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    • Hi, Raymond! We’re so happy that you enjoy Wonderopolis! We’re also happy to have you as a Wonder Friend! :-)

    • We understand what you are saying about too much chocolate not being a good thing, Jenny! A little bit once in a while is ok, though! We think Mr. Wonka would agree! :-)

    • He’s quite the chef, isn’t he, Kaley? Thank you for visiting so many Wonders today and leaving us such great messages! :-)

    • We’re not sure, Charlotte, but he’s a very good chef! Maybe he just really likes making recipes and asked his parents to videotape him creating those yummy muffins so he could share his recipe with others. Thanks for hanging out in Wonderopolis with us today! :-)

  1. Sorry for commenting so much but WE LOVE CANDY!!!!! Gabbie loves cheesecake, I love paydays, and Tatums LOVES pixysticks. If you have an article on any of those can you tell us? Thanks!
    Gabbie, Haley, and Tatum

  2. I thought that this wonder was spectacular. I have a personal sugar craving and this wonder got my sweet tooth going. My dream candy bar would have whipped chocolate with vanilla bits and strawberry chunks in it. I think that Wonder 913 will be about generics.

    • HOORAY, Colin! We’re so glad you’re visiting us here at Wonderopolis today! Welcome back! :)

      We are glad to hear your sweet tooth has been doing the talking today– your imagination and your taste buds are connected! :) Our mouths are watering at that thought of your vanilla-strawberry-chocolate candy bar! Y-U-M!

      Thank you for sharing your awesome prediction for tomorrow’s Wonder of the Day®! :)

    • We are so thrilled that you love this video, Olivia! What would your perfect candy bar taste like? Thanks for WONDERing with us! :)

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Have you ever wondered…

  • What would a bacon chocolate bar taste like?
  • Would adding candied rose petals to a chocolate bar make it taste better or worse?
  • How would you tell the world about your perfect candy bar?

Wonder Gallery

Try It Out

From three-course gum to never-ending gobstoppers, chocolate rivers to fizzy bubble rooms, Willy Wonka is the master confectioner in a world as magical as it is delicious. Yummy as Wonka’s treats may be, what makes his Chocolate Factory truly special is the secret ingredient: imagination.

The next time your child has a craving for fun, just follow your sweet tooth on this candy land adventure.

Meet Billy Wonka, Willy Wonka’s long-lost cousin. A native of Switzerland, Billy knows a thing or two about chocolate.

With his recent promotion to manager of the Chocolate Division, Billy finds himself in need of a few inspired assistants. You have been hired for the job.

This morning Willy sent Billy a memo requesting his staff create a new chocolate bar to be unveiled at the International Candy Conference. Forget all you know about the basic chocolate bar — in order to impress the crowd, you’ll need to create an edible work of art!

The first step is to craft your recipe. Turn to the web if you need inspiration for creating your own chocolate bar. This website lets you browse all sorts of mix-ins to add a little flair to your chocolate bar.

The mix-ins range from common goodies such as nuts and cookie bits to the extraordinarily strange — including bacon! So what will it be?

A dark chocolate bar with dried strawberries and candied rose petals? Or a white chocolate bar sprinkled with sesame seeds and pretzels? The world is your candy store! Let your imagination and taste buds be your guide.

Once you have developed your recipe, it’s time to design an advertisement for your candy creation. Using crayons, markers, colored pencils or even your computer, give your new product its own special look.

What will you name your product? What colors, shapes and images represent your chocolate bar? Think about what kind of packaging catches your eye at the grocery store. Don’t forget to include a list of the ingredients!

We’re sure your creation will impress the crowd at the International Candy Conference — and before you know it, they’ll be giving three cheers to the sweetest creation of all… you.

Want to WOW Wonderopolis? Send us a copy of your candy bar advertisement — we’d love to see your work. Our tummies are rumbling already!


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Had your fill of chocolate? Come back to Wonderopolis tomorrow and taste the rainbow! We’ll be serving up a wonder that’s all about getting jiggly with it.

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