We know there are a lot of readers out there who are desperately hoping that the answer to today’s question is a resounding “Yes!” Well, it’s a definite “maybe” and you’ll just have to read on to find out the details you need to know!

What are we talking about? Chocolate, of course! It’s a tasty, tempting treat that many people simply can’t resist. It’s sweet and can be high in calories, so eating a lot of chocolate isn’t going to help you lose weight. But could it be healthy…somehow…some way?

Although healthy chocolate sounds too good to be true, recent scientific studies suggest that one particular type of chocolate — dark chocolate — may have some definite health benefits. Dark chocolate has a higher concentration of one of the main ingredients in chocolate: cocoa.

Scientists believe that the cocoa in dark chocolate might help to reduce certain risk factors for heart disease. Why? Cocoa beans contain substances called flavonoids. Flavonoids have been shown to have antioxidant effects that can reduce cell damage that can lead to heart disease.

Flavonoids also have been linked to improved blood flow and lower blood pressure. These findings have led some scientists to believe eating dark chocolate could reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart attack.

Before you go out and stock up on “healthy” dark chocolate, though, you should be aware of a few things. Many of the studies that suggest health benefits of dark chocolate are recent and need to be confirmed by more research.

More importantly, as with any “healthy” food, scientists are quick to point out that moderation is key. A little bit of dark chocolate is likely all you need to get the health benefits from the flavonoids in dark chocolate.

Eating too much chocolate too often can lead to weight gain and many related health problems that could easily and quickly erase any benefits gained. The fat, sugar, and calories in chocolate, if not eaten in moderation, can lead to higher risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes — the very things the flavonoids are supposed to counteract!

If you want the health benefits of dark chocolate, doctors suggest eating no more than three ounces of dark chocolate per day. Also, be sure you’re eating dark chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 65%.

Three grams of dark chocolate daily can still add 450 calories or more to your diet. To make up for these calories, you may want to decrease calories in other areas or exercise more often.

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    • Hey there, Wonder Friend Crystal! We’re glad you’re WONDERing about sweet treats with us today! HOORAY! You’re right– too much of any sweet dessert can lead to cavities, so it’s important to remember to eat in moderation. That means you don’t want to eat too much of anything in order to stay healthy!

      We have heard of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate… can you think of any other types of chocolate? :)

    • Hey there, Laila! Chocolate sure is tasty, and some scientists believe that dark chocolate can be good for your heart (in small doses, of course)! We Wonder what your favorite kind of chocolate is? :)

  1. Thoughts: We thought that the young lady’s accent in the video was interesting. Is she from England? Even though she spoke English she spoke a little fast for us. (This reminded us of hamburger!) We didn’t realize that dark chocolate had so many vitamins. What is the difference between dark and milk chocolate? We liked how the video’s creator gave credit to those people who participated in creating the video. How is dark chocolate made?

    Predictions: What happens when you get a log at school? How do you log on to a computer? How did Bill Gates make millions of dollars? How was the first log cabin made? What materials are needed to make a computer? Why is a log-in important? Do you like Facebook or Twitter? What’s the biggest computer network created? Oovoo or Skype? Do you like YouTube or Twitter? Why are kids interested in Facebook? Who has the most “friends” on Facebook? What happens to dead logs? Can a computer log on by itself? Who invented the first computer? Who invented usernames? How did Mark Zuckerburg create Facebook?

    As always, thanks for everything you do. We look forward to each WONDER!!!

    • Hi there, Wonder Friends in Mrs. Hess’ Class! We’re so glad you’re here today! We did some more research about Hannah, the girl whose voice was used in the Wonder video, and she and her team are from New Zealand! They did a great job creating an awesome science video- we’re so glad we can show it to all our Wonder friends!

      Thanks for sharing all you learned from today’s Wonder, including your favorite parts!

      We bet you can do some more WONDERing of your own about the differences between chocolates… we bet it has a lot to do with the amount of cocoa!

      Thanks for sharing your SUPER awesome guesses for tomorrow’s Wonder- you’ve got us smiling! :)

  2. Darrius thinks that eating too much chocolate can lead to diabetes or rotten teeth.

    Daevon thinks that chocolate can be good for you. He wonders how chocolate is made.

    Khaliya thinks chocolate is not good for you but that it is good to eat! She thinks it can make you go crazy.

    Shanaya thinks tomorrow’s Wonder will be about cutting trees down. Serenity thinks it will be about logging in on a computer.

  3. Good morning, Wonderopolis! Thank you for sharing this DELICIOUS wonder!!! We all ADORE chocolate and are happy to find out that it can be healthy. We will have to try some dark chocolate soon!

    • Good morning, Miss Hobson’s Class! Thanks for WONDERing with us this morning– we are so glad you enjoyed our sweet Wonder! We hope you treat yourself to some dark chocolate soon! :)

  4. Dear Wonderopolis,

    We are so excited to be the first to comment today! Only about 3 people in our class like dark chocolate but about 17 people love milk chocolate. We even have one student who doesn’t like chocolate at all. We talked about what calories mean – how they are energy for your body and if you don’t use them your body stores them as fat to use later! We think tomorrow’s wonder might be about lumber or computers.

    • Hey there, Mrs. Chevalier’s Class! Thanks for visiting us today! We’re glad that you shared your chocolate poll results with us– we have some Wonder Friends who would rather snack on another sweet treat before they reach for the chocolate, too!

      Thanks for creating an awesome Wonder of your own- from chocolate to calories to energy, it sounds like you’ve covered some WONDERful topics! :)

    • You’ve got us smiling today, Mrs. Roberts’ Class! We hope you can taste your favorite treats soon– dark chocolate sounds like a great place to start! :)

  5. No it cant be good for you you guys said it for yourself, “Eating too much chocolate too often can lead to weight gain and many related health problems that could easily and quickly erase any benefits gained.” :)

    • Hey there, Wonder Friend I! Thanks for sharing what you learned today about portion control! Chocolate can be good for us, but only in small doses! Have a SUPER day! :)

    • Thanks for sharing your sweet comment today, Wonder Friends Sanaa and Kassidy! :-)

      We sure are glad you’re WONDERing about one of our favorite treats today! HOORAY for chocolate Wonders! :-)

  6. Dear Wonderopolis,

    We loved hearing about how chocolate can be good for you because we loooooove chocolate!

    Also, what would be a good amount of dark chocolate per week or month? We know that moderation is important.

    Thank you for your interesting wonders.

    • Alright, we’re so happy our Wonder Friends in Mrs. Kahlaer’s 2nd Grade Class are here today! We think chocolate really brings Wonder Friends together! :-)

      We consulted the Mayo Clinic, one of the top medical organizations in the United States. A Mayo Clinic nutritionist tells us that we should limit our dark chocolate intake to about 3 grams per day. And make sure that dark chocolate is 65% or higher in cocoa! We Wonder if you can determine how much dark chocolate that is in one week, one month, one year?

      Thanks for sharing your comment! :)

  7. This is our first day wondering. We think tomorrow’s wonder might be about logs, log cabins, or logging on to computers.

    • We’re glad you’re here, Wonder Friends from Jarrettown 4th Grade! WELCOME to Wonderopolis!

      Thanks for using your imaginations to guess tomorrow’s Wonder! See you tomorrow for more WONDERing! :)

    • Thanks so much for sharing your comment, Wonder Friend Jenna! We’re glad this tasty Wonder is right up your alley! YUM! :)

    • Dark chocolate takes some getting used to, we agree, Wonder Friend Hailey! We hope you’ll try different types of chocolate– who knows, perhaps you’ll like dark chocolate the next time you try it! :)

  8. We liked learning that dark chocolate is good for your skin and your heart. Wow! We all had a piece of chocolate to celebrate learning about chocolate. :)

    We love your website as much as chocolate!!

    Makenzie, Scott and Austin

    • Hey there, Wonder Friends in Mrs. Nolan’s Class! The word is out- CHOCOLATE LOVERS are here today! It’s a chocolate celebration! :)

      We are glad you learned something new with us about your favorite sweet treat– we are glad you treated yourself to some delicious chocolate today! Thanks for celebrating with us today, Makenzie, Scott and Austin! :)

    • No problem, Wonder Friend Eugene! We’re glad you’re WONDERing with us today– we learned SO much about the benefits of chocolate! :)

  9. Hey I didn’t know that dark chocolate was good for you but my mom says it is. Oh yeah thank you for telling me this now I know what chocolate I should eat. :)

    • We’re so glad you learned something new with us today, Jessica! We bet you and your mom will have a great time WONDERing about chocolate with us today– perhaps you’ll have some dark chocolate together after dinner! :)

  10. Jackson wants to know why ALL chocolate can’t be healthy?

    Dalton thinks tomorrow’s wonder of the day will be about horses and how much they eat.

    Morgan thinks tomorrow’s wonder will be about why horses wear shoes.

    • We sure do wish all chocolate was healthy, Jackson, but dark chocolate is the only kind that has flavonoids (that we know about)! We can’t wait to giddy up as we Wonder with you tomorrow, Dalton and Morgan! Thanks for sharing your comments today, Wonder Friends! :)

  11. We had to take a break for some benchmark testing and we missed reading about WONDERS! We were so excited to come back and see an article about one of our favorite things! One of the articles that we read on our benchmark test was about calories and exercising, which gave us great ways to connect with this article. Thank you, as always! Our guesses for tomorrow are: technology in the classroom, computer log ins and one of us thinks it has to do with wood.

    • We hope your testing went well- we’re proud of you, Wonder Friends in Mrs. Swick’s Fifth Grade Class! :-)

      We missed you, too, but we sure are glad you’re back today! Phew! It’s a celebration that you’re back, because we’re WONDERing about the sweetest treats around- CHOCOLATE! YUM!

      Thanks for visiting us today, and sharing your terrific guesses! :)

  12. hi wonderopolis
    I LOVE today’s wonder it was awesome I never knew that dark chocolate helps stop heart disease. Also is the dark chocolate with the filling healthy for you?

    • Hey Wonder Friend Madeline! Thanks for sharing your comment with us today- we LOVE your enthusiasm! While dark chocolate doesn’t stop heart disease exactly, there is a lot of research that supports why dark chocolate can help your heart. The special ingredients, flavonoids, are good for us! There are tons of different kinds of chocolate out there, but dark chocolate with 65% cocoa or more is the best option! :)

    • We’re glad to hear it, Wonder Friend Emily! Thanks for learning about that sweet treat- CHOCOLATE! We hope you have a SUPER day– we’ll see you soon, Wonder Friend! :)

  13. That was interesting but I like all chocolate except dark. Dark is horrifing.

    from awesome

    • Hey there, Wonder Friend Chase! We understand that even though dark chocolate is a bit better for you, milk chocolate is still delicious! Thanks for WONDERing about our sweet tooth with us! :)

    • Hey there, Wonder Friend Matthew! We wish it were that easy, but we think you might end up with a stomach ache after a block of dark chocolate! We wouldn’t want that to happen to you! Thanks for WONDERing with us today! :)

    • Great question, Wonder Friend Grace! We haven’t heard about health benefits from milk and white chocolate, but we bet you can do some more WONDERing of your own! Please let us know what you find! :)

    • We’re not aware of any healthy benefits from vanilla chocolate, Wonder Friend Coby, but we sure did learn a lot about dark chocolate! Keep up the WONDERing! :)

  14. Who knew chocolate could be delicous and healthy! Is milk chocolate healthy as well? Or is dark chocolate the only chocoate that can be healthy?

    • YUM, we’re glad to learn that dark chocolate is good for us, too, Hannah! Dark chocolate has the special ingredient: flavonoids! Those flavonoids help keep our heart healthy. Unfortunately, milk chocolate is delicious, but it doesn’t appear to be “good” for us! :)

  15. Wow I thought chocolate is not good well I’m wrong. : ) So why dark chocolate? What about white chocolate, do you know why? How did you figure out that dark chocolate does all those things?

    • Hey there, Kayne10! Thanks for WONDERing with us today! You might have heard of flavonoids– they’re good for us– and they’re found in dark chocolate! Lots of scientists have done lots of research on the foods we eat, including chocolate! They’ve found that small amounts of dark chocolate can be good for us! HOORAY! :)

  16. I need to start telling my parents to buy some chocolate. My mom never will but now that I know it’s good for me I have an excuse to make my mom buy chocolate. I think about chocolate all day and all night.

    • We hope you and your parents go to this Wonder together, Gracie! You can tell them all about what you’ve learned today! WOHOO! We love chocolate, too, but remember that it’s only good for us if we have a little bit! :)

  17. Hi Wonderopolis. I didn’t know that dark chocolate was healthy for you!!! So if I eat a chocolate bar a day I would have a better heart????????? I think tomorrow’s wonder of the day is going to be about computers!!!!!!!

    • We’re so happy to hear you learned something new, Anton! WOHOO! We wish we could eat a bar of chocolate each day, but we’re pretty sure we’d end up with a big stomach ache instead of a healthier heart. We did some more WONDERing about how much dark chocolate we should eat each day– only 3 ounces!

      Thanks for WONDERing with us today, and sharing your awesome guess, too! :)

  18. Dear Wonderopolis,

    How many kinds of chocolate are there? If someone had a heart attack and were about to have another, if he ate chocolate would it reduce the probability of a heart attack?

    Your Friends,
    Grant and Lucas

    • Hello to our Wonder Friends Grant and Lucas! We’re so glad you’re here today! Chocolate is a sweet treat, but it can’t prevent anything the way medicine can. We’re glad you asked about the benefits of chocolate, because eating a little bit each day can be good for us! Thanks for sharing your comment, Wonder Friends! :)

  19. Hello wonderopolis people,
    I never knew that flavonoids were so good for your heart. I like dark chocolate the best.

    I thought chocolate was bad for you.
    I predict that tomorrow’s wonder will be about logins on electronics.

    • It sounds like you’re doing a great job of being a dark chocolate lover, Chris! We like your style! We can’t wait to Wonder with you again, Wonder Friend! Thanks for sharing your comment with us! :)

  20. Hi wonderopolis I like the wonder today. I never knew cocoa was so healthy. Flavonoids were good for you. I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hey there, B Dog! Thanks for sharing your comment with us today– we LOVED learning something new with you! We hope you have a sweet chocolate treat tonight in honor of today’s Wonder! :)

  21. Hi Wonderopolis! I thought it was really cool talking about chocolate. I think it’s the best food! It’s just that I don’t like dark chocolate. I didn’t know it was good for your skin. I should show this to my mom! It didn’t make sense for tomorrow’s. I can’t resist milk chocolate!

    • Hey there, Brooke! Thanks for WONDERing with us today, we’re glad that you’re a chocolate lover, too! HOORAY! Even if you don’t LOVE dark chocolate, we’re glad you learned something with about it! We bet you and your mom will have a SUPER time WONDERing about sweet treats! Thanks for visiting us today! :)

  22. Hey wonderopolis I love your new wonders everyday and I love trying to think what the wonder is the next day. I’m so glad my teacher showed us this website. When I watched the video my mouth was watering.


    • Hey there, Ms. Barrett, we’re so glad you’re here today! Our sweet Wonder made us smile, and we’re glad to know you enjoyed it, too! We can’t wait for tomorrow’s Wonder, either! HOORAY for great Wonder Friends! :)

  23. Hey wonderopolis I love chocolate I did not know chocolate was good for you. I’m so happy my teacher found wonderopolis.

    I wonder what tomorrow’s wonder will be!!!!

    • We’re so glad your teacher introduced you to Wonderopolis, too, Ania! HOORAY for new Wonder Friends! Happy chocolate Wonder day– thanks for visiting us! :)

  24. Hi wonderopolis I never KNEW chocolate was good for you. That’s really weird because my mom said all chocolate is bad for you. I think the wonder of the day tomorrow is about lumberjacks.

    • We’re so happy you learned something new and cool about chocolate, Nolan! We hope you and your family can Wonder together– perhaps they’ll learn something new, too! Thank you for sharing your guess for tomorrow’s Wonder of the Day®! HOORAY! :)

  25. Dear wonderopolis, I think that healthy chocolate is a GREAT wonder to think about! I think it is great that you take something that kids love and you make it healthy for them! I predict the next wonder is going to be how keybords work!

    • Well thanks so much, Meredith! We’re so glad this Wonder is right up your alley! YUM! We can’t wait for tomorrow’s Wonder, and we sure are glad you visited us today! HOORAY for Wonder Friends! :)

  26. Today’s wonder was really cool! I did not know that chocolate can be good for you! My favorite kind is Reese’s (the pumkins, they have more peanut butter) and Lindor. Thank you for today’s wonder! :) ;)

    • YUM, we love chocolate and peanut butter together! MM-MMM! :)

      Thanks for sharing your comment with us- we are so happy you learned something new about chocolate! Perhaps your family can have a Wonder chocolate celebration together! :)

    • Hey there, Wonder Friend! Chocolate, and food in general, gives you you energy! That’s what a calorie is– a measurement of energy! Thanks for sharing your comment! :)

  27. Hi my name is Midnight and I love to eat chocolate in fact I eat it almost all the time and thanks to you I won’t feel guilty eating it : ]

  28. Thank you for the wonderful story, I did not know that dark chocolate was good for you in a way. Next time I visit… make sure you have a tasty treat for me!!!!! :) :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey there, Chaz! We’re sending you a virtual high five! Thanks for being a great Wonder Friend- we’re glad you visited today! :)

  29. Today’s wonder was funny and awesome dark chocolate is delicious that’s one of my favorite candies. Thank you for today’s wonder. -_-

    • YUM, thanks for sharing your tasty comment, Wonder Friend tshawn! Thanks for making us smile! We can’t wait to Wonder with you again! :)

  30. Mrs. Goneau’s Class learned… that chocolate can be good for you!
    It’s good for your heart and blood pressure.
    It’s good for your skin.
    It has more iron than ANY vegetable.

    We are wondering…
    Why is iron good for you?
    What is iron?
    Why is chocolate good for you, if it has a lot of sugar in it?
    If there’s more iron in chocolate than in any vegetable, would it be almost as healthy as beans?
    Are beans a vegetable?

    We hope you can reply back!

    • Hey there, Wonder Friends in Mrs. Goneau’s Class! Thanks for sharing your awesome comment with us today! We’re thrilled to hear that this Wonder made you smile! We learned so much about chocolate today, and it looks like you did, too! Good work!

      We LOVE all your Wonders- thank you for sharing them. We hope you’ll help one another to Wonder and research on your own to answer some of those questions! Please let us know what you find! Have a terrific Thursday! :)

    • YUM! We are big fans of chocolate, Wonder Friend, but too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. We wouldn’t want any cavities from eating too much chocolate, so make sure you just enjoy a little bit at a time! :)

  31. This video is a little bit funny because the outside, the young lady is kind of weird or acting funny! :)
    Great work on her and her teamwork, too!

    I think tomorrow’s WONDER would be about… who is the most famous person on facebook and twitter? Why is log in important? Why are logs important at any school? Who invented facebook and twitter? What is log in? How do people use computers, laptops, or more? Can computers and robots work by themselves? :)

    By the way, I’m in Mrs. Hess’s class with my classmates, too. See you later! :)

    • Hey there, Wonder Friend Kathy! Please say hello to all our Wonder Friends and Mrs. Hess, too! We LOVE hanging out with you! Today’s Wonder has become a favorite for many of our Wonder Friends… we’re so glad to hear it’s one of your favorites, too!

      We can’t wait to Wonder with you tomorrow, you have done a great job of sharing awesome guesses! NICE WORK, Kathy! :)

  32. Is chocolate good for you? Chocolate is made out of coco beans. It has vitamins A ,B, E and when you eat chocolate it released cells that make you feel good. Eating chocolate can decrease your chance of getting heart issues.

    • Hey there, Wonder Friend Chase! Thanks for visiting us today, even if this Wonder wasn’t one of your favorites! We Wonder what your guess for tomorrow is? :)

  33. Even if chocolate is okay then how is it good for your skin? And I thought if chocolate was good like all types of chocolate then doesn’t it give you fatness?

    • Hey there, Crystal, we learned that there are ingredients in dark chocolate that are good for us! All types of chocolate are high in calories, so it’s important to remember that we can enjoy our sweet treats, but it’s better for us in small doses! :)

    • Hey there, Wonder Friend Bryttney! We learned about a special ingredient found in dark chocolate– flavonoids! They help protect our body, so have dark chocolate in small amounts is good for us! HOORAY! :)

  34. The wonder that was yesterday almost made me eat dark chocolate because I love dark chocolate and it also made me hungry!!!!!!

    • Hey there, Wonder Friend Megan! We’re glad this Wonder is right up your alley! Thanks for sharing your comment with us! Have a SUPER day! :)

  35. Thank you so much for this! I now have an excuse for eating dark chocolate. My favorite though is white chocolate. It is much sweeter.

    • We’re glad you liked today’s Wonder, Kodie! We’re so glad we learned about the benefits of dark chocolate in small amounts! YUM! Thanks for sharing your comment with us today! :)

  36. Hi wonderopolis I loved today’s wonder because I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!! I want to buy some chocolate and have a little a day! But not too much! My class is printing out a talk to the text paper almost every day!!! I cannot wait to see what tomorrow’s wonder is!!!

    • YUM! We’re glad this Wonder was right up your alley, Wonder Friend Holly! Thanks for visiting us and sharing your enthusiastic comment– YOU ROCK! We Wonder what a “Talk to the Text Paper” is… it sounds cool! :)

  37. Dark choclate is healthier for you light chocolate is not healthy for you. The cocoa protects you from heart disease and can increase blood flow.

    • We love your summary of what you learned from our sweet Wonder, Nikolas! Nice work, Wonder Friend! We hope to see you soon! :)

  38. Wow, that’s pretty cool. Thanks for the information :D
    I’m thinking tomorrow’s wonder is about wood, because logs are items made out of wood. My other choice would’ve been the internet but, I don’t think it would be that creative, just to say it was the internet. :)

    • We’re glad you learned something new with us, Sara! You’ve also provided some AWESOME guesses- way to go! We think you’re building up tomorrow’s Wonder… :)

    • Hey there, Shimoly! Thanks for sharing your comment this morning! We know that dark chocolate isn’t always as delicious as other types of chocolate, but we sure are glad we learned something new with you today! Thanks for WONDERing with us! :)

  39. Cacao (Theobroma cacao) is a Superfood. It’s probably the best thing for you on the planet. The problem comes from when we mix it with sweeteners, thus “dark” chocolate is better because it has less of the sweeteners.

    Nothing beats the store bought taste of sweetened chocolate, but it’s not really good for you. Once you acclimate to raw, agave sweetened cacao, then you’re eating something worth while. Try making a cacao (get the raw stuff, not processed!) avocado, agave pie. You’ll be amazed.

    • WOW, we’re so happy you shared all this awesome information with us, Allan! HOORAY for a WONDERful Friend like you!

      We look forward to enjoying some dark chocolate soon, and we can’t wait to try out some new cacao recipes, too! :)

  40. Cool. I always thought that chocolate is a junk food! :P It’s cool that it can do so much stuff to keep you healthy! :) Thanks for the wonder! :) :) :)

    • Hey there, Wonder Friend Blakeleigh! We are glad you learned something new about chocolate! It’s still candy, but small amounts of dark chocolate can be good for us! Thanks for joining us… we’ll see you soon! :)

  41. Chocolate is so addicting!!! I’m so happy that is is kind of good for you now! I love the skin part but I thought chocolate on your skin gave you pimples… well I am going to make a face mask out of it now… bye!

    • YUM, we’re getting hungry just THINKING about our chocolate Wonder, Ali! Dark chocolate, in small amounts, can be good for you. When we talk about chocolate on our skin, it usually means there are lots of ingredients mixed together with chocolate to create a lotion, soap or mask. We hope your chocolate face mask turns out great! :)

  42. I think that this is really cool! And very informative. I think that now that I have watched this video I have a better perspective on how chocolate can improve your health!

    • That’s awesome news, Wonder Friend Lils! Thanks for sharing your cool comment with us– we hope you’ll have a (little) dark chocolate soon! :)

  43. I don’t like chocolate that much :( BUT I DO LOVE HERSHEY’S MILK CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! I also LOVE milky way bars and twix bars!!!!! :0 :)

    • It sounds like you’ve got a sweet tooth, Happgirl! Thanks for sharing your comment– we like those treats, too! We’re so happy you visited us today at Wonderopolis! SEE YOU SOON! :)

    • Hey there, Wonder Friends Arden and Curan! We are so happy you’ve been WONDERing with us today! We hope you’ll continue to Wonder about the process of making chocolate! We’re getting hungry just thinking about it!

      We learned that small amounts of dark chocolate can be good for us, but fruits and vegetables are always the right things to eat! They keep up nice and healthy! Thanks for sharing your comment! :)

    • Those are really great questions, Samantha! Dark chocolate contains a higher concentration of cocoa than other forms of chocolate. Scientists believe cocoa can help reduce the risk of health problems like diabetes, stroke and heart attack because it is full of flavonoids. You can learn more about flavonoids by re-exploring this Wonder of the Day®!

      Are you ready for some more SWEET WONDERing? We’ve got another chocolatey Wonder to share with you…Wonder #13 – What Would Your Perfect Candy Bar Taste Like? Here is a link that will take you right to it: http://wonderopolis.org/wonder/billy-wonka/. :-)

  44. I love chocolate!! It is soooooooooooo good!! I am doing this wonder for school. We do it every Wednesday, we also have a binder to keep our wonders in and evrything!! I love wonderopolis!!

    • YUM! We’re getting hungry just thinking about your comment, Marko! We Wonder if you have tried all those types of chocolate? We think you sound like a chocolate expert! Thanks for stopping by to say hello! :)

  45. The facts about antioxidants in chocolate are great to know!
    How much chocolate is okay to have on Valentine’s Day? Might one day be an exception?
    We are wondering who invented chocolate? Willy Wonka?

    • Thanks so much, Wonder Friend F! We are glad you learned that small amounts of dark chocolate can be good for you! We think it’s important to remember: everything in moderation. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, we bet you’ve got some chocolate to taste! A little goes a long way! Have a great Valentine’s Day! :)

    • Hey Robert, thanks for visiting Wonderopolis! Too much chocolate can indeed be unhealthy for you. A little bit of chocolate, especially dark chocolate, would be ok and that sounds tasty to us! Thanks for WONDERing! :)

    • Hey there, Anand! Thanks for sharing your questions with us– they are super! We learned that dark chocolate has flavonoids in it, an ingredient that is good for you! Some scientists have researched all kinds of chocolate, and dark chocolate is the only type that can provide this type of “antioxidant effect”. While milk and white chocolates sure are delicious, they don’t have that special ingredient! :)

    • YUM, thanks for letting us know that you enjoyed our delicious Wonder, marcaplier! We hope to Wonder with you again soon! :)

    • COOL, Courtney, we are glad you learned something new about the ingredients in dark chocolate! It’s so much fun to Wonder with you, Courtney, and we’re happy to know this is a topic you enjoy! HOORAY! :)

  46. We thought the video was nice and we enjoyed how you guys took the time to tell us about how dark chocholate is good for us!!!!!

    • Well thank you so much, Eriaunna and Shauna! We’re glad you liked our chocolate Wonder– it made us hungry! We loved learning about dark chocolate with you– there are quite a few health benefits that we did not know about before this Wonder! While it can be good for us, just a little bit of dark chocolate is all we need! See you soon! :)

    • Hey there, Wonder Friend Awesome! We are glad to hear that you learned something new about such a delicious treat! We bet your tummy is smiling today! Have a WONDERful Wednesday and we hope you’ll visit us again soon! :)

    • We’re glad you learned all about the benefits of dark chocolate (in small amounts), Wonder Friend Coco! Coco and cocoa are similar… what a cool connection to your name! :)

  47. This video was very interesting. I enjoyed watching it and I learned a lot of new things! Thank you for the cool videos, keep on posting wonders!

    • Hey there, Wonder Friend Yash! We are so glad you enjoyed our sweet Wonder! Thanks for visiting us– keep up the SUPER WONDERing! :)

  48. I would LOVE to try to eat chocolate one day…but I’m allergic. It stinks. But I think it’s cool to find out that there is HEALTHY chocolate. It can prevent heart attacks, but it also makes you a little fat. Don’t eat too much of it!!!

    • We are so glad you told us all about your connections to our chocolate Wonder, EE! We’re sorry to hear that you’re allergic to chocolate, but perhaps you have another treat that makes you smile… like cupcakes or Skittles? :) It’s cool to learn about the health benefits of chocolate, but you’re right about eating too much of a good thing (just a little bit of chocolate goes a long way)! :)

    • Great question, Faith! We’re glad you and your mom have been WONDERing about chocolate together. The healthy chocolate is dark chocolate, and too much of one thing can be a bad thing. It’s okay to have a taste of dark chocolate, but too much of it cancels out the health benefits. Do you like dark chocolate? :)

  49. I am a HUGE fan of chocolate! I think it is interesting news that chocolate could be good for you! I think I might share this information with my family! I love your wonders!

    • HOORAY, we hope you and your family continue to Wonder together, Natalie! Thanks for telling us all about how much you enjoyed our tasty Wonder! We are chocolate lovers here at Wonderopolis… we just couldn’t get enough of this particular Wonder! See you soon! :)

    • Hey there Jason, we think you’re right! While white and milk chocolate are delicious, we are glad to hear that you enjoy dark chocolate, too! Thanks for visiting Wonderopolis today! :)

  50. A certain kind if chocolate is good for you… but it is only available in Australia. Make sure it is ripe though, it can cause cancer like my best friend William is having right now.

  51. William loved chocolate, even when he found out it was good for you. Too bad cancer is ruining it for him now.

    I pray for William.

    • Not to worry, Kiera, there are lots of delicious foods to enjoy that are good for you, too. What is your favorite food, Kiera? :)

  52. We didn’t know that dark chocolate was healthy. We were surprised that it is good for you heart.

    Henry is wondering why chocolate is brown.

    • Hey there, Mrs. LaLonde’s Class! What fun to Wonder about something as sweet as dark chocolate today… we’re getting a craving just thinking about it! Cacao and cocoa beans, is main ingredients in chocolate, are a dark brown color. Dark chocolate is dark brown because of the ingredients used. Great question, Henry! :)

    • We thought the same thing, Max! However, remember that it is only good for you in moderation. So, don’t eat too much! :-)

  53. THOUGHT: I thought chocolate was bad for you.

    CONNECTION: I love Hershey’s.

    PREDICTION:I think tomorrows wonder will be about cowboys.

    • Hi, Destiny! Chocolate can be bad for you, if you eat a lot of it. Also, milk chocolate can be bad. In order to get the good from chocolate, you should eat a little each day, and it has to be the dark chocolate. Thanks for WONDERing with us, Wonder Friend! :-)

  54. I think chocolate is good for you because cocoa is a type of plant that is kind of healthy for you, and this is why I think chocolate is good for you, in my own opinion.

    • Great thoughts, Nyani! Be sure the explore the Wonder further to find out the answer. Thanks for WONDERing with us, Wonder Friend! :-)

    • Be careful, Mick! You only gain health benefits by eating one small piece a day. We think an entire bowl in one sitting doesn’t sound like it would be good for you. Stay healthy, Wonder Friend! :-)

    • Good question! Scientists believe that the cocoa in dark chocolate might help to reduce certain risk factors for heart disease. Every chocolate-making company makes their bars completely different! Maybe you’ll have to figure out which dark chocolate bar tastes best to YOU :-) Thanks for stopping by!

    • Hello, cadenk348! The WONDER tells us that “scientists believe that the cocoa in dark chocolate might help to reduce certain risk factors for heart disease.” Yet, it is always important to remember that it needs to be eaten in moderation. Thanks for WONDERing with us! :)

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