Do you know anyone who makes their own clothes? When we buy most of our clothes in stores, we take for granted the work that goes into making them. There are many people, though, who still appreciate — and practice — the art of making their own unique pieces of art out of fabric and yarn.

Some people prefer to knit, while others like to crochet. What’s the difference? Read on!

Crochet can be used to make a wide variety of clothes and decorations for the home. All you need to crochet is a continuous strand of yarn and a single crochet hook.

To start, you make a slip stitch and then continue to make loops — called chains — to create a foundation row. Additional rows can then be added on to your foundation row. You can continue to crochet in flat rows, or you can join your stitches to create a ring.

Crochet stitches are made by making loops and wrapping yarn around the crochet hook. When the loops are drawn through the wrapped yarn, you’ve made a stitch!

One popular crochet pattern is the Granny Square. Granny Squares can be made in squares or circles. When joined together, they can be used to make beautiful blankets and vests.

Knitting, on the other hand, is often used to make sweaters, since knitting allows you to create very detailed and colorful patterns. Knitting requires two knitting needles and a continuous strand of yarn.

To knit, you start by making a slip knot on one needle. You then “cast on” the number of stitches you need for your foundation row on the needle.

The two basic knitting stitches — knit and purl — can then be created by wrapping the yarn around one needle and pulling it through loops on the other needle. These two basic stitches can be done alone or together. They can be combined to form a wide variety of designs.

When you knit, you keep a whole row of stitches active at the same time. When you crochet, though, you usually only have one live stitch on your hook at any one time. Knitting can also be done by special machines, while crocheting can usually only be done by hand.

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    • We’re not sure what tomorrow’s Wonder will be, Logan, but we like your guess very much! We can’t wait to see what we will all be WONDERing about tomorros! :-)

  1. No! :( I was wrong. Today’s wonder of the day is not about hooks. However, I loved today’s wonder! :D I think tomorrow’s wonder of the day is about tea.


    • Well, we think you are a little bit right, TJ! When a person crochets, they use a special tool called a “crochet hook,” so you were super close! Thanks for visiting today’s Wonder and THANKS for being an AWESOME Wonder Friend! :-)

  2. I think tomorrow’s wonder will be about the Boston Tea Party. I thought today’s wonder was cool!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That’s a SUPER amazing guess about tomorrow’s Wonder, Jessie! We think it would be FUN to learn about the Boston Tea Party! Thanks for letting us know you thought today’s Wonder was cool. We thought so, too! We can’t wait to give crocheting AND knitting a try! :-)

    • That’s OK, Betsy! Guessing what the next Wonder will be about is only part of the fun of exploring Wonderopolis! We’re so glad to hear that you loved visiting today’s Wonder! :-)

    • Hello, Wonder Girl! Thanks so much for sharing your guess for tomorrow’s Wonder and THANKS for being such a FANTASTIC friend of Wonderopolis! :-)

    • It seems a few of our AWESOME Wonder Friends (like YOU!) think tomorrow’s Wonder might be about the Boston Tea Party, Gwen! It’s going to be extra exciting to visit Wonderopolis tomorrow morning to find out if your guesses are correct! :-)

  3. I was making something like this, but I lost it, but then we found it, but we needed it for something else. :( Oh well,

    thanks for the wonder, you should do one on music or even Nyan-Cat :D that would be interesting.

    • Thanks for sharing that you have tried knitting or crocheting, Jocelyn! Maybe you will give it a try again some day soon! We are going to try it, too! Did you know we have LOTS of past Wonders about music? You can explore one or all of them by visiting our MUSIC category! Here’s a link: :-)

  4. :( I’m sad now. :( When I did that stuff, I was really good, but my mom used it for herself, so now I don’t even know if I’m good now. :( Thanks for the wonder.

    • We bet you are still AWESOME at knitting or crocheting, Goth Rocks! We encourage you to give it a try again! We believe in you! :-)

    • We’re glad you think this Wonder of the Day® was interesting, Mari! Thank you for visiting Wonderopolis today and leaving us this GREAT comment! :-)

    • That’s OK, Julia! We liked your guess yesterday! We like your guess for tomorrow, too! We WONDER what it would be like to have tea with the Queen of England? Thank you for helping us WONDER about that today! :-)

  5. I was way off on guessing today’s wonder! I think I have done crochet before. I think tomorrow’s wonder will be about tea parties.

    • Happy Tuesday, LKvolleyballGirl! We have really enjoyed reading your comments these past few days! It’s FUN to meet new Wonder Friends, and we’re glad you started exploring Wonderopolis this summer! :-)

  6. Have you ever done a wonder on candy or junk food? I like looking at wonders. I think wonderopolis is a really cool website and I hope you do the website for a long, long, time! I will be on tomorrow to see the next wonder!!!!!

  7. Do you have a wonder about gymnastics, art or sleeping? Because I want to see a video of those things, I think those are cool things to talk about on wonderopolis. In today’s wonder, I like how it’s fast played, it’s really cool.

    See you later. Wonderopolis


  8. I think the difference is you have different materials that you use. Also the final project is different than the other. I think tomorrow’s wonder of the day will be, “Who invented tea?”

    • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on how crocheting and knitting are different, Superwoman! We appreciate your comment and like your guess for tomorrow’s Wonder, too! We’re glad you visited Wonderopolis today! :-)

    • We bet your mom is WONDERful at crocheting, Carlos! That’s super cool that she makes so many awesome things! Thank you for visiting this Wonder of the Day® and sharing your personal connection! We hope you have an AMAZING day! :-)

    • We really appreciate your enthusiasm for this Wonder, Ashley! Thanks so much for stopping by Wonderopolis today and letting us know what you think! :-)

    • Hello, Maya! Thank you for sharing that you know how to crochet and knit! We think that is AWESOME! Thanks, also, for encouraging other Wonder Friends to try their best and for letting them know that both crafts will get easier to do if they keep practicing! You are a GREAT Wonder Friend! :-)

  9. Me, too. I think tomorrow’s wonder is about the Boston Tea Party. In December 16, 1773 colonists dressed up like Indians and dumped 342 chests of tea in the harbor. I learned about this in school when I was in fifth grade.

    • WOW! You know a lot about the Boston Tea Party, “Wonder!” Thanks for sharing your comment with us! We can’t wait to see what the next Wonder of the Day® will be about! :-)

    • We think that’s SUPER cool, Haley! Thanks so much for sharing your personal connection to this Wonder of the Day®! :-)

  10. My Auntie Crystal can knit and my Grandma Marylin can crochet. I can’t do either, but I’ll
    learn from my aunt and grandma pretty soon. Have you learned how to knit or crochet yet?

    • We think it’s AWESOME that you will be learning how to knit and crochet, Julie! What a FUN way to spend time with your aunt and your grandma! We bet they will really enjoy passing on their love of knitting and crocheting to a younger generation…YOU! We have been practicing our own knitting and crocheting and we’re getting better at it! It’s really cool to learn a new craft and see what neat things we can make when we try our best! :-)

  11. I remember growing up, my mother use to knit everything. Hats, blankets, baby clothes. She was the best at it. Knitting was fun and theraputic for her. It’s cheaper to knit!! Thanks Wonderopolis!!

    • Your mother sounds like a very TALENTED woman, Jeff! How cool that you recall her knitting so many awesome pieces– we Wonder if you learned how to knit from your mother? Thanks for sharing your SUPER memory to go along with our crafty Wonder! :)

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