Do you love spaghetti? It’s probably hard to find a kid who doesn’t like a mound of pasta covered in marinara sauce. Add some cheese, meatballs and breadsticks and you’ve got a meal that’ll satisfy even the most finicky eaters.

Some kids love pasta so much that they’ll try it in any variety. From lasagna and ziti to ravioli and corkscrew, pasta comes in a wide array of shapes, sizes and flavors.

Most pasta dishes feature a unique sauce, along with a meat, such as beef, chicken or pork. Many pasta dishes also feature vegetables, such as peppers and onions.

But did you know that you can make pasta out of vegetables? It’s true! Meet the spaghetti squash!

The spaghetti squash, whose scientific name is Cucurbita pepo, is known by many different names, including vegetable spaghetti, noodle squash, spaghetti marrow, squaghetti, gold string melon and keeper squash. It’s an oblong type of winter squash that’s famous for the fact that, when cooked, its flesh forms strands like spaghetti.

Spaghetti squash vary from off-white to yellow or orange in color. The center of a spaghetti squash contains a lot of large seeds. Their flesh is usually bright yellow or orange in color and is solid like other squash when raw.

Cooks love spaghetti squash, because they can be cooked in so many ways. Their seeds can be roasted just like pumpkin seeds. Their flesh can be roasted, baked, boiled, steamed or even microwaved.

When cooked, the flesh of the spaghetti squash can be removed with a fork to form long strands like spaghetti. These long strands are often used as a substitute for regular pasta. They can be made into a wide variety of dishes with or without sauces, just like regular spaghetti.

Although regular pasta can be healthy, spaghetti squash offers a healthy alternative for those who want to eat more vegetables. Many nutrients, including folic acid, potassium, vitamin A and beta carotene, can be found in spaghetti squash.

Spaghetti squash is also really low in calories! A four-ounce serving of spaghetti squash contains less than 40 calories, making it a healthy alternative to pasta for people on a diet.

Do you have a garden at home? If so, you can grow spaghetti squash at home. They’re easy to grow in either gardens or in containers. You can also find spaghetti squash in stores. They’re often available year-round, but their peak season is in early fall through the winter.

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    • YUM! We’re so glad you enjoyed today’s Wonder, Merle! We hope you can try some spaghetti squash soon! Get cookin’! :)

  1. Thoughts: We thought this WONDER was very yummy. It made me hungry. We like that the chef had a neat New York accent. We like the idea of posting their favorite use of squaghetti on Facebook. Mrs. Hess really likes the word squaghetti. We do WONDER how many people have eaten squaghetti. We thought the chef was a very creative food artist. We didn’t have to be persuaded to eat squaghetti, the chef made it look really tempting to eat. Who invented the name squaghetti?

    Predictions: Have you ever jumped out of an airplane?, How do you get the flu?, How do you fly a hot air balloon?, Are you afraid of heights?, What is hand-gliding?, Do you love skydiving?, How was the first airplane made? (The Wright Brothers), What are flying saucers?, What is the biggest plane?

    • Hey there, Wonder Friends in Mrs. Hess’ Class! Today’s Wonder made our stomachs growl, too! We hope you’re going to try some squaghetti with your family soon! Perhaps you can try different sauces and toppings like a chef would!

      Tomorrow’s Wonder is going up-up-and-away! We can’t wait to find out what it will be! :)

  2. We thought the pasta looked yummy!

    We think tomorrow’s wonder of the day will be about airplanes, roller coasters, or helicopters.

    • YUM, we’re so glad you enjoyed today’s delicious Wonder, Ms. Bayko’s Class! You made us smile today with your comment! HOORAY for your SUPER guesses for tomorrow’s Wonder of the Day®! We will see you soon- keep WONDERing! :)

  3. Wow! I can’t believe what scientists are doing today. Discovering more and more. This wonder looks really great but does it taste the same like pasta? It always makes me curious.

    • We hope you’ll try it soon, Ky Duyen! Spaghetti squash does remind you of pasta, but it takes a bit different– it’s got a little “crunch” to it! :) Check it out, you might enjoy it! :)

    • HOORAY, we’re so glad you’re here, Isaiah! You make us smile, WOnder Friend! We are glad you continue to Wonder about events that happen, things that you see, and ideas you have! Keep up the great work! :)

  4. Dear Wonderopolis,

    Only four of us have ever had spaghetti squash before but many more would like to try it. It looks delicious.

    We think tomorrow will be about medicine, planes, carnival rides, or even sky diving.

    Thank you for the wonders,
    Mrs. Tillman’s 4th graders

    • Hey there, Wonder Friends in Mrs. Tillman’s 4th Grade Class! Happy Tuesday! We hope you’ll try some spaghetti squash with your family… maybe you can help plan your next family dinner! :) Thanks for sharing your WONDERful guesses with us, Wonder Friends! You ROCK! :)

    • YUM, we hope so, too! Perhaps you can offer to help your mom with dinner soon, Blake, and you can add what you’ve learned about spaghetti squash today! Keep up the great work! :)

  5. The pasta looked really good. I think that it would taste good. The chef looks like he is a good cook. Spaghetti sqash and shrimp looked really good.

    • We’re glad you liked today’s Wonder, Tyler! We bet you can try your hand at being chef for a night– perhaps you can help with your next family dinner! You can even put on a chef’s hat and pretend you’re at a restaurant! :)

    • We hope you’ll try your hand at making pasta with vegetables, Ajhnae! Who knows, you might find a new recipe that’s right up your alley! :)

    • YUM, we’re so glad you enjoyed WONDERing about delicious vegetables today, Kayla H! We hope you’ll try spaghetti squash with your family soon! :)

    • YUM, how cool, Juaquin! We hope you’ll try it with your family soon! It’s a great way to try something new and delicious! :)

    • Thanks so much, Nyla! We are so glad you enjoyed today’s Wonder about delicious vegetable pasta! YUM! We think food that looks good should taste good too! :)

  6. I love shrimp and squash. I wonder how both of these together. I wonder if it tastes really yummy. I guess that you can make pasta out of veggies.

    • We like your taste, Henry– shrimp and squash is DELICIOUS! We hope you’ll try them together, who knows?! It could be a great combination! We hope you’ll have fun in the kitchen! :)

  7. I think that the pasta looked really good and I would love to try it. The pasta was squash and shrimp but I would put regular pasta with shrimp. I really liked this wonder of the day.

    • We hope you’ll try spaghetti squash soon, Emily! Perhaps you and your family can enjoy it together! We bet whatever you create will taste delicious– use your imagination! Thanks for sharing your comment with us today! :)

    • WOOHOO, we are hungry from today’s Wonder, too, Carla! We hope you will be able to try a new recipe with vegetable pasta– YUM! :)

  8. Yes you can put vegetables in pasta. Some people thought the pasta looked so yummy. And I think tomorrow’s wonder of the day will be about airplane and I wish my mom can make squash pasta.

    • Thanks for WONDERing with us today, Jason! We hope you and your family will taste spaghetti squash, or squaghetti, in the future! It’s a delicious, new way to enjoy your veggies! We look forward to WONDERing with you soon, Jason! :)

    • YUM, Kayla R! We’re so glad you’re WONDERing with us today! Perhaps you can try a new recipe with shrimp and spaghetti squash for dinner! Please let us know how it goes! :)

  9. Wow! I never knew you can make pasta with veggies. I would have tried it if I liked veggies. That meal looks so easy to cook but it’s probably not.

    • Hey there, Azhir! Thanks for WONDERing with us today! Today’s delicious Wonder has our stomachs growling– we hope you can try out a recipe for yourself. Perhaps you can help with the next family dinner! :)

  10. I think that spaghetti squash looks real good. I also think that the spaghetti squash looks tasty. It’s very neat how you added all the ingredients together I might like to try some.

    • WOOHOO, thanks for WONDERing with us today, Katelyn! We sure hope you try some spaghetti squash soon, Katelyn! You’ll be craving it in no time at all! :)

    • HOORAY, we’re glad you enjoyed today’s veggie Wonder, Erick! Thanks for sharing what you learned today! You made us smile, that’s for sure! :)

    • We’re so thrilled that you enjoyed our Wonder today! Vegetables can be delicious in so many ways, Kamaria! We hope you’ll try it soon! :)

  11. Wow! That spaghetti looked delicious. I’m going to ask my mom if she could make that. We love spaghetti, and we would probably love it! This wonder was awesome and hopefully tommorow it will be something even cooler.

    • We sure hope that you and your family will have a spaghetti squash feast soon, Santino! You can add some seasonings and make it your own special Santino Spaghetti Surprise! We will see you tomorrow for more WONDERing! :)

  12. Today we wondered if you could make pasta out of vegetables. We learned that you can make pasta out of vegetables. We also learned that you can add seasonings and give it more flavor.

    We can’t wait to see what tomorrows wonder will be about.

    • Thanks for joining the fun and WONDERing with us today, Mrs. Karr’s Class! YOU ROCK! Seasonings make us smile, we hope you try a new recipe with your families soon! We have had a great time WONDERing with you today– thanks for stopping by! :)

    • YUM, thanks for sharing your comment with us today, Jerrica! Today’s Wonder is interesting and delicious– the best combination! HOORAY for food and WONDERing! :)

    • Hey there, Anthony A! We are glad you’re WONDERing with us today! We hope you’ll try spaghetti squash soon, perhaps you’ll enjoy it! :)

    • Hey there, Wonder Friend Toad! We’re glad this Wonder was right up your alley! Thanks for visiting us today- we’re glad you’re here! :)

    • Hey there, Payton! We’re so glad to hear it– today’s Wonder made a LOT of us hungry! We hope you have a delicious meal tonight… perhaps it will be spaghetti squash! :)

  13. Today’s WONDER made us hungry. We didn’t know you could make pasta from a vegetable. We plan to look for it in our local grocery stores now. YUM!!!

    We think tomorrow will be about: Roller Coaster, Sky Diving, Airplanes, Helicopters, Going into Space, Bungee Jumping.

    • We’re so very happy our Wonder Friends in Miss Holden’s 2nd Grade Class is WONDERing about food with us today! HOORAY! When you find spaghetti squash, we’d LOVE to hear about your dinner and how you prepared it! We sure do hope it’s tasty! :) Thanks for sharing your AWESOME guesses for tomorrow’s pie-in-the-sky Wonder! :)

    • We hope you’ll try spaghetti squash in the future, Joaquin! It’s a cool new way to get your veggies! We can’t wait to Wonder with you tomorrow! :)

    • We hope you’ll be the chef for a night in your house… maybe you and your family can try a spaghetti squash recipe! It sounds like a WONDERful way to dine! :)

    • YUM, we’re so glad you enjoyed today’s food Wonder, Rebecca! We can’t wait to find out what tomorrow’s up, up, and AWAY Wonder will be! :)

    • Thank so much, Gabrielle! We’re glad today’s Wonder made you smile! We sure hope to see you soon for more WONDERing! :)

  14. Ya right, you said that my idea was great but are there any wonders about world war one or two? No there’s NOTHING. For example I read the commits and there was on about pandas and guess what the next day there was a wonder about pandas. But yet there’s nothing about the great war or any war for that mater. Millions of soilders died in those wars and you people can’t even put a wonder about it. You could put why the war started or how it ended. You try living in a trench for weeks fighting for your country leaving your family behind, it is heart breaking. I can’t even understand the war myself but I read enough books about it that I know I would hate to be in there.

    • Thank you so much, Merle and Emma! We’re thrilled that you enjoyed our Wonder about vegetables! Thanks for sharing your comment with us! :)

  15. Hello Wonderopolis,

    Once again you have made our stomachs burst with hunger. Out of the 20 children in our class only about 5 of them had ever heard of spaghetti squash. Although, many of us are now wanting to try it. Thank you for expanding our knowledge in order to help us make connections with our world. Mr. Swick’s class passed upon your greeting yesterday. See you tomorrow. We think we will be learning about airplanes, skyscrapers, the London Eye or hot air balloons.

    • HELLO to our Wonder Friends in Mrs. Swick’s Fifth Grade Class! We hope that all of you are able to try a delicious spaghetti squash recipe soon… perhaps you can help plan your next family dinner! WOHOO! We are so glad to have great Wonder Friends like you- we are so lucky!

      The next Wonder of the Day® might leave you breathless! :)

  16. I think spaghetti squash sounds very good. Have you ever tried it WONDERopolis? I’m kind of hungry. At my school us fifth graders eat lunch late. I WONDER what’s tomorrow’s wonder is going to be?

    • YUM, we hope you try spaghetti squash soon, Amaria! Some of our Wonder Friends have tried spaghetti squash and they LOVE it! You can create your very own recipe with different sauces and seasonings! We hope you had a delicious lunch! Thanks for WONDERing with us! :)

  17. Hi wonderopolis! I liked today’s wonder a lot! My momma has made spaghetti squash with sauce before and it is really good. Thank you for today’s wonder! :) ;)

    • Hey there, Wonder Friend Berkleigh! It sounds like your family enjoys really delicious meals- YUM! Thanks for sharing your comment! We’re so glad you’re here! :)

  18. We learned that spaghetti squash can look bad and still be healthy. We learned that spaghetti squash can be grown in gardens. We liked the video because squash can be squishy and yucky, but we should still try it. We learned that you can make spaghetti out of vegetables.

    • WOW, we’re so glad you shared all your new facts with us, Tigers1stGrade! HOORAY for learning about new, cool vegetables! Isn’t it crazy that the squash resembles spaghetti?! We think it has a crunch to it, but it’s still delicious! Thanks for visiting us to Wonder! :)

  19. Today’s wonder made us hungry – we are going to make a pasta (maybe veggie!) tonight for dinner! We think tomorrow’s wonder might be about air sickness when flying is turbulent, or how the cabin air is filtered on large commercial aircraft. Thanks again!

    • Hey there, Gwen and Angus! We Wonder what you decided to make for dinner last evening? We are so glad our veggie Wonder inspired you! HOORAY for WONDERing!

      Thanks for sharing your awesome guesses for the next Wonder… we think you’re onto something! :)

    • YUM, we think we’re going to try your recipe with butter, salt and pepper on our spaghetti squash, Sammie! Thanks for sharing your awesome comment! :)

  20. Wow this website is really cool. I was showing it to my sister and she likes it because she learned new things. The squaghetti looks so delicious :). The chef did a good job because he persuaded me to try it.

    • Thanks for sharing your comment, Wonder Friend Carlos! We’re thrilled that you and your sister have been WONDERing with us- nice work! Please let us know how your next squaghetti recipe turns out! Thanks for being great Wonder Friends! :)

  21. Today is our second day visiting Wonderopolis. We can’t wait to learn more about squaghetti. We’re excited about what we’re going to learn tomorrow.

    • Welcome back to Wonderopolis, Mrs. Colemans’ Class! We’re oh-so-glad you’re here! We hope you’ll all try squaghetti and let us know what you think of it! We hope it’s tasty! Thanks for WONDERing with us! :)

  22. Hi I loved today’s wonder it looks delicious and I love squash it is my favorite food. It sounds great thanks. My prediction for tomorrow is a hot air ballon. Thanks again.

    • Way to go, Gabrielle, squash is delicious AND good for you! We’re so happy that you enjoyed our veggie Wonder, thanks for sharing your comment with us! We are so lucky to have a great Wonder Friend like you! :)

    • Hey there, Wonder Friend Isha! Thanks for sharing your guess for tomorrow’s Wonder… we look forward to looking UP with you! Thanks for WONDERing with us, Isha! See you soon! :)

    • Thanks so much for WONDERing with us, Lily! Pumpkin seeds would be a great topping on spaghetti squash… perhaps you can create a recipe of your own! YUM! :)

  23. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm that looks good I’m hoping the wonder tomorrow is about an airplane…… Tell me how did you do that. :)

    • Hey there, Michael! We are glad our vegetable Wonder made you smile! We hope you’ll try squaghetti soon– please let us know if you liked it! :)

      See you tomorrow, Wonder Friend! :)

  24. Wow! We loved all the creative names we learned for spaghetti squash!

    We thought that the video recipe looked delicious. Miss Beidler has been wanting to try squaghetti for a long time, so she might try that recipe!

    • Hello to our fun Wonder Friends in Miss Beidler’s Class! We LOVE to learn new words with you today! The squaghetti is making us hungry just looking at it! :)

      We hope your cooking adventure goes well, Miss Beidler! Please tell us how the recipe turns out! Thanks for visiting us today! :)

  25. Hi! I think that is so cool! I can’t wait to try it myself! I’ll tell you how it tastes next time I try it! Thank you for your wonderful fun facts!

  26. Hi Wonderopolis,I loved the video. The video was cool and I like how he made it thanks for showing the video. Does it taste good? What kind of vegetable is it? ;)

    • Thanks for WONDERing with us today, Shauntelle! We hope you’ll try spaghetti squash for yourself in the future… perhaps you can even plan a dinner with the help of your family members! YUM! :)

    • We’re proud of you for trying squaghetti, Guner! Even if you didn’t enjoy it, we think it’s cool that you tried something new! :)

    • YUM, you’re making us hungry, Wonder Friend Ali! Thanks for sharing your favorite foods– it sounds like you’re ready to cook! :)

  27. YUM! this noodle squash sounds so good and my mom would love it she always tells me I need to eat my veggies and I love pasta this will be the perfect compromise!

    • We are so excited that you are thinking about ways to compromise, Wonder Friend Afton! We hope you and your mom try a spaghetti squash recipe together– WONDERing in the kitchen is SO MUCH FUN! :)

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  • What are some of your favorite vegetables? Potatoes and corn usually rank near the top of kids’ lists of favorite vegetables. But what about green beans? Spinach? Broccoli? Cauliflower? There are so many delicious vegetables out there just waiting to be tried. Ask an adult to take you on a field trip to your local grocery store’s produce section. Check out all the vegetables for sale. Can you name all of them? Challenge yourself to pick out at least three vegetables you’ve never tried before. Buy some and take them home for a real old-fashioned taste test. You never know when you might discover a new favorite food!
  • Compare how a four-ounce serving of spaghetti squash stacks up the same size serving of other types of pasta. Take a field trip to your kitchen cupboard or a local grocery store to find several other types of pasta. Check the nutrition label to determine how many calories are in a four-ounce serving of these other types of pasta. How do they compare to spaghetti squash? How many calories could you save by eating spaghetti squash rather than another type of pasta?
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