Do you like cheese? To most people, that’s like asking whether they like to breathe. Cheese makes all sorts of things better. From pizza to nachos, cheesy goodness is a delicious part of many favorite foods.

There’s even one type of food experience that revolves around dipping different foods into hot, melted cheese. What are we talking about? Fondue, of course!

Fondue is an old tradition that got its start in Switzerland several hundred years ago. Back then, people would store breads and cheeses for use throughout the winter. When spring arrived, they would clean out their stored breads and cheese, only to find that some of it was dried out and not too appetizing.

In order to make use of the food and avoid wasting it, they came up with an inventive way to make it taste better. They would melt all their cheeses together in one big pot and then dip their crusty bread into it.

They named this creation fondue, from the French word that means “to blend” or “to melt.” For the Swiss, fondue was more than a meal, though. It became a social event that people looked forward to every year.

Over time, fondue became popular around the world. Today, fondue sets can be bought in stores everywhere. A typical fondue set will include a pot for the cheese, some type of heating element to keep it warm and a variety of long forks to dip breads and other foods into the cheese.

Fondue is still a social event, as you will hear people refer to “fondue parties” where many people will gather to socialize and enjoy different types of fondue. There are even fondue restaurants that have taken fondue to the next level.

At fondue restaurants, you will find many types of fondue beyond simple cheese. Fondue restaurants may feature various meats that can be cooked in heated broth or oil. The cooked meats are then often dipped in a variety of sauces.

If you eat at a fondue restaurant, make sure you save room for dessert. Chocolate fondue has become a popular dessert treat at fondue restaurants, as well as at parties and at home. Various types of chocolate can be melted together to form a dip for pieces of cake, fruits, marshmallows and even cookies!

If you like fondue, there are a couple of rules of etiquette to keep in mind. Don’t double dip! To avoid spreading germs from one person to another, just dip each piece of bread — or meat or fruit — into the fondue just once. It’s also a good idea to use your fondue fork only to transport your food from the fondue pot to your plate — not your mouth!

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  1. Hey wonderopolis I love fondue it is sooooo good my favorite is chocolate it’s so sugery. Whenever I have foundude it’s at the Melting Pot. In fact my friend Makayla, her parents own a Melting Pot so it’s really cool. One more thing Hi Mrs. Albani you rock! Also hi Class.

    • Hello, Wonder Friend gob gymnast! It’s pretty cool that you and your friends have experienced that delicious, gooey, cheesy fondue! We think the Melting Pot is a great name for a fondue restaurant, since “fondue” means “to melt” in French! How perfect! :)

      Thanks for sharing your comment and giving a special shout out to your Wonder Friends, including Mrs. Albani! :)

    • Happy Thursday to you, Laserdudle! We’re glad you’re back at Wonderopolis today! Some of our Wonder Friends enjoy the cheese fondue with crusty bread, while others go straight for chocolate dipped strawberries, like we saw in the video. We Wonder if you have ever tried any type of fondue? :)

    • Hehee, we agree, soccerstar! Isn’t it funny how some sounds get stuck in your head like that? We are getting hungry here at Wonderopolis just THINKING of chocolate fondue! :)

  2. Hi wonderopolis!
    I’ve never dipped in fondue before. Maybe’s tomorrow’s wonder of the day will be about a funny video or a funny photo.

    • Hi Super Star44, we’re SUPER glad you’re here today! Thanks for WONDERing about fondue with us; we hope you are able to taste fondue sometime in the future. It’s lots of fun to gather with friends and share a meal together! We hope to Wonder with you tomorrow, too! :)

  3. Dear Wonderopolis,

    We think it looks delicious and would like to try fondue some day soon.

    We think tomorrow’s wonder might be about Bing.

    Thank you for the wonders,
    Mrs. Tillman’s class

    • We agree with our Wonder Friends in Mrs. Tillman’s 4th grade class… fondue is a delicious meal! We hope you are able to taste it soon, too! Our Internet Wonder is going to be a fun one… we will see you tomorrow morning! Have a totally terrific Thursday! :)

    • YIPPEE, we LOVE your enthusiasm today, Bryleigh! We hope you get to try fondue sometime soon– it’s a cool way to dine! Thanks for sharing your comment with us! :)

  4. Dear WONDERopolis,

    We enjoyed learning about fondue today. Our appetites have been stirred. We cannot decide what we think tomorrow’s WONDER will be about. We’re excited to see what you’ll bring us!

    • Hello Wonder Friends in Mrs. Karr’s Class! We bet you are all dreaming of cheesy fondue pots now! :)

      We hope you’ll come back to Wonder with us tomorrow… it’s going to be an Internet sensation! :)

  5. My mother and I both enjoy the Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant located in few places around the United States. We are lucky to live only 45 minutes away from one. One other interesting fact is it is also a term used in ballet. The movement is meant to imitate “to melt” as in the French interpretation.

    • How cool, Megan, another Wonder Friend mentioned the Melting Pot, too! We bet having a fondue dinner with your mother is a great way to share a meal! We are also very proud that you mentioned “fondue” and its use in ballet! The movement really does look like the dancer is slowly melting with their legs, just like “plie” means to bend! Nice work, Wonder Friend! Take a bow! :)

    • Mmm mmmm, we agree with you, Noemi V! WONDERing about fondue has created quite a food frenzy here at Wonderopolis– everyone is getting hungry! Thanks for sharing your comment today, Wonder Friend! :)

    • Well Happy Birthday to our great Wonder Friend, FaZe TriCks! We hope you’re having a SUPER day… perhaps you will be able to dine on some fondue as part of your birthday celebration! :)

    • We hope you have a chance to try fondue for yourself, Wonder Friend Red! If you like cheese or chocolate (but not combined!), we think you’ll enjoy your fondue meal! We hope you have a terrific Thursday! :)

  6. Dear Wonderopolis,

    We thought the video was really funny.
    We think tomorrow’s wonder will be about facebook, twitter, or you tube.

    thank you for the wonders,
    Mrs. Witkowski’s 4th graders.

    • We are glad to hear that our Wonder Friends in 4th grade are smiling today! Thanks for WONDERing about ooey, gooey, cheesy fondue with us today! We really like your guesses for our Internet Wonder tomorrow, too! We think you’re right on track… we can’t wait to Wonder about the World Wide Web soon! :)

    • Wow, we think you’re right on track, I’m a banana! We bet you’ll enjoy WONDERing about the World Wide Web with us tomorrow… we can’t wait to find out what the Wonder will be! :)

  7. We thought fondue looks yummy. We have a resturant called the Melting Pot that has all kinds of things that can be dipped.

    We think tomorrow’s wonder of the day will be about bentley green.

    • How cool that you have a fondue restaurant nearby! We have so many Wonder Friends who have mentioned eating at the Melting Pot today! It sounds like a very cool place– we’re glad you shared your comment with us today! Hope to see you tomorrow so we can find out if your guess is correct! :)

  8. Well I think in my opinion fondue looks disgusting but it’s also delicious in a good way but I found out you can make anything into fondue like chocolate, cheese, raisins, and my favorite fish sticks. But I’ve never made fondue but I’ve often seen fondue but I’ve never been to Switzerland so I’ve never eaten fondue.

    • Hi there, Wonder Friend R! We think that you might enjoy fondue if you are a cheese lover, or even a chocolate lover! The great thing is that you don’t have to go to Switzerland to eat it! We are glad you’re here today– thanks for sharing your comment today! :)

    • Great question, Sandra! Fondue, which means “to melt” in French, is made by melting cheese or chocolate– but we don’t melt them together! We have some recipes for fondue in the “try it out section” of today’s Wonder. It might be a great activity to try out with your family or an adult! :)

  9. Some of us love fondue! Some of us have never even tried it but after hearing about it from Wonderopolis we want to be risk takers and try it!
    We think tomorrow’s wonder might be about WONDEROPOLIS! Could it be the next internet sensation???

    Izzy wonders if all Yorkies have long hair. Are they a good breed for kids??

    • We LOVE your sense of adventure, Mrs. Thomas’ Tigers!! We hope that those fondue experts in the classroom can share their fondue tips with those who haven’t tried fondue yet! ;)

      WHOA, what a SUPER guess! We think tomorrow’s Wonder will be full of fun, so we hope to see you again for more WONDERing to come!

      We think you’re doing a great job of WONDERing about our four-legged friends, Izzy! We bet you can do some research of your own about Yorkies and how they tend to be in houses with kids. However, we have a furry Wonder for you:

      Wonder #539– Why Do All Dogs Chase Their Tails? :)

    • Great Wonder, Jack! Today we learned about fondue, which means “to melt” in French. It’s made by melting cheese or chocolate– but we don’t melt them together! We have some recipes for fondue in the “try it out section” of today’s Wonder. It might be a great activity to try out with your family or an adult! :)

    • WOW, that’s very impressive, Alvanna! We are glad you’ve been WONDERing each and every day! We’re very proud of all your hard work! :)

  10. Hi!!

    I was just WONDERing why zebras and tigers have stripes. Could you possibly do that for one of your wonders of the day?

    I also want to know if you’ve heard Gangnam style by PSY.


  11. OK I do like cheese and I like bread, but those two together? Sorry I don’t like them that much.
    (At least I know what fondue is).

    • We Wonder if you have tried fondue, Tyler? We like the two together, but for some, keeping bread and cheese separate might be better! :)

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