• Why do people keep pets?
  • What is the most popular pet?
  • Why were animals first domesticated?
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If there are 50 million children in the U.S., about how many pets are there?

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  • How do Arctic animals survive in the cold?
  • What kinds of animals live in the Arctic?
  • What special features have Arctic animals developed to survive the cold temperatures?
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Which Arctic animal often hangs out in groups for warmth and protection?

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  • What was the first movie ever made?
  • Was the first movie ever made created for entertainment purposes?
  • When did movies with sound begin?
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What was the first full-length feature film to feature dialog synchronized with the picture?

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  • Where does wind come from?
  • Air is made up of what kind of molecules?
  • What is air pressure?
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Air over which of the following would tend to warm faster?

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  • Why are there uppercase and lowercase letters?
  • Did uppercase or lowercase letters come first?
  • Do all languages have both uppercase and lowercase letters?
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Majuscule describes which type of letters?

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