Are you talented? If you don’t know it yet, the answer to that question is “Yes!” All of us have unique talents. Some of you may already know you have certain talents. Others may not have discovered their talents…yet.

When some kids think of talents, they may think of musical talents, such as playing an instrument or singing. Many people are gifted musically. Can you imagine how boring the world would be if we didn’t have beautiful music to sing along to?

Other kids might think of their favorite sports heroes. Sometimes people are talented at a particular sport. Others may be natural athletes who are talented at several sports. When people use their natural talents to play sports, they not only have fun but they also provide a lot of entertainment for those who like to watch sports.

Music and sports are only two areas in which you might be talented. There are many, many other areas where your talents might lie. You could be an artist, an actor, a teacher, a writer, a public speaker, a comedian — the list can go on and on.

Some kids may discover their talents when they’re really young. For others, though, it may be a learning process that takes years, even into their adult years. Whenever you begin to sense that you’re talented in a certain area, explore it!

Exploration through learning is one of the best ways to discover your talents. Be open to trying new things. You’ve probably heard many times that you don’t know whether you’ll be good at something until you try. That’s true!

By being open to new experiences and trying things outside our comfort zones, we expand our knowledge and understanding of the world around us. We also put ourselves in a position to grow — mentally, physically and spiritually.

Some kids are afraid to try new things because of a fear of failure. Sure, you might fail at something the first time you try it. But that’s OK. You’ll never know until you try. More importantly, though, trying gives you the chance to succeed. Sometimes when we try something new, we’re rewarded with the discovery of a hidden talent!

Once you discover your talent — or talents — see where they might take you. Some talents can lead to a future career. Others might simply be an enjoyable hobby. Either way, be thankful for your talents and use them to the best of your ability!

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  1. We are a talented group of fifth graders from SESO, a bilingual school in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. Some of our talents are: art, music, sports, math, languages, surfing, writing, reading, gaming, cheerleading and chess! We are looking forward to wondering with you this year.

    • How WONDERful to say hello to such a talented and awesome group of fifth graders, Ms. Katrin! It is SUPER to meet you and all your multi-talented students! We are so EXCITED to Wonder with you this year and cannot wait to use our imaginations together! We think music, sports, arts and everything in between are GREAT talents to possess– so much talent to share! Have a WONDERful day and thank you for stopping by Wonderopolis! :)

  2. I belive that to find talent one must be looking for it, futhermore the extent of each talent varies. So, does that mean that one individual person is less talented than another? BUT, to say the least I’ll defienitly be looking for my own talent this year! Hopefully I’ll find it and use it to help myself and others! :)

    • What a great way to think about talent, Lydia! You have a WONDERful perspective on searching for and finding your own talents. Talents cannot be measured against the success of others, but it’s important to be happy and excited about the talents that you possess. We hope you continue to Wonder about the talents that you already have and those you will discover. We think you’re an AMAZING Wonder Friend- thank you for sharing your EXCELLENT and talented comment! :)

    • The video was funny :) But this video means to me is that you always have to find one of your hidden talents in you.

      • That’s right, Britney! We are all good at something. Sometimes it is just hard to figure out what we are really good at. Thanks for WONDERing with us today! :-)

  3. I realized I was talented when I was in second grade and I started playing piano. Then I realized I was good with percussion, too. It’s lead me to drumline! I am also talented in realizing that whatever I think or guess is not what happens. The exact opposite happens! I think tomorrow’s WONDER will be about canoeing!


    • Your musical talents are AMAZING, Emily! How cool that you began so long ago with the piano and you have grown and fine-tuned your skills to learn to play other instruments! WAY TO GO, Emily!

      Your guesses have been super and we can’t wait to find out what tomorrow’s AWESOME Wonder will be, either! Have a WONDERful Friday! :)

  4. I am very talented as you may already know. I sing, act, make videos, speak some french, and swim!! =] I LOVED TODAY’S WONDER SOO HAPPY WHEN I SAW IT.

    • Way to go, Betsy! We are SUPER excited that you’ve discovered these talents of your own! We hope you keep up with these AMAZING skills you possess and always try your best! Que c’est bon!! :)

  5. Talents, you might say that I have many talents, like I’m good in skating, I’m a pretty fast skater I can go through people very fast, I’m a very smart kid in class I get straight A’s. :)

    • It takes a great deal of balance and focus to be a great skater, Carlos! We are SUPER happy that you enjoy skating! We also LOVE your enthusiasm for school– it’s so important to Wonder and use your imagination to help you learn new things as a student! Keep up the SUPER work! :)

    • Thanks for your kind and AWESOME comment, Aisha Kayrilyn-Mae! We Wonder if you have any talents of your own to share? We hope you have a WONDERful day! :)

    • We think that you will discover your talents quite soon, Maximus, and we’re certain that being a great reader is a talent! We LOVE meeting new characters and exploring a new world through books– we are SUPER happy that you have shared your love for reading with us! We think you are a SUPER Wonder Friend! Have a WONDERful day! :)

  6. Today’s wonder was awsome!
    I think tommorrow’s wonder is about aquatic stuff- beware- you will get wet in WONDEROPOLIS!

    • Way to go, Sophie, we are so HAPPY you liked Wondering about talents with us! Another great guess, too! We hope you enjoy the wet and wild Wonder as much as we do! Have a STELLAR day! :)

  7. Great encouragement!! It’s good to know that we all have talent in some way or another and that we are unique in our own special way. Thank you Wonderopolis.

    • How right you are, Dee! We LOVE learning about the things that make us all unique and special in our own way! Great comment– thank you for sharing with us! :)

    • What a WONDERful compliment, Magenta! We are SUPER happy you enjoy WONDERing with us– without great imaginations like yours the world would not be as WONDERful as it is! :-) Thanks for your comment!

  8. That was an awesome wonder! I loved the video!!! I can sing pretty well and I love to do gymnastics! But those aren’t my special talents! I don’t know what is but thank you for telling me in the article that I do have a talent! I hope I figure out what it is soon! :)

    • We think you are a SUPER talented Wonder Friend, Katie! Carrying a tune and turning a cartwheel are STELLAR talents– you should be so proud of your accomplishments! We bet you’ll discover many more talents as you try new things and develop new skills, but we think you are a Talented with a capital “T”! Thank you for sharing your AWESOME comments with us! :)

  9. Good morning, Wonderopolis!
    We have LOTS of talents in our class. Some of those talents are:
    Jack-soccer goalie
    Logan-tap dancing
    Shyanne-riding a bike
    Tyler-playing football
    Abigail-riding a three wheeler bike
    Anna-doing the monkey bars
    Patrick-riding a dirt bike
    Colton-riding a bike with no hands

    Have a “talent-riffic” day!

    • YOWZA, take a look at all these WONDERful talents! We think the star students in Mrs. Phillips’ Fabulous Class deserve a big, virtual high five from all of us here in Wonderopolis! :)

      We think it’s super that your students are trying new things, discovering new talents and helping each other along the way. It sounds like you’ve got a “talent-fiffic” group of athletes, artists and adventure-seekers! How lucky that your students are so ENERGETIC!! Keep up the SUPER work– we are so proud of great Wonder Friends like you! Thank you for sharing your talents today! :)

    • WOHOO, we bet you practice quite a bit in order to be a great singer, MadelineD1120! Thanks for WONDERing with us today and using your WONDERful imagination! Keep up the great work! :)

    • You are your cousins must have smiled just like we did here at Wonderopolis! We think the girl in the talent video is awesome– and quite entertaining!! Do you and your cousins have any cool talents of your own to share with us!!?? Have a WONDERful day! :)

  10. I am talented at swimming and volleyball. I’m also talented at doing backflips on the monkey-bars. I can’t pick a favorite talent out of the three, so I decided all the three are my favorite talents. Do you have a favorite talent or hobby?

    • We bet you had a GREAT time watching the olympics– all your favorite talents were featured in the games, Julie!! We are so glad you’ve found three AWESOME sports that make you happy and you enjoy participating in! Our favorite hobby involves using our imaginations and getting together with all our Wonder Friends… it’s WONDERING!! Thank you for asking! :)

  11. Hi Wonderopolis!
    We are a very talented group of second graders.
    Cambria – can put her foot to her forehead
    Logan – play video games for a long time
    Genavieve – dancing
    Christopher M. – wheelie on my bike
    Danielle – gymnast
    Riley N. – gymnast
    Kedar – speaks 3 languages
    Raymond – makes tents with sticks
    Jenny – can do a full split
    Gabby B. – drawing clothes
    Riley H. – playing soccer
    Julius – zombie walker
    Kevin – high five with his dog
    Patrick – climbing to high places
    Gabby C -can do a handstand to a kickover
    Marina – really good artist
    Austin – good at breakdancing
    Christopher A. – playing drums
    Jason – swimming
    D.J. -swimming under water
    Mrs. Rosenquist – reading lots of books

    • WOWZA, we are blown away by the talent in Mrs. Rosenquist’s class! We are smiling from ear-to-ear now that we know these AWESOME students are WONDERing about talent with us today!! You certainly have some athletic, focused, art-inclined, cultural, handy, outdoorsy, keen and creative Wonder Friends in class! :)

      Thank you for sharing all your talents with us– we think you are all SUPER awesome! :)

  12. We also have William and his talent is he can walk 2 miles! And Nick can do a front flip and land on his feet!

    • WHOA! There are even MORE talents hiding in Mrs. Rosenquist’s second grade class?! :) We are sending virtual high fives to all of our Wonder Friends who have shared their AMAZING talents with us today! THANK YOU! :)

  13. Wonderopolis,
    We had never thought of some of the many talents people have. We discovered that we have some great talents in our class too;
    Ella is a synchronized swimmer,
    Henry can make funny voices,
    Tishya plays badmitton really well,
    Sadie makes animal impressions,
    Olivia takes karate classes,
    Emily can do a backwards dive,
    Anthony V. and Justin can rap,
    Anthony S. is a comedian,
    Peter is a skiier,
    Cameron plays hockey,
    Jackson plays soccer,
    Dylan can shake his eyes,
    Keelan can wiggle his ears,
    Meghana can turn her hand 360 degrees, Ashlyn plays soccer,
    Riti is double-jointed,
    Amanda can draw,
    Elliot can do a belly roll,
    Ryan can whistle through his hands and
    Brad plays football & baseball.
    Thank you for helping realize that we are all talented. We will be visiting your site weekly this year and know we will learn a lot.

    • We are ALL SMILES to see the multi-talented 5th grade students in Mrs. Kirkpatrick’s class today!!! Thank you for sharing all the WONDERful talents you possess– we bet it was difficult to choose just ONE! We can’t wait until you visit again… until then have a WONDERful time using your imaginations! :)

  14. I love this wonder! It makes me feel proud of myself that I try new things even as an adult. I tried snowboarding when I was in my thirties and found out that I actually was good at it! I hope my students will also try new things to find their hidden talents.

    • WOW! Thanks for sharing your comment with all of us here at Wonderopolis, Chris! We applaud your awesome snowboarding talent and hope you can inspire the same courage and Wonder in your students, friends and family! Nice work and thank you for spreading the Wonder today! :)

    • We like your style, Drue! We bet you have tons of great talents to share– including being a great WONDERer! Thanks for commenting today– we will see you soon, Wonder Friend! :)

    • Hip, hip, HOORAY for Eric today! We are super excited to hear that you have learned three languages– we hope you keep practicing so you can become fluent! GREAT JOB, Eric! :)

    • Hi there, Chidiebere! Thanks for sharing your comment with us– we bet you have lots of talents to share! We love to sing here at Wonderopolis, too! We hope you have a music-filled day! :)

  15. I love this video and I hope I can find my special talent and I think you guys rock.

    I keep trying new things and some of the talents I have tried and I did not like them. I am so excited to write to you because Chris is my teacher and Drue is my friend and she is in my class! Thank you so much for the video and I can’t wait for a new one!

    • Well thank you for your WONDERful comment, Lauren! We are so glad you are WONDERing about the many talents you possess! Sometimes they are hidden, sometimes they are very obvious! The most important thing, which you mentioned, is that you’re trying new things– how FUN! :)

      Thanks for posting your comment today, we are so glad that your teacher and your Wonder classmates are joining the fun at Wonderopolis! We’re so happy you’re all here! :)

    • That’s quite a talent, 17! We bet you make all your Wonder Friends and family members smile and laugh, especially if they’re having a bad day! Thanks for sharing your talents with us today! :)

  16. Hello, my name is Tygo S.
    I am a student at the AIS Vietnam, year 2.
    I love making books with a lot of drawings and writing inside.
    I believe this is my talent.

    • Hi Tygo, thank you for sharing your comment today! We are very excited to meet new Wonder Friends like YOU! We think that drawing and writing takes lots of talent, practice and creativity. Thanks for sharing your talent with us, we hope you will be back to visit soon! :)

  17. My name is William H. I am half Chinese, half Vietnamese and Switzerland. I was born in 2005 in Bangkok. I am studying the AIS in Year2.
    The first my hobby is build Lego toy, I’m very excited when I play it and I can build Lego for ages 10 to 18 very fast. I also collected the Lego that I had built.
    The secondly, I love to explore all the animals in the world. Especially: dinosaurs, snakes and crocodiles…

  18. Hello my name is Abbey, I have seen a lot of the cool and funny videos. I have been wondering what my talent actually is but I do gymnastics, soccer, piano and I LOVE the outdoors I am in Drue and Lauren’s class I LOVE the videos.

    • WOW, Abbey, you are quite talented in a number of areas! It sounds like you are working hard to practice all your different activities, like sports, the arts, and getting outdoors for some fresh air! Thanks for commenting on our Wonder and we’re glad you’ve got some Wonder Friends in your class, too! :)

  19. Hi, Wonderoplis I’m talented with multiple things including Gymnastics, Cheerleading, and figure skating. I have an unusual talent too, like the girl in the video. I can bend my body in wierd ways because I’m flexible. I can lick my elbow too even though scientists say its impossible but 2% of people can do it.

    • WOW, you are talented in a lot of ways, Vicky! We’re very impressed with your flexibility– a lot of people try very hard to get their body to bend in certain ways– how cool that you can actually do that! Thanks for sharing your talents with us– you ROCK! :)

  20. Hi! im a 12 year old singer that is very talented and being talented is a good thing and exciting. Everyone is talentable! 😉

  21. Dear Wonderopolis,
    I love art and that is one of my talents! One of my other talents is hanging a spoon on my nose! My last talent is being a nerd at school and being crazy!!!!!!!!

  22. Thoughts: Hi wonderopolis good morning I am in Mrs. Hess’ class and I have never seen that before and I learned something new.

    Connections: This reminds me of when I found out I was a really good singer and dancer it’s always good to find out something new about your hidden talent it is frustrating when you felt worthless and not of any use to anyone I felt like that all of the time.

    Predictions: What is a canal?, What is the biggest body of water in the world [spefic name]?

    Thank you for listening and one more thing what should I do when I get that feeling of being worthless?
    Thank you wonderopolis you make me smile.

    • You did a fantastic job of sharing your thoughts, connections and predictions from our talented Wonder, Gabrielle! We’re so proud of you! We are happy to hear that you enjoy singing and dancing so much– we love to do the same here at Wonderopolis! As long as you’re having fun, that’s all that matters!

      Sometimes talents are very well hidden, and sometimes it takes a long time to discover them! We bet you have lots of talents that you will find throughout the rest of your life! When you’re feeling down, it might help to talk to a parent or adult you trust. We know it makes us feel better when we talk to someone else about our feelings and emotions. We think you’re WONDERful, Gabrielle! Thanks for making us smile, too! :)

  23. Hi the video’s creepy and confuses me, thank you for the video. Mrs. Hess is having us create a video just like you.

    • Hey there, Wonder Friend Cookie! We think it’s cool how the girl in the Wonder video can control her eyebrows! What an interesting talent! Some of us here at Wonderopolis can wiggle our ears, too! :)

      We look forward to your awesome class’ Wonder video! HOORAY for Mrs. Hess’ class! :)

  24. I love this wonder the most out of all of them. :) I have many talents, such as singing, gynastics, and well work in school! Thank you for this wonder.

    • HOORAY, we are so happy to hear that this is one of your favorites, Wonder Friend Elizabeth! It sounds like you’re a well-rounded Wonder Friend indeed! Keep up the great work in school, singing and gymnastics! HOORAY for you! :)

    • We bet you have LOTS of talents, Wonder Friend Lolly! We’re glad you enjoyed our Wonder video featuring a very talented girl! :) We Wonder what your interests are… perhaps you enjoy sports, art, or reading? :)

  25. Hello!!! Loved this wonder as well!!! I guess I consider myself talented when it comes to basketball and art!! I love to draw and play basketball any chance I get. Also that video was kind of creepy, but funny! Thanks Wonderopolis!

    • Hey Madison, we bet you’re a very talented Wonder Friend indeed! How cool that you like two very different hobbies– basketball and art! WOHOO! Keep up the super work, and we look forward to WONDERing with you again soon! :)

  26. Some of my talents are jump roping, which my record in 2 mins is 201. Also, hola hoop, my record is 5 mins without stopping. Lastly running I did 4 laps in 8:15 mins. What are some of your talents? Every one has some.

    • Wonder Friend Chris, we are so very glad you shared all your awesome accomplishments with us! WAY TO GO! :)

      From jump roping to hula-hooping to running, you are a very athletic Wonder Friend, good for you! You’re right about talents, too, everyone has a talent! Some of us here at Wonderopolis are great singers, dancers, ice skaters, and swimmers, too! Another one of our Wonder Friends can wiggle their ears! It’s super funny! :)

  27. Wow! That was freaky. Anyway, I am a singer, actress, artist and a good reader. But your video enspired me to learn more things. PEACE :)

    • WOOHOO, you sure do have a lot of different talents, Riolana! Thanks for sharing all of them with us- we hope you keep up the AWESOME job! :)

  28. My friend William is very talented…but he is having cancer right now. When he are doing our math homework we think of William.

    • That is very thoughtful, Rochelle. We have heard so many great things about William, and we are sending great thoughts and love his way. Thank you for showing your support for him here. :)

  29. It is glad to be back, even though I need a special machine to talk now. I saw all the great things people put about me, and I have tears of joy. Thank you Wonderopolis, you brought all the team Williams here to support me.

    With all joy, William

    • William! Thank you so much for sharing your comment– you have lots of people who care very much about you! We’re glad that you’re here and we look forward to WONDERing with you again in the future! Keep your head up, Wonder Friend! :)

  30. I have been told by many people that I am talented at singing, but I don’t like to sing in front of people…. What should I do?

    • That’s spectacular, Madison! We hope you keep following your dreams if you’d like to be a singer. Sometimes stage fright just goes away, and other times you have to work hard to build your confidence on stage. If you enjoy singing, you should share your talents with others! Perhaps you can talk to your parents, teachers or an older sibling about ways they have faced their own fears! :)

    • Hey there, Stelatha! Thanks for sharing your comment about the very talented girl in the Wonder video! What is your favorite talent? We bet you have many! Do you and your family members share similar talents, or are they all different? :)

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