Do you help your parents shop for groceries? If you spend much time in a grocery store — or looking at the foods in your refrigerator and freezer — you’ll notice that some foods have grades.

For example, you might see Grade “A” eggs in your refrigerator. Did the eggs have to pass a test? Or did the chicken have to take the test? What does the Grade “A” on eggs even mean?

You might also notice that different types of meats have grades, too. They might not say Grade “A,” though. Instead, you might see different words, such as “choice” and “prime.”

What do these grades and terms mean when it comes to the food you eat? Are some foods better, safer or healthier than others?

The food we eat comes from many different sources. During processing and packaging, it’s possible for food to become contaminated in ways that would make it unsafe for us to eat. That’s why food quality standards and inspection requirements are set forth in the Food Safety Act of 1990.

Not all foods are treated in the same way, though. There are many different laws and different standards that apply to all sorts of different kinds of foods.

For example, meat (like beef) and poultry (like chicken) are regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) makes sure that meat and poultry products undergo mandatory inspection for wholesomeness. This means they make sure these products are safe and labeled and packaged properly.

The FSIS, however, is not responsible for grading these food products for quality. Grading for quality is a voluntary service that must be requested and paid for by those who produce the food products.

Grading for quality is done by the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service. This agency uses uniform quality standards to evaluate a food’s quality based upon a number of factors, such as tenderness, juiciness and flavor.

The number of available grades depends upon the particular food being graded. For example, there are eight grades of beef and three grades for chickens, eggs and turkeys. There are over 300 standards that apply to the wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

For beef, you might find several different grades at your local grocery store. “Prime” is the highest grade, followed by “choice” and “select.” You may also see “standard” and “commercial” grades sold in stores as ungraded store-brand meat.

Poultry is graded as either “A,” “B” or “C.” You will usually only see Grade “A” poultry sold in stores. Grade “B” and “C” poultry is usually processed for use in other products.

When it comes to meats, a high quality grade usually means you’re getting a better cut of meat, based upon certain standards. But what about eggs?

Eggs can’t be inspected for quality like meat. Unlike the quality grades on beef and poultry, the Grade “A” on eggs merely means that the eggs were inspected for proper size and color and to make sure their shells aren’t cracked. So looking for Grade “A” eggs isn’t necessarily guaranteeing you any sort of ultimate quality.

Other food grades don’t necessarily speak to quality either. For example, maple syrup can receive various grades. These grades don’t indicate quality as much as they describe varying degrees of color and flavor. The grades indicate differences but not necessarily that one grade is better than the other.


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  6. I think food helps your brain focus on anything that you think about! I think tomorrow’s WONDER will be about, The Food Chain! Keep It WONDERing!
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    • Hello, Saad! Today’s Wonder is all about how the foods we eat are “graded” so that they are safe for us to eat! There are certain grades the government gives different foods that are produced in the United States. Those grades help consumers determine which foods they want to purchase and consume! :-)

    • Those are GREAT questions, Jayla and Bradley (and the rest of our AWESOME Wonder Friends in Mrs Utter’s Class)! We think it’s SUPER that you guys did some more WONDERing about eggs after you explored today’s Wonder of the Day®! :-)

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    • Hello, Jeannette! Thanks for sharing your comment with us…we appreciate your thoughts about food! We think it is awesome that so many people are talking about their food these days…where it comes from, how it provides energy for our bodies, and what kinds of yummy recipes can be made from different ingredients! :-)

  8. Hey, Wonderopolis, great wonder!!!!!!! I think that if you eat healthy you will get just a tad smarter. What do you think?. I have one question have you tested this out? if not I think you should. And do you think if you eat unhealthy food you will get stupid?. And why do they grade food? Do you think if you eat grade A food you will get As. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for letting us know you thought this Wonder was GREAT, Team Unger 15! We haven’t tested any theories about healthy foods making people smarter, but we WONDER about that, too! We think eating healthy food gives your body the nutrients it needs to help your brain WONDER! We also think that WONDERing helps us learn new things, so we become smarter! :-)

  9. Hi wonderopolis,
    I just learned two new vocabulary words, mandatory and contaminated! I also learned four new facts: 1)There are 8 grades of beef! 2)There are 3 grades of chicken! 3)Prime is the highest grade followed by choice then select! 4)Maple syrup has various grades, but they don’t matter as much! I wonder if fruits and vegetables also have grades and if so, what are they called?

    • We WONDER about fruits and vegetables, too, Team McNeil 11! We see words like “organic” on frozen vegetables, and stickers from different countries on some fresh fruits like bananas and mangoes! We think there are special rules about fruits and veggies that enter the U.S. from other countries where they are grown, and we KNOW there are rules about what can be called organic. Inspectors from the Agriculture Department make sure the produce in our grocery stores is safe for everyone to eat! :-)

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