if so how did they find out? I also thought the video was interesting, I didn’t notice the page 5 until awhile-it was really awesome. Thanks for making me WONDER!!

    Your fan,
    Team Clark 19 ;)

    • It makes us smile to know that you are a fan of Wonderopolis, Team Clark 19! We are BIG fans of you and your “Team” classmates, too! Thanks for always letting us know what you learn from each Wonder you guys visit! :-)

  22. Hi Wonderopolis,
    That was a really interesting wonder! That is so cool that scientists can use different SHADES of PANELS to see if they are color blind. I also never thought that being color blind could be a trait that you INHERITED. It seems like being color blind can be a really big conundrum unless they make they have ADAPTIONS. They would also have to relinquish seeing those colors if their CONES get damaged. How do you find out if you are color blind? Can people be so color blind that they can only see black and white? I learned that being a girl gives you a less chance of being color blind. I also learned that some color blind people can match their clothes!

    Thank you for making me wonder,
    Team Wilch #14

    • Hi, Team Wilch #14! Your family physician or your eye doctor should be able to give you tests to help determine if you have any color blindness. We think some of the tests use different colored dots like the video for this Wonder shows! Thanks for hanging out in Wonderopolis with us today and learning new things! :-)

  23. Hi wonderopolis
    I learned a lot about color blind when I read the passage. If you would get rid of one your senses what would it be? I would get rid of taste not vision because that is important. Many people and animals have lots of adaptions to make while color blind. Color blind is cool to learn about. Thanks for making me wonder!!!!

    • Hmmmm…We’re not sure which sense we’d give up, Team Wilch 23! We have really enjoyed hearing all the explanations for which senses you and your classmates would give up if you had to. We’re glad you guys are WONDERing about your senses! :-)

  24. Hi

    I liked this wonder today. How do you get it? I think having your vision messed up would really stink, because if your color blind to green or blue or what ever color it is you wouldn’t be able to enjoy that color. I enjoyed this wonder today.


    • We’re super glad you enjoyed this Wonder, Team Wilch 22! Thanks for letting us know! We also appreciate you sharing your thoughts about color blindness with everyone in Wonderopolis! :-)

  25. Hi Wonderopolis!

    I did not know that color blindness is a trait you inherited. It is cool that scientists can use different shades of panels and the animal can sense the color. I don’t know what it would be like if I relinquish my sense of sight. I feel bad about the people and animals that are color blind. When I get up in the morning if I was color blind I would pick out clothes that would not match. That would be hard to pick out an outfit that matches. How does color blind get caused by the cones in your eyes not by the part of your brain that controls the sense of sight.

    BYE! :) :) :) :) :(

    • Hi, Team Wilch 2! We know a few Wonder Friends who have color blindness, and they get their families to help them pick out their clothes (or at least tell them if something matches or not). Thanks for visiting this Wonder and leaving us this GREAT comment today! :-)

  26. Whenever I thought of color blind I thought of people not animals. I mean, not being able to see all the colors. I am lucky all I need is glasses because I am nearsighted. But as I type, I think how bad would it be not to be able to see full color. Losing one color wouldn’t really be a big conundrum, but not seeing any? Is it possible to get it when you are like 35 or just when your younger? Also, does it happen overnight or over long periods of time? Is it possible not to be able just to see one shade of like green or would it be all of green? Is it possible to inherit color blindness?

    • WOW! That is a LOT of WONDERing about color blindness, Team Wilch 5! We know that color blindness can be inherited. We’re pretty sure you can’t “get” color blindness, and that people are born with it. We’re not 100% sure, though, so we both should do some more WONDERing to find out! :-)

  27. Hello wonderopolis,

    I never knew what a big conundrum color blindness was. I didn’t know that color blindness was caused by cones in your eyes, I thought color blindness just happened. I found it interesting that color blindness is more common in boys.

    I wonder color blindness is more common in boys? I can’t imagine being able to see colors and then you turn color blind. I guess you would have to really adapt and get used to it.

    I wouldn’t want to miss out on seeing the beautiful colors of a rose or a painting. I guess you would just have a different view of everything if you were color blind.

    Thanks for making me wonder,

    Team Clark #20

    • Thanks for WONDERing about color blindness, Team Clark #20! We appreciate all the GREAT comments from you and your “TEAM” classmates! :-)

  28. HOLA!!!

    Hi its Team Clark #9!! I think that color blind people get in big conundrums when they can’t see colors! I think it is super cool how people have to make adaptations to there color blindness! They’re just like animals! I think that the cones in people’s eyes are really cool! I would think that you would have red, blue, and yellow, all the primary colors. But it actually has red, blue and GREEN!! I have a question is there any other animals besides dogs and cats that are color blind?? Well I have enjoyed yet another visit to WONDEROPOLIS!!

    Team Clark #9 OUT

    • Hello, Team Clark #9! We’re not sure of all the other animals who might be color blind…that’s going to take some more WONDERing on both of our parts! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about what you learned in this Wonder! We appreciate your comment! :-)

  29. Hi Wonderopolis,

    I loved this wonder. I would never relinquish the ability to tell colors right. My dad is color blind, but he only gets green and blue messed up. I am glad I have perfect vision. It is cool how you have three cones one green, one red, and one blue. I wonder what types of cones a color blind dog has. I also learned that boys are more likely to be color blind than girls.

    • You learned some really awesome things about color blindness by exploring this Wonder, Team Wilch #1…that’s AWESOME! Thanks for leaving us a cool comment to let us know! :-)

  30. Hi Wonderopolis!!
    This was really interesting, because I know people that are color blind. They have to use adaptations too. For example the one person knows a firetruck is red so if he sees anything else in that shade he knows it is red. I found it interesting that is passed down, I wonder if being blind is passed down too. I also wonder if someone gave a color blind person a certain color something it would be a conundrum. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on people and animals that are color blind.

    • Thank YOU for visiting this Wonder and sharing your thoughts about it, Team Clark 16! We think you and your “TEAM” classmates ROCK! :-)

  31. Hey Wonderopolis!!!!

    I learned that boys often get colorblindness more then girls. We think that is amazing. We also thought that it is cool that dogs have color blindness too. Just like people do. What other animas have color blindness that we know of? Is there a cure for colorblindness? Are people very persnickety about what you call colorblindness? I think that is sorta cool how they can see different shades. Is it hard to tell the diffent type of vision people can see?

    Signing off,
    Team clark 3 and 6

  32. Hello,
    It was cool to find out scientists have special tests to see if a dog can tell colors apart!!! I also found out that about 1 in every 12 boys have some kind of color disorder!!!!!!! Most of the time color blind people inherit it from their parents. I WONDER what percent of people in the world are color blind? being color blind, seems like a conundrum, but it is not. Color blindness is a vision deficiency.


  33. Hi I learned a lot about this topic.I learned that scientists do tests to find if the animal is color blind.Animals do not see the same type as colors as humans do.The panels also helps scientists see if an animal is color blind. I also learned that boys have a better chance of having color blind.Color blindness occurs if a cone in your are eyes have problems. Would relinquish your vision or your ears? Bye

  34. Hola!

    I had so much fun learning about color blindness. I never knew that scientists could tell if an animal is color blind by testing if they chose the light color panel! Also that is so cool that cones are in your retina.I would hate to relinquish my color in the eyes. Do you know anyone that is color blind?


  35. Hello

    It is so interesting that cones are special cells in your retina that sense color.
    It is so cool that color blindness is nearly always an inherited trait that’s passed down through genes from your parents. If i was colorblind i would have lots of conundrums. do you know anyone that is colorblind?
    thank you for making me wonder:]

  36. Hi Wonderopolis,

    I like this topic and I’ve seen people who are color blind like my grandpa.
    I also know animals that see colors like hamsters and, animals that can’t see colors like dogs. Also I Wonder can a human see in just black and white? We also have dogs come to our school. I Wonder what other animals cant see in color? Can you do the next Wonder on Minecraft or something.

    Team Clark #1

  37. Hi
    This was one of my favorite ones so far! It was cool when they used the panels to test the dogs. I can’t believe that dogs could only see shades! which one has worse eye sight a cat or dog. I relinquish to eat chocolate.

    From Team Clark

  38. I think it would be funny if you were color blind and you have to take a color test and you got an A on it.It would still be serious because there might be a way you can get it in your midlife.Are babies born with it but then they grow out of it when their 1 year old?Can you get it when you are 70 years old?If a cat or dog gets it all the time then why doesn’t a human get it all the time?

  39. Hi Wonderopolis!

    I enjoyed learning about color blindness. I learned that panels were used to test if dogs and cats can see colors. I also learned that cones on retinas sense color. It is good to know that drivers with color blindness don’t have to relinquish their licenses. I wondered how many people in the U.S are color blinds?

    Thanks for making me wonder!

    Team Wilch 15

  40. hi

    I learned a lot about color bindness. Our vision is amazing and I don’t know how people can survive being color bind.It is amazing that they used panels to test a dog’s vision.I would not relinquish my eyes.

    thanks bye

  41. Hi Wonderopolis

    That was a super interesting wonder.
    I did not know that animals visions can be like that.
    I also didn’t know that animals can see different shades as us
    and it could be that big of a conundrum.
    I learned that animals could not see like us and there eyes could be MORE different then us.

  42. Hi Wonderopolis,

    This was a very interesting wonder, so the cause for color blindness is when the cones in the eyes are damaged through physical contact or chemical exposure! It’s so cool how people with normal color vision have three types of cones: red, blue and green. It’s also amazing how the cones send information to your brain, which decodes it so you “see” those colors and combinations of them for full-color sight. There are lots of conundrums for being color blind. Like when you are picking out your clothes you can’t see the colors! People who are color blind can only see shades of colors. I’ve just been WONDERing but when you’re color blind does it ever go away?

    Thanks for making me WONDER!
    Team Wilch 19

  43. Dear Wonderopolis,
    Hi! I was amazed with this wonder! I was wowed to find that we now know how to find out if dogs and cats are color blind. I was WONDERring, If you are color blind, what colors can you see? Also, I didn’t know if you inherited being color blind from your genes, but I now know that this is true.BYE!

    Would you relinquish being able to see colors instead of smelling?

  44. Hi Wonderopoilis!

    I feel so bad for the people who have color vision deficiency. But what does interest me is how the cones in your eyes can get damaged to caused color blind. Knowing that dogs and cats can see blue and green is very cool to me. How do dogs react when they see the colors blue and green? I would never relinquish my ability to see colors and i’m very grateful for my vision.

    keep on wondering! team Wilch 12

  45. Dear wonderopolis,
    I dont think it would be fun to be colored blind.
    It would be really hard to get dressed in the morning.
    I bet that my mom would have to pick out my clothes for me.
    It would be hard in school because you wouldn’t know what color anything was. Have you ever had any expirence with color blindness?
    Maybe color blindness is just different shades of colors.
    I have never heard of a dog being color blind. Or if it saw a red light, it might think it was green! I am glad that my vision is good.
    If I was color blind, I might do pandemonium!

    From Team Wilch #10

  46. HI Wonderopolis!!

    I never knew that you could inherit color blindness. Its weird that you can just get it if you wake up in the morning. I knew that color blindness can infect your vision but I don’t know how you get it.

    I learned that some cats and dogs can see blue and green!!
    I also learned that it’s rarely a serious problem if your color blind and you pick out your clothes you don’t know what color your wearing. I have question but I relinquish on it, what is the first person that was color blind?

    Team Wilch18

  47. Hi Wonderopolis!

    This is a amazingly interesting wonder! I wondered so much about how my dog can tell if Im well… ME! I wonder if some people can see with the different shades of gray, black and white? I wonder if some eyes relinquish into color blindness? I thought my dog could never see colors because of her vision. It is cool that there is cones in your retina.

    Team Wilch 9

  48. Hi Wonderopolis,

    I really enjoyed this wonder. I’ve been wondering if dogs have special adaptations to color blindness, like humans do. I didn’t know you could inherit color blindness, I thought you were just born with it. It is so cool how they use panels to test dogs, I did not know that! I never thought that dogs could only see black and white. Is there a way to fix color blindness. If there isn’t then I think one of the worlds biggest conundrum, is how to fix color blindness.

    Thanks for making me Wonder.

    Team Wilch 13

  49. Hi,Wonderopolis!

    I really enjoyed reading about color blindness!I learned that some dogs can see green or blue!I also learned another fact, that there are more color blinded boys than girls!I wondered if color blind can shorten your generation.How do people know if you are color blind?Do they test your visions?Can you use shades to protect you from color blind?
    Would you reliquish having color blind or not being able to hear?

  50. We think it’s SO AWESOME that you all visited this Wonder about color blindness today and left us so many GREAT comments, Team Wilch 21, 15, 7, 3, 19, 11, 12, 10, 18, 9, 13 and 16!

    We know you guys are WONDERing so much more about what it’s like to be color blind and how people have color blindness or can become color blind.

    One of the AMAZING things about exploring Wonderopolis is that you learn a little about something that interests you, then you can do more WONDERing on your own! We like to think of it as going on a “Wonder Journey” to find out more information! We encourage each of you to embark on your own Wonder Journey to find the answers to all your extra WONDERful questions!

    You can WONDER more by exploring books and websites, and also by asking people who are knowledgeable about the topics that interest you! :-)

  51. Hi
    Wow, I learned a lot about vision, like that dogs can see green and blue. And that cones are cells in the retina. I guess it is kind of a conundrum seeing different shades. Do you get color blind as a baby or could you get it now. I wonder if you have a wonder for if dogs can tell if they are color blind if there is not can you make it a wonder of the day.
    Team Clark #8

    • Hi Team Clark 8! Thanks for visiting this Wonder! Most people who have color blindness are born with it, but it is possible for someone to become color blind if they sustain an eye injury that affects their cones. We think dogs don’t know the difference in being color blind and not being color blind…they’re just content to be their happy, tail-wagging selves! :-)

  52. Hi!
    This wonder was cool! I never knew that cats and dogs could see yellow and blue. I also did not know that Boys tend to be more likely to be color blind. I wonder if there is an artist that is colorblind. I wonder how many people in the world inherited colorblindness. People that are color blind have a different vision of everything in the world since they can’t see certain colors.

    • We think your comment is COOL, Team Clark #11! We like your question wanting to know if any famous artists were or are color blind! We did a little WONDERing and found out that many people believe Pablo Picasso was color blind! We never knew that! Did you also know that Mr. Rogers was red-green color blind? We thought that was an interesting fact to learn, too! :-)


    This was a really interesting topic. I never knew color blindness was a gene inherited from your parents. If I was color blind, it would have been a very big conundrum. Why do boys have a better chance of getting color blindness than a girl? That question really thwarted me. I liked the video by the way.

    Thanks for making me wonder!

    • Thanks for letting us know you liked the video for this Wonder of the Day®, Team Clark #15! We’re not really sure why boys are more likely to be color blind than girls. We are WONDERing about that ourselves! We’re glad you like WONDERing in Wonderopolis! :-)

  54. Szia wonderopolis! That is hello in Hungarian.
    This is a cool topic. I already knew dogs could see green, but I didn’t know they also could see blue. I want to try and see if my chihuahua can tell apart different colors.
    I thought it was cool that you have cones in your retina that are red, blue and green. Why don’t we have the three primary colors of cones instead of red blue and green? It would be a conundrum of a problem to be color blind because then how would you plan out your clothes without looking goofy?
    Do you think dogs and cats would be capable of knowing they were color blind? I know someone whose dog is almost completely blind. This topic is really interesting to me because I have grown up around dogs and I always had thought when I was younger that they could see all colors like most humans. It is weird that normally 1 out of 12 boys are color blind. How many girls out of 12 are color blind?

    Thanks for making me wonder(Please reply soon!!)
    Team Clark #2

    • Hello, Team Clark #2! We think it sounds like fun that you are going to try to see if your own dog is color blind. Please let us know what you find out! Also, thanks for sharing that you always thought dogs and cats can see all the colors that humans can before you explored this Wonder. We think it’s fun to learn new things…we hope you do, too! :-)

  55. Hi

    I think it is soooooo cool how dogs and cats can see yellow and blue, I wonder if they like Michagan! I always thought that they just saw in black, white and gray! My brother’s old friend was red-green color blind. It would be a conundrum when a color blind child started driving! I thought it was also cool that you had cones in your eyes! I never thought about my eyes a lot, and now that I think about it they are really plain, flat-out amazing how they can pick up colors and even make you see. Thanks for making me wonder!

    • This is a GREAT comment, Team Clark #5! We like what you said about yellow and blue being the colors of Michigan! We thought it was interesting to learn that we have cones in our eyes, too. You’re right…eyes are AMAZING! Thanks for being a GREAT Wonder Friend and sharing this comment with us today! :-)

  56. Hi Wonderopolis!!!

    I really enjoyed this WONDER! Today I learned that dogs are even color blind, boys are color blind more often than girls, and that dogs and cats can see green and blue. I had thought that it would be a conundrum for the people who have this bad vision to do many things like drive a car. But really they can do a lot of things in their life that I had thought they couldn’t, but they have many adaptions to do all the things that they want to do.

    I was WONDERing that is there any way that if you have color blindness that you can get it fixed?

    Thanks for making me WONDER,

    • We’re not sure if color blindness can be “fixed” in people (or animals), Team Clark #23, but now you have US WONDERing about that, too! We agree with you that people who are visually impaired can do LOTS of things thanks to advances in technology and the ways they individually adapt to certain situations! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us today! :-)

  57. Hello Wonderopolis,

    I loved reading about color blindness. I learned that cats and dogs see in green and blue. I also learned about cones in your eyes. I feel like I wouldn’t know the world as well if my vision relinquished. I didn’t know that colorblindness was passed down in a family by genes. Why is it that boys have a better chance of being color blind than girls?

    Thanks for making me wonder,

    • Thanks for leaving us this AWESOME comment, Team Wilch 6! We really enjoyed hearing about all the awesome facts you learned by exploring this Wonder! We’re not sure why boys are more likely to be color blind than girls are…that’s a SUPER question! :-)

  58. HeY wOnDeRoPoLiS!!! :)

    I didn’t know that dogs and cats can see green and blue! I always thought they were color blind and can only see black, grey, and white. I didn’t know that 1 in 12 boys are color blind! That seems like a lot, but when you compare it to 12 in 144 it doesn’t seem so big. Color blindness is a really big conundrum, good thing it doesn’t harm you besides seeing other colors. There must be a lot of adaptations seeing different shades. How many people in the world are color blind? Can there be a wonder about dolphins? Haha I love dolphins! :)


    (Is it true that dogs’ tongues are cleaner then humans’?)

  59. Hi Wonderopolis
    I liked that you can go color blind by chemicals and contact. What in the cones that make it so they don’t work, the color of them? I’m a boy so I don’t like the part that we are more likely to be color blind, but thats a cool fact.
    I didn’t know that you can sometimes still see colors, what a relief that conundrum has been in my head for a while.

    Thanks 4 making me WONDER!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey there, Team Clark #14! Thanks for leaving us this comment today and for sharing a little about yourself! We appreciate that this Wonder of the Day® made you WONDER even more about color blindness! We think we’d like to learn more about how the cones in our eyes work (and don’t work sometimes), too! :-)

  60. Hi wonderopolis.

    I thought this wonder was great.I didn’t know cats could be color blind. Or that color blindness could be past down with genes. I wonder what adaptations dogs have when they’re color blind?

    Thanks for making me wonder.

    • That’s an interesting thing to think about, Team Clark #18! We WONDER if dogs even know that they are color blind or if they just do things the way they’ve always done them (without having to adapt)? That question sounds like it has the makings for a SUPER science project! :-)

  61. Hello wonderopolis!
    I LOVED the video. I have two dogs, Tutter and Neffe. Are there any more wonders on dogs?

    • Hi, Angel! Thanks so much for your comment! We search high and low for the best videos to go with each day’s Wonder. We chose the video for this Wonder because we thought it helped explain color blindness in an interesting way! :-)

    • We’re super glad you liked this Wonder and that you learned some cool new things by exploring it, Ashlei! Thanks for being a friend of Wonderopolis! :-)

    • Hello, Ashlei! That’s a GREAT question! We think it would make a WONDERful future Wonder of the Day®! Thanks for letting us know what you are WONDERing about today! :-)

  62. First, let’s start off with there has been really weird comments with random stuff that doesn’t go with the wonder!! How does that make you feel, wonderopolis? And AHA, I need to show my friend this wonder…she says all animals are color blind! TAKE THAT!

    • We appreciate ALL the comments we receive from Wonder Friends, Simone! We think it’s great that people take the time to explore Wonderopolis and let us know what they think! Even though some of the comments might not be about that day’s Wonder of the Day®, we still think they ROCK! We think YOU ROCK, too, and we want to THANK YOU for sharing your comment with us today! :-)

  63. I thought that it was really interesting.
    I had always wondered if dogs and cats could see some colors, and now I know.

    • We’re so glad you learned something cool about animal color blindness by exploring this Wonder of the Day®, Keaton! Thanks for hanging out in Wonderopolis with us today! :-)

  64. I love this topic about if dogs or cats are really color blind, because I have been wondering that for a very, very, very, very long time.

    • Well, we’re very, very, very, very happy that you discovered this Wonder of the Day®, then, Felix! We think it ROCKS that you learned some new things about something you’ve always WONDERed before! That’s GREAT! :-)

    • That’s a really interesting way to look at it, Kamryn! Thanks for helping our Wonder brains think more creatively today! :-)

  65. Hey Wonderopolis,
    Do you guys know how many dogs are there in the world that help people because they’re blind? I was wondering if you guys have done that titanoboa snake wonder yet? Some kid in my class is really interested in to reading about the snake! Thanks,

    • We’re not sure how many dogs in the world help blind people, Emma, but we think it’s SO COOL that they do! We haven’t done that snake Wonder yet, but keep visiting Wonderopolis…a little Wonder birdie told us there might be a Wonder coming up in the near future that you (and your classmate) will REALLY enjoy! :-)

    • That’s a GREAT question, Abby! We’re not sure about the answer, so we think we should BOTH WONDER more about it! Thanks for sharing your comment with us today! :-)

  66. I liked today’s wonder of the day, but I really didn’t understand it. Something else I liked about the wonder is that it made my eyes go bizarre, but they are ok now.

    • We’re really glad your eyes are OK now, Jack! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about this Wonder of the Day®! We thought it was interesting to learn that scientists think cats and dogs can actually see the colors blue and green! :-)

    • Great Wonder, Maddie #24 Culp! We think it would be cool to perform a color blind test on an animal– but it’s much different than one a human would take!

      Check out this excerpt from the Wonder for more information on the animal test:
      “Scientists actually use sophisticated tests involving food and colored panels to test whether animals can sense different colors. For example, if a dog could tell the difference between colors enough to choose a light-colored panel, it would receive a treat.
      These tests showed scientists that dogs and cats can indeed see colors — just not all the same colors that humans can see. Scientists now believe that dogs and cats can see blue and green.”

      Have a WONDERful day, Wonder Friend! :)

  67. Do dogs see in color can you make a wonder? Doing a research in school please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • How cool, thanks for WONDERing about other animals today, Danny! We’re so glad you hopped to another Wonder today! :)

    • WOOHOO, so do we, Breanna! Thanks for sharing your comment with us today – we loved learning about animals and their vision. What’s your favorite kind of dog? :)

  68. Hi,
    can you please, do the next one about 2014 Sochi winter Olympics .
    Please, Please ,Please, Please.
    it is almost over.
    can you include:
    what country got the most medals
    why do they host the Olympics at different spots each 4 years and not stay at one spot.
    who started Olympics
    which country held the first Olympics
    these are just suggestions.
    I just want one of the wonders to be about the Olympics.
    whew! that was a lot of typing.
    Please write back,
    still wondering and thanks,
    Evelyn Sams

    • What a cool fact, Hailey B.! Thanks for sharing that with us today! :-)

      Great question, Anya! We know that it is easier for boys to be colorblind because this is a genetic trait that is passed down through our genes. Not our blue jeans, but what makes up our genetic code. Cool, huh? :-)

      Thanks for passing this along and WONDERing with us today, Debbi!

    • Hi, Gabbie! It has a lot to do with our genes… not our blue jeans, but our genetic code. Thanks for WONDERing with us today! :-)

  69. Well, it is pretty obvious that dogs and cats do not have the right kind of ears to wear glasses. Thank you very much for reading my comment.

  70. I didn’t know that dogs could see some color. I didn’t know that cones are in your eyes, and I didn’t know what a realia is. How is it that men are more likely to be color blind?

    • Wow, Brooklyn! It sounds like you learned a lot from this Wonder! Great question, too! Men are more likely to be color blind due to their genes. Not their blue jeans, but their genetic code. Thanks for WONDERing with us today! :-)

  71. I had no clue that there were three different types of color blindness. I watch a YouTuber play Minecraft, he is color blind. I wonder how hard it is for him to play Minecraft because there are so many colors.

    • Great connection to this Wonder, Micah! We could only imagine how difficult it would be to play a game like Minecraft, when you are colorblind. Thanks for sharing with us today! :-)

  72. hi!
    i learned that dogs can see blue and green. i thought dogs could only see in black and white. not in shades but like us watching an old time movie. but only they can hear us! haha
    and is all choclate good for you?

    • Great Question, Molly! The study highlighted in this Wonder was just for cats and dogs, but there are probably other studies on other animals. Thanks for WONDERing with us today! :-)

    • Great Question, Blake! The Wonder also mentioned testing on cats. Thanks for WONDERing with us today, Wonder Friend! :-)

  73. I LOVE ANIMALS! I never knew that cats and dogs can see green and blue, not just black and white. I ENJOYED the video and all the facts!

    • WONDERful, Grace! We are so happy that you enjoyed this Wonder, and it sounds like you learned something new! :-)

    • Thank sounds like a great idea, Sian Pi! Maybe that will be something that will be invented in the future! Thanks for WONDERing with us again today! :)

    • Hey, Lily! Thanks for spending time WONDERing with us and leaving us an AWESOME comment! We hope to see you back soon! :)

  74. this was very interesting! I knew a little about dogs being colour blind but not this
    much! This was the most interesting one yet!

    • Hi kmonster! This is one of our favorites too! We are glad you found this WONDER interesting! We love to WONDER, learn, and have fun at the same time! :)

  75. This is cool! But I don’t get how PEOPLE can be color blind. I thought that if you are blind, that means you can’t see anything. I didn’t know that there were different types of blindness.

    My question was that,
    Are there different types of blindness besides color blind and just plain blind?

    • Hello, know one knowes! We suggest talking to a veterinarian about how to determine if you pet is color blind. Thanks for commenting and WONDERing with us! :)

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